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April 22, 2009



The Pittsfield CHF Group is hosting a program “Garden to Table”, presented by Dorothy Perkins of UNH Cooperative Extension on Thursday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m. at the Pittsfield Community Center (lower level).

Ms. Perkins will cover a variety of topics from planting to canning. The emphasis of the program will be on food safety handling of fruits and vegetables and canning. She will also speak about planting seeds and gardening.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Andi Riel at 435-6346.

Celebrating Birthdays are: April 22, Kevin Yelle, Jeffrey Feeny; April 23, Betsy Fogg, John Snedeker Jr., Julie Snedeker; April 25, Nancy Blackey; April 26, Lynda McConnell, Gloria Mullen, Helen Webster; April 28, Hank Wallace, Dawn Bartrum.
A Very Happy Birthday to one and all.

Best Wishes to Elaine and Hank Wallace who will celebrate their Wedding Anniversary on April 27.

Super Bingo
$15 Special Game
Concord Bingo Center
60 Sheep Davis Road (Route 106)
Pembroke, NH
(603) 223-2002

(Sponsored by)
Pittsfield Youth Baseball Association

Games start at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Doors open at 4:30 p.m. Food Available

Free Parking
Concord Bingo Center
Is re-opening on Wednesdays
Come join us for the
New Super Bingo
$15 package!
(Winner Take All sold separately)


Pittsfield Area Senior Center

Wed. April 22
10:00   Crafts
Trip Ticket
April 22 - Tilton Outlets, $7.00.

May - Boston Duck & Science Museum, $99.00, *Meals will be on your own. *Full payment due May 1st.  Non-refundable.

June 26 - Barbecue and Games at the Gregoire’s, $3.00.

July 25 - Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, $125.00, *Meals will be on your own.* $65.00 deposit due June 1st.  Non-refundable. $60.00 balance due July 1st. Non-refundable.

August 4  - Yankee Commons, TBA.

September - Cape Cod, MA, $348.00. $175.00 deposit due August 1st.  Non-refundable. $175.00 balance due September 1st. Non-refundable.

October - Deerfield Fair TBA. 

November - Tilton Outlets, $7.00. 

December - TBA.

Trips and dates are subject to change or cancelation depending on participation.

Thursday, April 23
10:00 - Bingo

Friday, April 24
10:00 - Games
11:00 - Yoga

Mon., April 27
10:00 - Bingo

Tues.,  April 28
10:00 - Games with Dan



School Lunch Menus
April 27-May 1, 2009

Monday - Hot dog with roll, fries, veg., fruit, milk or yogurt tray. No salad.
Tuesday - Chicken noodle casserole, bread and butter, veg., fruit, milk or yogurt tray. No salad.
Wednesday - Homemade beef stew, roll, fruit, milk or yogurt tray. No salad.
Thursday - Homemade pizza, veg., fruit, milk or yogurt tray. No salad.
Friday - Cheeseburger, rice, bread & butter, veg., fruit, milk or yogurt tray. No salad.


Monday - Pizza, veggies, fruit, milk.
Tuesday - BBQ pork, veggies, fruit, milk.
Wednesday - Pasta, salad, bread, fruit, milk.
Thursday - Popcorn chicken, fries, veggies, fruit, milk.


Monday - Hot dog with bun, chips, fruit, milk.
Tuesday - Chicken salad roll, veggie, fruit, milk.
Wednesday - Taco salad, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit, milk.
Thursday - Shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit, milk.

Monday - Chicken nuggets, tater tots, green beans, peaches, milk.
Tuesday - Cheese or pepperoni pizza, veggie, apple, milk.
Wednesday - Baked chicken, mashed potato, gravy, corn, carrot cake, milk.
Thursday - Ham and cheese wrap, Caesar salad, pickles, fresh  fruit, milk.
Friday - Cheeseburger with roll, potato wedges, carrot with  Ranch dressing, fruit, milk.



White Mountain Unit, National Association of Parliamentarians

At the March meeting of the White Mountain Unit, National Association of Parliamentarians, a lesson on “Minutes” was presented by Joan Prue, Registered Parliamentarian and President of the Unit.

