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September 3, 2014


Marden Family Serves Famous Bean-Hole Beans

At 2014 Chichester Old Home Day

Submitted By Philip Hitchcock

Chichester Marden_Family_2.jpg

Linwood Marden Jr., Linwood Marden Sr., Debbie Marden, and Jessica Marden Weeks.  Photo By Gail Laker-Phelps of the Chichester Photography Club


Since 1901 Chichester has followed the Old Home Week tradition and continues to celebrate an annual Old Home Day event in August. 


For more than one hundred years there has always been one staple: real bean-hole baked beans.  Since 1903 the Mardens have worked hard preparing their specialty “Bean-Hole” Baked Beans for Chichester Old Home Days and various events in the Suncook Valley Region. 


This year the 5th generation Marden family shared this unique tradition for the 111th year.  On August 16 the Suncook Valley Region enjoyed this renowned “Bean-Hole” Baked Beans event from beginning to end - on Friday afternoon with the parboiling of the beans to the unveiling and serving at Saturday’s lunch. 


A very big thank you to the Marden Family!


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