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July 30, 2014



Another Epsom Town Band Concert!


Don’t miss the third Epsom Town Band concert of the season on Friday, August 1st, 7:00 p.m. at Webster Park.  Attendees of the first two concerts can attest that the band sounds “better than ever” under the leadership of Jim Lukeman.  Members have been practicing every Friday night since the beginning of March, and Mr. Lukeman has introduced some new music into the band’s repertoire.  This will be the last regular Friday night concert, and in case of rain it will be rescheduled for August 15th.


The band will also present a concert during Epsom’s Old Home Day on Saturday, August 9th, at 6:30 p.m.  Mark your calendars for both dates, invite your friends and neighbors, and plan to attend!  For more information, please call 736-9044.





The library will show the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, on Wednesday, August 6, 7:00 PM.  Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham and Adrien Brody star in this R Rated film that recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.  The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting and the battle for an enormous family fortune --- all against the back-drop of a suddenly and dramatically changing Continent.


Reviews of this film vary from a cool reception to a rave.  From Amazon: “This film is …part 1930s Keystone Cops, part romance, part mystery, part thriller and part about anything else”.


We hope you will join us for an entertaining evening, complete with popcorn and soft drinks.



Congratulations to  Karyn Veinotte of Epsom who was named to The University of Maine at Farmington Dean’s List for the spring 2014 semester.



Epsom Public Library Youth Events


Monday, Aug. 4th at 1 & 3 pm: Art Classes with Instructor, Kerry Harman featuring making balloon rockets and marbled paper. Sign up is required. Materials fee is $8.00. Bring an old shirt/smock.


Tuesday, Aug. 5th at 12:30 pm: “Teddy Bear Picnic” bring a sandwich, a blanket and your favorite Teddy and join us for stories, songs and a craft. Dessert and drinks will be provided. Call the library at 736-9920 for reservations.


Wednesday, Aug. 6th at 2 pm: “Summer Crafts” featuring sun catchers, sand art and more! Snacks will be provided.


Thursday, Aug. 7th 6-7 pm: Mother/Teen daughter Book Discussion. Call the library to sign up and get the book!



Epsom Bible Church hosts Summer Thunder 2014

Calling all kids Age 3 through fifth grade!


Come join us for a great week of Vacation Bible School full of stories, games and fun as we learn about the Bible!  An exciting team of summer missionaries from Child Evangelism Fellowship will be leading our activities.


We will be meeting August 4 - 8, 2:00 - 4:30 PM at the church. We are located at 398 Black Hall Road, Epsom.  For more information, call the church office at 736-9354.  Hope to see you there!



Letter To The Editor


On behalf of the Epsom Historical Association, I would like to thank Road Agent Gordon Ellis for his assistance landscaping our building (the old Epsom Library). Carole Brown and I did not even have to bring a rake. Gordon delivered all tools necessary for project including wheel barrow. He also arranged for a work crew from Merrimack County jail.


Many thanks to the two escorting officers who were very polite and accommodating. Carole and I could not have been more pleased with the work crew: Brian, Chris, Rick, Rob and Tim. All were respectful and hard working. It would have taken Carole and I all summer (plus) to achieve what they did in 3 1/2 hours!


A special mention goes to Chris who is an experienced landscaper. Chris followed instructions to the “T”. They dug out perimeter, building an earth berm to protect steep banking from erosion. They laid “feeding slurry” and landscape fabric I provided and made sure mulch was distributed evenly.


Thanks also to Whitey of K&K Landscaping Supplies who delivered 3 yards of mulch; he waived delivery fee! The mulch is thin, so EHA would appreciate a contribution of $66.00 for a couple more yards of mulch if anyone could see their way clear. Make check payable to Epsom Historical Association, PO Box 814, Epsom, NH 03234.  Note “bark mulch” on check.


Please stop by to view landscaping progress. Future plans include a small Circa 1900 “period sitting garden” and Native American plants in perimeter gardens. Building is just east of Gosseville stoplight, so please be careful of fast moving traffic entering/exiting parking lot.


Nancy Heath 

Master Gardener Intern

UNH Cooperative Extension



Carol McGuire Named Legislator Of The Year

New Hampshire Liberty Alliance awards Legislator of Year, releases 11th Annual Liberty Rating


On July 13th, the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance named Epsom State Rep. Carol McGuire the Legislator of the Year for her pro-liberty voting record during 2014. Rep. McGuire, currently serving her third term, was the only Representative to earn an “A+” rating on the NHLA’s 2014 Liberty Rating report card, and has earned the distinction of being a two-time winner of the Legislator of the Year award, the first time being in 2010. Rep. McGuire received her award at the NHLA’s Liberty Dinner, an annual fundraiser event held at the Dell-Lea Event Center in Chichester, NH. When accepting her award, Rep. McGuire said, “I’m honored to receive this award, since the Liberty Alliance is a strong and respected voice in Concord. Their volunteer advocates always present the liberty position simply and clearly, and the Gold Standard is respected for its principled positions on legislation.” At the Liberty Dinner, leading educational reform advocate Michelle Levell was awarded Activist of the Year for her work in education choice.