April has been declared Parliamentary Law Month by Connie M. Deford, President of the National Association of Parliamentarians. The association is a society dedicated to educating leaders throughout the world in effective meeting management through the use of parliamentary procedure, and the vision of NAP is to provide parliamentary leadership to the world.

The next meeting of the White Mountain Unit will be held on Thursday, April 23rd at the American Legion Hall, 7 Perley Street, Concord, NH. President Joan Prue will call the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. The lesson “Motions that Bring a Question Again Before the Assembly” will be presented by Anne Jollimore, Vice President of the Unit. All meetings are open to the public. For further information, call 603-279-5730.




For the second year, up to $40,000 in Foss Family Pittsfield Town Scholarships will be awarded in June to graduates of Pittsfield Middle High School continuing their education beyond high school. Students pursuing degrees at two-year, four-year, technical or trade schools are eligible for the awards. The scholarship program was established through the generosity of Richard and Lois Foss with the goal of supporting post-secondary education for the community’s young people and encouraging their contribution to revitalization of the community. Past graduates as well as graduating seniors are eligible for the award. Applications are available through the Guidance Office at (435-6701) and are due by May 1st.



Pittsfield High School
Honor Roll - Third Quarter

High Honors
Deena Hallock, Silvia Zardi.

Kelsey Flinkstrom, Vuk Mirasevic, Miranda Perlupo, Kristine Scott, Mercedes Valdez, Adam Ward, Kelli Webber.

Honorable Mention
Kathleen Alexander, Monica Bento, Sarah Buchanan, Desiree Dumond, Kenneth Piazeczny, Adam Reed, Angela Sherman, Juanita Smith, Michael Tuttle.

Highest Honors
Michael Adams, Paige Corliss, Victoria Duquette, Kara Gingras.

High Honors
Liam Etchells, Kelley Hussey, Allison Laflamme, Shannon Raciot, Matthew Tuttle, Irene Vogt.

Emily Davidson, Kacie Smith, Joseph Suchomski.


Honorable Mention
Kurt Fisher, Samantha Gage, James Houlne, Shyla Mannion, Amanda Mullen, Kyle Perkins, David Price, Melyssa Slayton.

Highest Honors
Craig Paggi


Becky Bousquet, Devyn Manning, Norman Miner III, Brian Ward.

Honorable Mention
Christine Chouinard, Brian Eastman, Emalie Kourlouras, Delina Lawrence, Meghan Mulcahy, Katelyn Piazeczny, Allison Quigley.

Highest Honors
Colleen Corliss, Trevlyn Gosse, Robert LeBel, Kelsey Wrye.

High Honors
Taylor Gosse, Sebastian Manteau, Kayleen Rojek, Adriaunna Towle, Emily Tyler, Jennifer Tyrell


Dominic Brooks, Paul Kennepohl, Ethan Smith, Garrett Young.

Honorable Mention
Joshua Bisson, Eric Chapman, Julia Cole, Taylor Kiss, Jacob Manning, Ryan Perras.

Highest Honors
Ashley Pence, Justin Quigley.

High Honors
Sage Anthony, Emily Buchanan, Jennifer Cantara, Brittany Cassel, Macy Chagnon, Elizabeth Cyr, Ashleigh Garland, Travis Guest, David Haynes, Cassidy Kearns, Timothy Laflamme, Katelyn McLennan, Alyssa Moody, Thomas Williams.

Denise Grattage, Aaron Manteau, Janice Negron.

Honorable Mention
Allyson Brown, Anna Colon-Pagan, Ashley Connor, Keith Duclos, Seth Gosse, Riley LeBel, Matthew Mulcahy, Jillian Towle, Aaron Vien.

Highest Honors
Katlyn Gonzalez

High Honors
Gabrielle Bachelder, Danielle Bourgeois, Jacey Darrah, Stefani Gauthier, Katrina Haynes, Ryan McLennan, Montana Miller, Alexander Pelletier, Katie Small, Tiffany Summerford, Maxwell Tuttle, Kellie Vien.

Victoria Averill, Alexandria Kubat.

Honorable Mention
Nathaniel Jackson, Brett Merrill, Alexis Miller, Kristopher Perkins, Jossie Rowell, Alexis Samaluk.




