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November 19, 2014



Evergreen Lodge #53, Ivy Green Lodge #36 and friends are offering digital photos with Santa on Saturday, December 6th at the Epsom Public Library from 10:30 am to 1 pm. There will be crafts for the children, cookie decorating, refreshments and a Christmas tree raffle. 100% of proceeds go to local Holiday Outreach.  Plan to join the fun and help with local holiday outreach!

For info call the Benner’s at 736-4707.



On Friday night, December 5th, from 6:00-8:00 pm, the Epsom Bible Church youth group will be holding a kids’ Christmas Mini-Mall at 398 Black Hall Rd. in Epsom.  Children ages 3-11 will be able to shop for their parents, siblings, and other family and friends.  The children will pick out their gifts and wrap them while their parents enjoy refreshments.  All gifts are $1.00.  We hope to see you there!  For more information, please call the church at 736-9354.



Concord: Annual Immaculate Heart Of Mary Christmas Fair On The Heights Saturday, Nov. 22 9-5 PM & Sunday, Nov 23 9-1 PM  Christmas Crafts & Handmade Items, Cookie Walk & Baked Goods, Ornaments, Jewelry, Nearly New Items, Christmas Decorations, Penny Raffle, Silent Auction, 50/50 & Other Big Raffles, Santa And More



Letter To The Editor


Many American Legion posts across this country are hurting. Their members are growing older and less able to support post activities.  They are looking for new recruits – more recent veterans with even a little time to give.


The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veteran’s organization.  It is a nonpartisan and not-for-profit organization that supports veterans in times of need and provides scholarship opportunities for veterans and family members.  The Legion is also committed to mentoring youth and advocating honor and patriotism in the communities we serve.   We do this by various fund raising activities. 


The Elwood O. Wells Post 112 meets the second Monday of each month at 7 PM at 1044 Short Falls Rd. Epsom, NH.  Drop in and see what we are about.  We look forward to seeing you there.  


Norm & Miriam Yeaton




Letter To The Editor


We just want to express our gratitude to Priscilla Thomson for stepping up to the plate and creating a fantastic Food Pantry in Epsom.  It was an unbelievable task to coordinate. “Thank you,” Priscilla. It’s people like you that make this world a better place to live in. Thank you to all who give time to make it work and thank you to the many people who donate food items and money. Our acknowledgement of her is long overdue.


Herb & Lee Bartlett



Letter To The Editor


Karl Marx lives!


In the hearts and minds of most Americans.


Of course, most Americans are insulted whenever someone points that out.


Not me! 


Not Karl Marx!


Let’s see.

Marx believed that the way to transform an advanced country into a socialist State was to have, among other things, the government own and/or control all property; control all money and credit through a central bank; institute a graduated income tax; and provide a “free” education to all children in public [government] schools. 


How do we match up to Marx’s plan?

The United States government is the largest single land owner in the country.  Most, if not all, of what remains is completely controlled by state governments and/or local zoning ordinances.


The Fed (Federal Reserve) has complete control over our money and credit.


We are subject to a graduated income tax.


The United States has a gigantic system of government run “public” schools


And there are a host of other of “suggestions” by Marx that Americans have enthusiastically complied with.


And we wonder why our economy has stagnated.


And why we can do less and less with our own property without begging the government for permission.


But if you suggest to most Americans that perhaps we out to get rid of some, or maybe all, of the policies and programs that Marx advocated and that Americans have implemented, you get the same response, “Oh, you can’t do that!”


Yes you can!


And we should do it, right now!



Because it is absolutely ridiculous to think that you can, over time, put in place all of the policies and programs advocated by Karl Marx and not get the same or similar results as other major countries that have tried the same thing, i.e., the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Nazi Germany, and Communist China.


Jack Kelleher




Epsom Central School To Host Scholastic Book Fair Event December 9th to December 13th


What: The Epsom Central School PTO will host a Scholastic Book Fair from 12/9/14 to 12/13/14 during school hours. Funds raised will help purchase books for classrooms, the library, and students. Families, faculty, and the community are invited to attend this fun reading event that helps inspire children to become lifelong readers.


The Book Fair will feature a special Family Event during Santa’s Workshop on Saturday, December 13 with crafts, raffles, and other great activities for kids and families. This is from 10 to 2.


When: The Book Fair will be open daily from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, 12/9 to 12/12.


Where: Epsom Central School, 282 Black Hall Road


More: The Book Fair offers specially priced books and educational products, including popular series, award-winning titles, new releases, adult bestsellers, and other great reads from more than 100 publishers.


Book Fair customers may help the school build classroom libraries by purchasing books through the Classroom Wish List program. In addition, the Book Fair will feature the All for Books™ program, where kids can share the thrill of reading by donating loose change to purchase books from the Book Fair for help fellow classmates enjoy a special book they otherwise wouldn’t. Scholastic matches monetary donations with a donation of up to one million books, which go to national non-profit organizations dedicated to helping families in need, such as the Kids in Distressed Situations and Kids In Need Foundation.


Please contact Susan Pagano, bookfair chairperson, at smdap1967@gmail.com with any questions or comments. Thank you!



Epsom Food Pantry


Boy, this is sure a busy time for the Food Pantry. Between Thanksgiving Boxes and lining up all recipients of the Christmas Baskets, we are jumping, but it’s fun.


Again, all the wonderful people that are giving to the Pantry is just amazing. I had a call this morning from the Subway folks telling me to come and pick up some much needed items there. Now isn’t that wonderful that a busy place like Subway has us in their thoughts? Thank you so much. And then I had a lovely call from Dr. Fiona Reeve of the Suncook River Vet Clinic and they will be doing a drive for the Pantry where the patient gets. 5% off visit if they bring a contribution for the Pantry. What a lovely gesture, giving a helping hand to our Pantry.  At this time I also want to give special recognition to our Pantry Manager who makes all this happen. Mr. Ken Brown, who does well beyond what his job description is. Caring to all and keeping me on my toes. And I cannot forget Liz Robinson who shops for the Pantry and does her coupon thing at all the stores so that our members get some special items to make their life easier. And last but not least, our treasurer, Cheryl Arvanitis, who keeps our finances straight. Are we not lucky to have such great people “steering our Ship?”  And Janet, Rita, Alice, Terry, JR, Armand, Pat and I could go on and on, and I will in other articles. 


Ken asked me to tell you members that we will start handing out the Thanksgiving Baskets around 10:00 AM on Saturday the 22nd.


Be careful when you approach the Town Hall as Route 4 is busy and we do not want an accident. Will keep you posted on that and remember you need to sign up for Christmas Baskets, as we need to send the paperwork in by the end of the month.


Thanks for listening. Until next time,




Epsom Food Pantry.jpg

The White Mountain Chapter of the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club would like to thank Sam’s Club of Concord and their  the patrons for there support of our recent Food Drive. On Wednesday November  12, 2014.  The 10 hour food drive collected over four truckloads of food for local food pantries. Iron Mike Dempsey president of the local Nam Knights Chapter explained that the Friends of Forgotten Children in Concord reached out to the Knights for help. That’s what we are about, were are a registered 501C non-profit ourselves and our goal is to support Law Enforcement, Veterans and local causes like this. The pantries  that benefited from the food drive were more than great full for the help. The food was distributed on the same day it was collected due to the efficiency of these local veterans. Deliveries were made to the Friends of Forgotten Children in Concord, The Epsom Food Pantry, and the Liberty House Veterans Shelter.  “It was a long day but worth it We served out country and know we serve our community Dempsey said and it is our Honor to have done both”



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