The annual Liberty Rating, a report card by which the NHLA scores Representatives and Senators, is based on roll call votes throughout the legislative session. NHLA volunteers review the House calendar each week and carefully select bills that demonstrate a pro-liberty or anti-liberty impact. These bills are then highlighted in the NHLA’s signature document, the Gold Standard, a ‘cheat sheet’ that advises the House of the pro-liberty way to vote. Any roll call votes recommended by the Gold Standard are included in the Liberty Rating. With 94 roll calls in the House and 24 in the Senate during 2014, the 11th Annual Liberty Rating calculated more votes than ever before in assigning letter grades. “In 2012, the NHLA endorsed 149 candidates for the State House,” Eileen Landies, chairwoman of the NHLA, said at the dinner. “Seventy-four were elected. We are happy to see that most of them earned a ‘B’ grade or better on both the 2013 and 2014 [Liberty Rating] report card.” In the Senate, Senator Andy Sanborn won the top honor with a grade of “B”.


About the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. The NHLA supports liberty by monitoring bills in the legislative sessions and encouraging private charity, a civil society and citizen involvement. The NHLA reviews liberty-sensitive bills in each legislative session. Bills are evaluated based on their effects on civil liberties, personal responsibility, property rights, accountability, constitutionality, affordability, regulation, fiscal impact and taxation.



Epsom Food Pantry

Epsom food_bank_004.jpg

Food delivery from Concord/Epsom Elks Lodge: David Bean, Dave Kelloway, Trustee Concord/Epsom Elks, Ken Brown Manager of the Epsom Food Bank.


Well folks it has been really a very busy week at the Food Pantry and of course that makes us happy.  Just a reminder to the people with gardens, don’t forget us. If getting the produce to us is a problem call me at 219-3025 or 736-4024 and we will make arrangements to pick up.


Also, the hours the Pantry is open: still 10:00 AM till 12:00 PM on Saturday and 12:00 to 2:00PM on Wednesday and of course by appointment if it’s an emergency or you cannot make those hours.

Again, thanks to all who have supported us. We all appreciate it so much.


Until next time,




Letter To The Editor

Such A Shame


It’s a shame that The Suncook Valley Sun is regularly abused by a perennial political candidate like Nancy Heath. Ongoing and never ending rants about evil Republicans, Libertarians, the U.S. Supreme court, and what she perceives as threats to the Liberal socialist views she holds for New Hampshire.


She is a woman who seeks to politically represent us, but who really only wants to represent herself, to be important, and to represent the Obama socialist mentality!


Indeed it’s a shame that driven by ego and lack of any other apparent substance in her life that Heath uses a vehicle like The SVS to vent and proselytize so as to justify her existence. Recently I overheard her being referred to as a “Libtard” and a “Flake.” Weary of it all? I suspect that most all in the Suncook Valley are!


I recognize that now my comments will ignite indignancy and an assault against me, but will not be drawn into a tit-for-tat war of words and philosophy with this woman. “One can’t win a p------ contest with a skunk,” so I’ll not even try!


New Hampshire is facing a financial, tax, state, and medical services crisis that’s soon to explode on our shoulders in another couple of years once Obamacare is fully implemented. National unemployment, out of control spending, out of control debt, and the uncontrolled invasion by illegals on our southern borders now has our country on the ropes. That our Democrat controlled leadership is not held accountable for its lies, inequities and mismanagement at the sacrifice of fairness and common sense is a travesty! Ms. Heath... these are YOUR heroes and idols that I’m speaking of!


I encourage you to “Get A life,” and please cease your incessant efforts to gain attention and justify your existence. Your message has grown both old and tiring. Perhaps a part time job would benefit you.


Respectfully but with reservation,

Roger Bennett




Epsom Old Home Days

Aug 9th & 10th 2014

“Alternative Energy”


Come out and have some fun. Any person interested in participating & to register in our parade on Aug 9th contact Dick Verville at 857-205-2841 or Georgia Perry at 736-8802. For the Antique/Classic Cars contact Jay Beauchesne at 969-0914 or e-mail: jay_beauchesne@yahoo.com.  Sunday 10th 4K Road Race & 2K walk sponsored by Northeast Delta-Dental. For race info and to register go on line to: www.running4free.com/RaceDetails.aspx?raceid=286. A Duck Race starting time12:00-1:00pm tickets $5.00 ea. or 5 tickets for $20.00 prizes cash & gift cards. Tickets available during Old Home Day weekend. For details of the weekend events go to www.epsomnh.org.


To submit a Citizen of the Year –entries must be received no later than July 30th e-mail: EpsomOldHomeDay@yahoo.com or send all mail to Georgia Perry, 190 North Rd, Epsom, NH 03234. To be a general sponsor please make funds payable to Friends of Webster Park. Your support is so important and appreciated.



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