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January 10, 2018




The Prospect Mountain High School Class of 2020 is hosting a shoe drive fundraiser. All collected shoes will be delivered to developing countries, such as Ghana, Bolivia, and Haiti. These shoes are sold at significantly lower prices and create working opportunities.


The sophomore class is profited with every pair of donated shoes. Our goal is to collect 300 bags of 25 pairs each. Shoes must be wearable and have no holes.


Please donate in any of our white cardboard donation boxes stationed at the Alton Town Hall, the Barnstead Town Hall, or in the reception area at PMHS. The fundraiser is currently taking place and will run through January 20th.


Please spread the word around the community. All donations are helpful and are greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact with any question or concerns.



Oscar Foss Memorial Library News

Cozy Mystery Book Club


Do you enjoy cozy mysteries? If so, join us for our new Cozy Mystery Book Club at the library on Friday, January 19 at 6:30pm. This book club will meet on the 3rd Friday of each month to read and discuss various cozy mysteries, including a few series we offer here at the library. Registration is not required, just drop in for some cozy mystery fun!


Please call the library (269-3900) or visit our website ( for more information about any of our programs or events. There is always something happening at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library! Library hours are; Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm, Thursday and Friday: 12pm-8pm, Saturday: 10am-1pm, Sunday and Monday: closed.



Barnstead Elementary School First Trimester   Honor Roll


The following students in Grades 4-8 at the Barnstead Elementary School have earned High Honors or Honors for the First Trimester.  Students who have received A’s in all of their subjects qualify for High Honors. Those students who have earned A’s and B’s in all of their subjects qualify for Honors.  In addition, students qualifying for High Honors and Honors must have received grades in effort and conduct that are average or above.


Grade 4

High Honors: Jayden Brown, Katie Caldwell, Sophia Capsalis, Ayden Carignan, Dylan Carson, Alexis Gannon, Paige Harding, Bryce Kiley, Dylan Krull, Myah Lavoie, Logan Landry, Avery Mahanes, Madison Matott, Declan McCausland, Gabriel Menchion, Knyte Neathery, Ava Pelletier, Alyssa Pica, Angel Pla, Arianna Prescott, Jeremy Salisbury, Alex Sanborn, Emma Settles, Aidan Taylor


Honors: Rebecca Atkins, Cameron Biron, Ryder Burt, Addisyn Carr, Genevieve Charity, Joshua Clark, Samantha Comeau, Liam Conway, Gabriella Cubero, Nora Doyle, Heath Dunn, Noah Gagnon, Alex Hemeon, Laney Henry, Anna Huggins, Owen Joubert, Chase Kirby, Kenneth LaGraize, Lukas Lord, Allysyn Masci, Eva McCartney, Cora McPhail, Madison Miller, Ryleigh Murphy, Logan O’Neil, Theo Pistey, Kelsi Richard, Kayla Shampney, Braelynn Woods


Grade 5

High Honors: Hannah Chmiel, Victoria Cowser, Victoria Christie, Joseph Deane, Rebecca Hopkins, Mary Hupper, Anne Killinger, Ashley Lyle, Sam McGrath, Darien Milioto, Diondre Thoroughgood, Wyatt Varney, Juliette West, Alexis Wilson


Honors: Gavin Barham-Elliott, Noah Biron, Kyle Gauvin, Paeton King, Kida Smith, Avery Thoroughgood, Christopher Tedcastle


Grade 6

High Honors: Conner Bagnell, Grace Brooks, Gwen Christie, Serafine Cormier, Lani Demers, Lia Doyle, Abby Grillo-Moore, Allison Hardy, Derek Hopkins, Joseph Howlett, Shannon Kelley, Ethan Kenerson, Vera Littlefield, Rylee Lounsbury, Kaela Marchildon, Dillon Miller, Erin Rawnsley, Trinity Shampney, Ella Smith, Kaitlyn Vigue, Sarah White