Congratulations to Jaymes & Jessica Kennedy on the  purchase of their new home in Pittsfield! This transaction was handled by Terry Riel of Century 21 Thompson and Christy Goodhue Real Estate. ENJOY your new home.



Traffic Alerts Find Their Way To New Hampshire

In most states with major cities like Boston and New York, traffic alert services are common, but in New Hampshire, finding a way to get traffic alerts has been unheard of. Normally, traffic in NH is well handled by our Department of Transportation. But we all know of the traffic nightmares we have endured over the years due to situations that the NH DOT simply cannot control, like: Traffic accidents, brush fires, snow storms and even a recent tornado. These events can close major roadways in an instant, leaving motorists stranded to find an alternate route through roadways that are not well known to them. Most times creating a traffic delay on the detour route itself. A good example of this was last week on Friday April 10, 2009 when (during the height of the evening commute) I-93 Southbound was closed in Derry near exit 5 due to a serious crash where a helicopter needed to land on I-93 and created a traffic disaster on the highway and nearby roadways. This same event was played out again on Monday April 13, 2009 on Rt. 106 in Gilmanton in yet another serious accident. In this accident, 3 helicopters were needed to take victims to area hospitals and Rt, 106 was closed for several hours, detouring Rt. 106 traffic through a residential neighborhood.

Alerts were sent out for both of the recent events mentioned above by www.NHTrafficAlerts.com - A new, free service that sends out traffic “eAlerts” for New Hampshire roadways. These alerts were sent out before emergency crews even arrived at the scene of either of the accidents, giving their current members of the free service a huge heads up to seek an alternate route before the unsuspecting motorists even knew of the nightmare ahead. “These are not uncommon events said Matt Goodwin of NHTrafficAlerts.com. In fact, on a normal day 10 - 15 alerts are sent out for potential traffic problems that are emergency related. This excludes the normal traffic congestion (like I-93 North on a Friday night) in which we don’t send alerts for since everyone is well aware of this.”

As a added benefit, the service has also been useful in diverting traffic away from accident scenes, giving rescue crews the ability to get to and manage the emergency more effectively and allowing victims to get help a little faster. It’s because of this added benefit that NHTrafficAlerts.com encourages all NH Police Departments and Fire departments to contact them to set up a free account so they can send alerts to their own residents for traffic problems within their city, town or county. They are also seeking businesses that have a good view of a busy roadway to set up traffic cameras at their business in exchange for free advertising on their site.

You can visit their website at www.NHTrafficAlerts.com.




Children young and old visited with the Easter Bunny and enjoyed the annual Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Northwood Recreation. Thank you to St. Stephen’s Church in Pittsfield for donating eggs.



The Calvacade of Comedy Show

An evening of hilarious Comedy will be held on Saturday Evening, June 6th at the Dell-Lea Country Club in Chichester, NH. It will be an Adult (21 and over comedy show).
Happy Hour – 6:00PM – Bar will be open.

The Show Starts at 7:00PM.

A night full of laughs and raffles.

All money raised goes to the Pittsfield Police Association which donates directly back to the community for things like the Annual JV Basketball Tournament, Annual PHMS Scholarship, and many other local organizations.

If you’re interested in a ticket, let me know as we have a set number of seats we can sell. The donation per ticket will be $15.00.

There will be (3) comics – Rob Steen (frequent guest of “Late Show with David letterman”.)

Pat Napoli – Regular at Atlantic City and Las Vegas comedy clubs.

Tim McIntire – Boston Globe named him – new generation of comics, “verge of stardom”.



Pittsfield Police Department Arrest Log

On April 5, 2009, Jeffery Feeny, 19, of Kaime Road, Pittsfield, was charged with Unlawful Possession of Alcohol and given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 5/1/09.

On April 5, 2009, Mathew Niolet, 26 of Newport Drive, Barnstead, NH, was charged with criminal Mischief and Simple Assault. Niolet was given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 5/1/09.

On April 5, 2009, Mathew Niolet, 26 of Newport Drive, Barnstead, NH, was arrested for Default or Breach of Bail Conditions and was given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 6/12/09.

On April 9, 2009, Gregory Pond, 24 of Mills Lane, Hampton Falls, NH, was charged with three counts of DWI and Operating without a Valid License. Pond was given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 5/8/09.



