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October 10, 2018



Please Join Our

Masonic Open House

Corinthian Lodge #82

Free & Accepted Masons

Saturday, October 20

9:00 – 3:00

5 Park Street, Pittsfield


Have you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry or had a family member who was part of the fraternity?  Come and visit us to learn more – all are welcome!



Barnstead Parks & Recreation Fishing Derby

Barnstead Community.jpg

Community members chat over the scoring table.


Barnstead Foss.jpg

Russ Foss shows off a catch.


Barnstead Howlett.jpg

The Howlett family fishes early Sunday morning. Maddy Howlett (third from left) won first prize for her 10” fish.


Barnstead Parks & Recreation hosted their first ever fishing derby on Sunday, September 23.


This event marks the first the department has put on since its re-establishment, and the family event drew a crowd to the recreation pond off of Dunbarton Drive early Sunday morning, finishing up in the afternoon with a cookout.


A wonderful time was had by all, and ultimately, Maddy Howlett and Kendall Foss tied for first prize, and each received a $25 Bass Pro Shops gift card! Coming in second place was Lily and Brad Muir, and in third, Nate Cormier.


Barnstead Parks & Recreation would like to thank all the supporters, community organizations, and community members that helped make this event happen. Thank you!



Oscar Foss Memorial Library News

Read With Mack!


Need a little practice reading or just love dogs? Register to read to Mack our very special Reading Therapy Dog. Mack will be at the library on Thursday, October 25th from 6-7pm. Sessions will run for 15 minutes per family. Come in to the library or call 269-3900 to sign up for a session. 


Game Night!

Like to play Minecraft, Mario Kart or Zelda? Come to the library on Friday, October 26th at 6:00pm for Game Night! You can play with our WiiU on our large screen, use a tablet to play Minecraft, or bring your own laptop or tablet to play along. Light refreshments will be served.


Please call the library (269-3900) or visit our website ( for more information about our programs or events. There is always something happening at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library! Library hours are; Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm, Thursday and Friday: 12pm-8pm, Saturday: 10am-1pm, Sunday and Monday: closed.



Pumpkin And Pine Church Fair  


Please save the date, Saturday, November 3, 2018, for the Annual Church Fair at The Congregational Church of North Barnstead from 9am -2pm.


Each year, our Church’s major fundraiser is a charming, old fashioned church fair featuring a Cafe, home made items, a Silent Auction, baked goods, gift items and treasures.   We will have Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese for sale this year from Cabot Farm in Vermont.


There will be items for sale from Ghana, Africa featuring their treasured handwoven batik fabric.  


Tables include: Children’s, Christmas, Jewelry, Made in NH and raffle items/baskets.


Some items in the School House Cafe include: chili, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, home made desserts, salads, soups, breakfast items and hot coffee.



Vehicle Burglarized In Locke Lake

Submitted By Ray O’Brien


I never ever thought that I would be writing this short note to you as a heads up....


This afternoon September 30th, Sunday, at 4:30 PM,  we were packing up to go back to Medford  when my wife opened the side door of the car for my son’s wheelchair, she saw my jacket and a bag of two or three small water bottles kept between the two front seats, thrown to the middle of the car where Raymond’s wheelchair goes behind the driver. They were not put there the night before when we arrived home Saturday the 29th at 8 PM, as the wheelchair always needs a clear path to go in and out of the car with nothing in its way.


This was very strange that everything was moved!  


After looking around my wife saw that a small, soft, navy blue and white bag that was also kept between the front seats was gone. In it was a case with all her CDs and my small mini Nikon binoculars, also in a small soft black case along with some loose change on the dash.


The bag was there when we parked the car at 8 PM Saturday night. So between Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM, someone went in our car.  Most likely our car was entered in the dark of night between Saturday night and Sunday morning, September 29th and 30th.  I have always left my car unlocked on Bradford Lane, thinking nobody would ever touch it...


So here is the bottom line, I learned my lesson to now lock my car and house all the time, no matter what, and get a security camera system installed. What worries me more is we have a thief that works in the dark of night on Bradford Lane. Never in my 42 years at Locke Lake has this ever happened to me...


So I thought I would just pass this on to you to Lock Your Cars and look around before walking around at night.


It has now been reported to the Barnstead Police deptartment and they will keep an eye on the area...


If anyone can help recover our goods and identify the person who took our belongings directly to the Barnstead NH police, I will offer a $500 reward to the person who steps forward to help us, when the person is arrested and prosecuted.  



Letter To The Editor

To The Editor


Although I have never been a “political junkie” (how my husband Bob termed himself), I have always been a strong supporter of human rights for all, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, or other identifying factors.  It has long been my view that it is what’s in a person’s heart that matters, rather than where they came from or who their parents were.  My beliefs are what lead me to support Ruth Larson for the NH House of Representatives in District 8 (Alton, Gilmanton, and Barnstead).


The area of LGBTQ rights is very important to me and has been an evolving one.  It has been and still is an experience for me, with me being the student and two of my three grandchildren being the teachers.  I have watched them being brave enough to be honest as to their identity.  One of the grandkids is a transgender male, and it has been a long journey for this young man.  Luckily my grandkids have very supportive families on all sides.  I know Ruth Larson supports my cause.


