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July 23, 2014



Epsom Public Library Youth Events:


Monday, July 28 at 2 pm “Rainbow Loom Fun:”Bring your own loom and bands for an afternoon of creativity. Snacks will be provided. Sign ups are encouraged.


Wednesday, July 30 at 6:30 pm the library will show the Family Movie, “Rio 2” rated G. Popcorn and drinks will be provided.


Friday, August 1st at 6 pm: Teen Movie “Non-Stop” rated PG-13. Pizza and drinks included.


For more information call the library at 736-9920.



Congratulations to Austin Ladd for being named to the 6th grade honor roll at Epsom Central School, and to Derek Ladd for earning all A’s for his freshman year at Pembroke Academy.



Letter To The Editor


This letter responds to Nancy Heath’s letter in which she called five of our Supreme Court Justices “old, conservative, Judeo-Christian male chauvinist pigs.”  This type of hateful rhetoric is exactly what is wrong with our country and our politics, as people like Nancy Heath take extreme positions and spout hateful rhetoric while failing to consider the logic or reason behind decisions she does not agree with.


Ms. Heath somehow makes the illogical conclusion that because a Christian-owned closely held company does not have to pay for certain types of birth control, that the company is denying women the their choice of birth control.


Ms. Heath fails to realize that freedom of religious expression is a Constitutional right, whereas insurance coverage for birth control is not a right; in fact, it is a relatively new requirement mandated by the federal government.  The fact that Ms. Heath tries to equalize a right enshrined in our Constitution with an insurance requirement passed by the federal government is alarming.


If Ms. Heath truly believes that women should be equal and free (as I do), then how can she insist that women not be responsible for their own decisions?  If you believe as I believe, that the personal decisions a woman makes in her bedroom are totally private and nobody else’s business, then doesn’t true equality and independence mean being responsible for those private decisions and not demanding that others pay for them?


If Ms. Heath wants equality, then perhaps she should stop pushing positions that foster irresponsibility and dependence on others, for all that does is set back our progression toward a truly equal society.


J. Brandon Giuda






To the Epsom Central School Staff and Students:

How do we even begin to thank you for all of the support you have shown (and continue to show) our family through our Mom’s illness.


As you know, she is at Concord Hospice House, where she is treated with wonderful care and compassion.


Thank you so much to each and every one of you for the cards, food, the collection, kind words, prayers, and the visits. We are so incredibly grateful. On behalf of our Mom and Dad, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Corrine & Terry

Casavaugh & Family

Colleen & Gary Rousseau & Family

Bill Neely & Family



Letter To The Editor



July 16 SVS, I was thrilled to see the 3 excellent responses to my SVS letter of July 9 re the Hobby Lobby Corporation decision by US Supreme Court. I particularly loved Diane Rider’s throwback to the 60s, Helen Reddy singing “I am woman, hear me roar...”. It was also interesting to read her reasoning as to why a woman’s value was about 2/3 of a man’s value in agrarian cultures about 4000 years ago.


I think Gene Matras and I have debated via SVS before. In his letter, Mr Matras implied I do not respect his opinion re forms of birth control brought in the suit by Hobby Lobby Corporation. Quite to the contrary, I do respect Mr Matras’  opinion and his right to live according to his beliefs. However, Mr Matras, when it comes to “my” personal uterus, “your” personal opinion holds no standing (I have not even met you). I believe public policy should leave artificial birth control choices to woman, partner and doctor.


Steve and Lea Adams reminded me that “...potential constituency is... 50% men... fair to assume a percentage of that populace (would not vote for me)...”. I believe the higher percentage of men will agree with me, at least on this one issue. Most men choose not to father more than 2 children. Some men and women choose companionship, but not kids.  Relatively few men (and women) choose large families. But, for those who do (and especially those who adopt/foster), I say ‘more power to ya’!


I will concede that referring to the 5 Supreme Court Justices (whose majority found in favor of Hobby Lobby Corporation) as “old, ‘conservative’, Judeo-Christian, male chauvinist pigs” (three times) may have been a bit hyperbolic.



Nancy Heath



Nancy Heath is a candidate for NH State Representative District 29



Epsom Food Pantry


Another good week at the Food Pantry. We picked up another delivery from the Manchester Food Pantry and received a great selection of meat products.


Another suggestion would be to the folks who have chickens. Any extra eggs would be gratefully received.  


To our members, do remember that if getting to the pantry is a problem just call and let me know and we will fill your order and someone will bring it to you.  


To all you wonderful people who bring food to either the library or the Pharmacy or even to the Pantry itself, thank you so much. It truly has been a blessing to our endeavor to have all our Epsom families eating well. 


Until next time, 




Right Side










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