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October 22, 2014



Early Head Start is accepting applications for children under the age of 3 and for prenatal women who would like to participate in the program.  Fun  activities, information, support, and learning experiences are provided through  home visiting and playgroups. It is free for income eligible families. For  further information and to jump start your childís learning, please call 435-6611.



Letter To The Editor


Please vote for Nancy Brison Fraher for State Senate.  I have known Nancy for many, many years.  She is a retired school teacher who will work to make NH colleges affordable.  She will listen to your concerns and hopes.  Please vote for Nancy on November 4th.


Mary-Jane Bickford




Epsom Food Pantry


Boy this has been some kind of great weather and easy on the fuel. We have been doing great at the Pantry.  With our new source of food and the USDA food we are looking good.  Goes fast though as we have a large membership who come to us.  Remember that story about the little girl and her birthday party well I just  was made aware of another party. The two little girls were April and Molly Keyes and that party had food for presents instead of gifts. Isnít that just awesome. Now back to business.  Thanksgiving turkeys; let us know if you want one. Call the Pantry and leave a message (736-4024) or call me at 219-2035).  Then we have just been given the paperwork for the Christmas baskets which will be distributed from the Old Town Hall so we need to get a tally for those baskets for Liz to call in. Please remember our call for Thanksgiving dessert goodies. Again many thanks to all the generous people who have our Pantry in their thoughts. This is our town pantry and is here for folks who need a little extra help which is given joyfully from all our volunteers.


Until next time,




Letter To The Editor

Fair Taxation


About 70% of property taxes fund public education. If elected State Rep District 29 (Allenstown/Epsom/Pittsfield), I will not rest until the State accepts its responsibility to at least majority fund public education, while reducing and capping property taxes.


Easier said than done, yes. But, I will be your voice to put reducing this burdensome tax on working families at the forefront.


Nancy Heath




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