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April 16, 2014


The Epsom Public Library is pleased to present the Hampstead Stage Companyís production of the Wizard of Oz on Monday, April 21 at 7 pm. This wonderful classic is great for the entire family. Refreshments will be served. Special thanks to the Friends of the Library for making this event possible!


On Tuesday, April 22 at 2:30 pm join the fun for the movie, Pirate Fairy. The movie is rated G and popcorn and drinks will be provided.



Spring Clothing Swap At Epsom Bible Church


In an effort to help manage the cost of clothing for our community families, the Epsom Bible Church will be holding a free clothing swap on Saturday, May 10th, from 9-12 noon at 398 Black Hall Road in Epsom.


You may bring donated clothing beginning at 8:30 am. All clothes need to be clean and in good repair, and separated by size and gender. Both adult and childrenís clothing are accepted. Clothes will be sorted and distributed to tables by the person dropping them off. Once clothes have been sorted and distributed, you are free to begin gathering clothing in the sizes you need. You do not need to make a clothing donation in order to take clothing for you and your family. Any clothing left at the end of the swap will be delivered to a local charity drop off site. Volunteers for the clothing swap would be appreciated.


The grill will be on for hot dogs and we will be serving refreshments, come on down. Call Joanne Randall at 344-8843 if you are interested in volunteering. Visit www.ebcnh.com or call 603-736-9354 for more information.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week, the House continues to hold hearings on Senate bills, and is starting to vote them out of committee. SB220, updating the electrical code and allowing the electrical inspectors to charge for temporary facilities (fairs, carnivals, etc), was recommended to pass, 14-4. I was opposed because the the code is going to mean homeowners and commercial facilities are going to experience higher costs for their electrical installations,  and also because I still had those rumors that the bill would cause problems - somehow! But unless I learn something definite, Iím not going to argue against the bill.


SB405, registering radon mitigation system installers, was amended to clarify itís only airborne radon, not water borne, and recommended to pass, 11-7. This one I will be fighting on the floor because itís totally unnecessary. Having the state maintain a list of professional certifications is redundant - the companies proudly post them! And the excuse for this bill was one constituent who had a bad experience with their radon system - nobody else showed up, nobody else even reported that somebody they knew had a problem with their radon system! These things arenít rocket science, and both radon systems weíve bought were professionally installed with no problems. And to top it off, this was the only question of professional licensing Iíve ever seen considered where not one radon system installer showed up to ask for it!


The most fun was with the fourth graders getting a tour of the state house: Pittsfield on Tuesday, Allenstown on Thursday, and Epsom coming up on Monday. Itís always a pleasure to meet them, and the teachers and parents who accompany them.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire





Epsom Food Pantry


Well another week and we have had several families visit our Pantry. Hopefully my next news blip will be our new phone number. We will also have internet.


On Wednesday our first USDA delivery  arrived at the Pantry. Wonderful!


Remember our hours are 10:00 to 12:00 on Saturday and 12:00 to 2:00 on Wed. and of course by appointment still calling 219-3025 or 736-4407. 


Until next time,



PS: You folks who raise chickens, if you have any leftover eggs, our Pantry would be just delighted to have some.



Epsom Central School Honor And Effort Roll For Term 2


Epsom Central School would like to congratulate the following students on their Honor and Effort Roll status for term two.


Grade 3 Effort Roll

Lauren Bennett, Daniel Carignan, Eliza Carignan, Jacob Carignan, Rachael Curtis, Joslynn Hurley, Owen Michael, Hayden Miller, Francesca Pagano, Landon Pearson, Angelica Whitney


Grade 4 Effort Roll

Emily Downey, Elizabeth Gilbert, Chloe Lacourse


Grade 4 Honor Roll

Nathan Clark, Braden Currier, Lucas Fries, Elizabeth Gilbert, Ethan Katsirebas, Hannah Keeler, Megan Lawrence, Lillian May, Kati Mills, Hunter Perreault, Nolan Smagula, Colin Wills


Grade 4 High Honor Roll

Sarah Bennett, Emily Downey, Chloe Lacourse, Demetrios Tsirovakas


Grade 5 Honor Roll

Madeline Apgar, Harrison Army, Reilly Beaulieu, Shawn Burrows, Madison Carbone, Alexis Carignan, Mason Cummings, Hayden Goyette, Iris Hall, Connor Lawrence, Paige Merrill, Samantha Muise, Michael Nericcio, Annie Proulx, Owen Thomas, Savannah Wallace, Jordan Whittier


Grade 5 High Honor Roll

Taylor LeBlanc, Madeline Manchester, Giovanni Minasalli, Grace Parker, Nick Whitney


Grade 6 Honor Roll

Peter Apgar, Danielle Blanchette, Madison Bowen, Ashley Gatchell, Nadia Kozinski, Austin Ladd, Calvin Michael, Mary Nericcio, Madison Prusia, Samantha Williams


Grade 6 High Honor Roll

Christopher Bouchard, Nathan Carter, Nathan Fries


Grade 7 Honor Roll

 Luc Blanchette, Jane Bradley, Connor Canning, Autumn Chase, Macey Cotnoir, Hunter Evans, Jenna Flewelling, Garrett Frew, Nathan Lamontagne, Kassidy Larson, Benjamin Lewis, Erin McFarland, Lucciano Minasalli,Tyler Pepin, Ashton Ramsdell, Olivia Rondeau, Colby Stenner, Tyler Tripp, Constantina Tsirovakas


Grade 7 High Honor Roll

Christian Army, Madison Bennett, Emily Duffy, Jakob Mavity, Katherine Muise, Katelyn Young


Grade 8 Honor Roll

Chandler Bean, Timothy Bowen, Ryan Burns, Noah Cummings, Earnhardt Dail, Tucker Jones, Sydney Juranty, Renee Proulx, Evelyn Ransom, Azlynn Shaikh, Daphne Xintaras-Beauchesne


Grade 8 High Honor Roll

Jackson Thomas












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