Honors: Kaiden Bergeron, Samantha Bergeron, Lexie Booker, Reese Burke, Ethan Capsalis, Ren Connors, Cole Cote, Haley Davis, Emily Dumond, Aiden Gagnon, Mariah Gates, Arianna Gilbert, Jonathan Hancock, Ethan Hussey, Eli Kriete, Aden McPhail, Caden Mix, Cameron Nelson, Phillip Roberts, Anthony Sanborn, Justin Sanville, Jake Tash, Lucas Tiede, Aijah Thoroughgood


Grade 7

High Honors: Jayden Booker, Ashley Chmiel, Jeremy Hayes, Glidden Martin, Madilyn Neathery, Madilyn Ray, Kaylee Riel, William Sanborn, Matthew Searles, Jillian Simpson, Ian West


Honors: Samantha Christiansen, Tyler Cote, Brooke Fournier, Cameron Gagnon, Tyanna Gagnon, Cody Gannon, Aurora Kennedy, Kirsten Howe, Madelyn Kelley, Kohlvin Murphy, Owen Mahanes, Ella Misiaszek, Madilyn Penfield, Logan Palmer, Bruce Rawnsley, Maren Rayno, Makayla Richards, Savannah Russo, Ainsley Sabean, Mallory Smith, Ricardo Vasques, Michaela Vernazzaro, Abigail Whittenberg, 


Grade 8

High Honors: Megan Burnette, Hannah Capsalis, Kailee Cody, Sydney Cole, Dominique Couturier, Rylee Duquette, Julianna Grillo-Moore, Spencer Grow, Kathryn Hamilton, Cloe Hillsgrove, Riley Hinton, Tazanna Roberts, Jaren Unzen, Liam White


Honors: Gary Brazel, Emily Bunker, Jaden Burt, Kyle Cookinham, Ean Corliss, Breanna Cowser, Meado Detris, Breanna Dumond, Madison Fifield, Connor Frenzel,  Nathaniel Hannaford, Ethan Howe, Sophia LaGraize, Conner LeBrun, Jeremy Lincoln, Steven Littlefield, Alexis Lyle, Rylee Marchilden, Simon Paris, Emily Sanschagrin, Sophia Sarno, Ashlyn Shea, Dennis Simpson,  Gilbert “Deuce” Smith, Melody Sylvester, Ryan Warr



Letter To The Editor

A New Tax Plan for your town


Let’s say, in our town we decide to reduce the tax rate by 40% for only the waterfront properties and properties over $250,000 evaluation.  Then what?  We still have to educate 700-800 school children.  We still have to have all the roads maintained, plowed and sanded.


We have to pay Town employees and our share of the County taxes etc.  Okay, who pays more than they normally would to make up the difference?  The middle income people and the working poor.  OR, we could go into debt as a town.  NOT possible. Our towns must have a balanced budget every year.  Why is it allowed at the Federal level?


Why and how can we allow our great, great grandchildren to pay for our mistakes.  What an inheritance; Trillions of dollars of debt to ‘ease the tax burden’ of Corporations, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Insurance industry and other corporations.


“We the people” will have ‘our say’ in the next elections.  We will not stand for this blatant imbalance and unfairness. Thomas Jefferson said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Watch and listen.


Sandra Burt




Food Safety Modernization Act Informational Session


Save the date – Tuesday, January 16, 2018 – 7:30 p.m. at the Barnstead Library an informational session on FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act).  The UNH Cooperative Extension will be presenting an overview on how FSMA will affect Farmers who sell their product.  Whether you are raising animals, produce, or animal feed for sale FSMA will affect you.


Learn more about how this law that is now going into full swing will affect you.  Are you exempt?  If you are exempt, what paperwork are you required to fill out to keep that status.  This law is still unfolding, and this is a chance to learn more from the person at UNH Cooperative Extension whose focus has been to keep up-to-date with this law as it unfolds.


Please RSVP to or go to the Barnstead Community Grange Facebook page













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