PMHS Seniors To Hold Charity Benefit For Locks Of Love

The Pittsfield High School Seniors are holding a charity benefit for the non-profit organization Locks of Love in the High School Gym on May 30, 2009. It will start at 9 a.m. and end at 1 p.m. If you would like to donate hair please make sure you have 6 or more inches of hair to donate. Money donations are also welcome. There will be a bake sale during the event as well, and donors are encouraged to check that out, as the money will go directly to Locks of Love, to make wigs for young teenagers who have lost their hair due to disease or chemotherapy. Thank you. If you have any questions, please call 603-470- 4931 ask for Joelle.



TOPS #38 Pittsfield

TOPS #38, Pittsfield is a non profit organization, that helps with weight support. TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly.

We meet weekly at St. Stephen’s Church, Main Street, Pittsfield, on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.

You do not have to live in Pittsfield to visit, join, or want information on TOPS.

On March 31st, we held our yearly banquet. The theme was “TOPS On The Red Carpet. ”We had 22 members present, and three guests from the local area, and three field staff who represented the NH area, and one guest driver. (Possibly the next King for NH).

Installed officers were Leader, Jen Kearns; Co. Leader, Pat Smith; Secretary, Sandy Gilmore; Treasurer, Jayne Blodgett, and Weight Recorders, Susie Fife, Sue Beaudoin. The Field Staff (Sooky, Rosie, and a former TOPS, now a KOPS and Field Staff member, Pam. M.)  were present, and Pam did the actual installation of the officers. We thanked them all, and were fortunate to have them present for all to meet and talk with.
We are also fortunate to have among us our own Pat S. who is KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) Kaptain for the State of N.H.

For further info, please contact S. Gilmore, 798-5658, or P. Smith, 435-5333.



The American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75 Upcoming Activities

The following officers, having been elected at our April 2009 meeting will be installed on May 4, 2009 at 7:30 PM. Commander, Merrill Vaughan; Vice Commander, Scott Ward; Adjutant, Bob Moulton; Service Officer, Reuben Leavitt; Finance Officer,  John Kost; Historian, Dan Ward; Judge Advocate, Royce Elkins; Sergeant-at-Arms, Scott Ward; Chaplain: Bob Moulton.  Installing Officer will be American Legion District 5 Commander, Bob Chagnon.  All members and veterans who are not members are asked that if they do attend, they be in place no later than 7:25 PM, as the meeting will start on time at 7:30 PM.

We will be holding our annual Memorial Day observance this year on Sunday, May 24, 2009, at 1 PM at the Veterans Memorial, Dustin Park, on Main Street.  Plans are still being finalized; the public is invited to attend.

Are you a veteran who has an honorable discharge from the Armed Forces and not a member of The American Legion?  Do you want to be a member of the only Veterans Service Organization in town and want to help vets that need help?  Stop by the Post on Loudon Rd the first Monday of the month. For more information, contact the Post Commander at 435-5207 or his cell phone 834-3166.

Merrill Vaughan,
American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75




 Trinity Smith, 8, and dad Jim, of Pittsfield, were lucky customers at The Toy Box & Kids Korner. The Easter Bunny was hopping by and presented Trinity with a large Easter basket. Jessica Booth, also of Pittsfield, was the lucky winner of the Toy Box Easter Basket drawing. Congratulations to all of them.




John D. Martin

- John D. Martin, 86 of Concord Hill, died Friday, April 17, 2009, at the Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association Hospice House.

He was born Feb. 20, 1923, in Westfield, Vt., the son of Fred and Eva (Howard) Martin.

He lived in Pittsfield for the past 38 years. He was employed as a contractor for most of his life, working for many different firms and for himself. He retired from Timco Co. 22 years ago.

He was a member of the Pittsfield Advent Christian Church and also the Deering Community Church.

He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Arlene (Lawton) Martin of Pittsfield; three sons, James K. Martin of Pittsfield, Jonathan Martin of Manchester and David G.. Martin of Spokane, Wash.; nine grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; two sisters, Vivan Ferretti of New Jersey and Ann Harris of Oregon.

There are no visiting hours.

A graveside service will be held at the family's convenience in the Floral Park Cemetery, Pittsfield.

The Perkins & Pollard Memorial Home is assisting with arrangements.













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