I have known Ruth Larson a long time and feel confident that if she is elected to the NH House, she will support LBGTQ rights and will work for acceptance of everyone facing these issues.  But it is not solely on this particular issue that I endorse her candidacy.  In my view Ruth is someone who will work hard for the betterment of all, fully supporting public education and the agencies, such as Community Action Program/Meals on Wheels, Planned Parenthood/prenatal care, and Belknap County Conservation District.  


For many reasons, I urge the voters of this district to elect Ruth Larson on November 6.


MaryBee Longabaugh

Alton Bay



Immigration 101


Immigration and immigration history and law in the US is complicated and the word alone can create strong opinions about the subject. The Congregational Church of North Barnstead, UCC (CCNB) will be offering an opportunity for you to understand the complexities of our immigration system and to have your questions answered.


Immigration 101 will be presented on Sunday, October 14 at 11:30 AM at the church, located at 504 North Barnstead Rd.  The program will cover a brief history of US immigration law, current law and policies, the role of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in NH, stories from NH, and how to stay informed on the issues.


The program is presented by the Granite State Organizing Project and the NH Alliance of Immigrants and Refugees. All are welcome to join us at 11:30 for this program. Worship services at CCNB are always at 10 AM. All ages are welcome!  For more information about this program or the church call 776-1820.



Letter To The Editor



Kathy Preston’s slogan is, “I Care.” She CARES about public education. She served multiple terms on the Barnstead School Board. She will work to make education funding more fair to towns and more adequate. She will protect public education from financial and other assaults. She has pledged to support higher education, especially the Community College system to ensure that NH has a qualified work force.


Kathy CARES about people. She feels that all people deserve respect no matter what their circumstances.  Hate is not tolerated. She will make sure that NH gets its fair share of funding for affordable health care for working people, families and the elderly. Kathy is compassionate, yet has common sense when it comes to funding.


Kathy Preston CARES about citizenship and democracy. She, perhaps, values her rights and privileges more than some of us, having lived under Hitler’s regime as a child.  Her right to vote is precious.


Kathy will truly represent all the citizens of Barnstead with civility and cooperation in the NH House of Representatives. 


If you CARE, too, VOTE for Kathy Preston on November 6th, 2018.


Thank you for your consideration,

Sandy Burt




Letter To The Editor


In regard to the metal roof bid:

In early summer, I made inquiries with Rick Duane in regard to the salvage of said metal roof, as the building was to be demolished by the town after ownership was transferred.


Another conversation took place with Karen Montgomery at Northway Bank in mid-summer. I was informed that I was no the first to inquire about the roof.


On September 24th, I spoke to Mr. Duane at his farm and was told that it was between myself and one other party as to the roof, and was asked if I was willing to pay for it. I was assured that there would be no bidding war. I gave a verbal bid to Mr. Duane on the spot and was told an answer would come in two weeks.


Here’s your answer - bidding war. No matter if it’s Washington, Concord, or small town, tell you one thing and do another. Used to be that your word was your bond.


Glenn Joslyn

Center Barnstead



Letter To The Editor


Alton, Barnstead & Gilmanton voters should re-elect State Representative Ray Howard on November 6.


I have worked closely with him over the past few years and found him to be highly principled, intelligent, and fiscally conservative, with a calm and pleasant demeanor.  He does not believe that there is any such thing as “free money,” whether it comes from the state or federal government- it is just a way of disguising spending of our tax dollars.


Our state motto is “Life Free or Die,” which was adapted from a victory toast by Revolutionary War hero General John Stark.  The full toast was “Live Free or Die- Death is not the worst of Evils.”  But one might ask what might be the worst of Evils?


The Worst of Evils is, in my view, ever-expanding state and federal governments, in which they week to intrude into every nook and cranny of our lives.  But our country was founded by diverse people seeking freedom from oppressive governments.  We are not serfs, beholden to the government for everything.


Government should be strictly limited, and should stay out of our bedrooms, out of our doctors’ offices, out of our social media and on line retailer accounts, out of our libraries, and generally should simply leave us alone!  That has been the greatness of America.  It’s called freedom.


Rep Howard’s opponent has never seen a tax and spend proposal she does not support.  Her agenda is so far left that I have often referred to her as the Lakes Region’s Hanoi Jane.  A vote for her is a vote for higher taxes and larger government, including more intrusions into the lives of our citizens.


Please support freedom and restoration of the New Hampshire Advantage by re-electing Rep Ray Howard.


Norman J. Silber

Member, New Hampshire House of Representatives

Belknap County District 2- Gilford & Meredith

Member of The Florida Bar & the New Hampshire Bar





Michelle (Labrecque) Jimmo 



Michelle (Labrecque) Jimmo, daughter of Albert R. and Pauline (Salice) Labrecque, passed away peacefully at the University of Vermont Medical Center on September 19, after a long illness. Her longtime partner Mike Trayah and some of her family were able to be with her. 


She was a very kind person and avid reader. She also enjoyed knitting, playing games on her tablet, watching classic TV shows like ‘the Nanny’ and tending her garden, of which she was very proud. She also loved animals especially her cat Cuddles and her hamsters Maxine and Susie. 


Along with her parents, she was predeceased by her brothers Dennis Labrecque and Michael Labrecque. 


Survivors include her brothers: Paul Labrecque, Webster NH, and Donald Labrecque, Mashpee, MA; and her sisters: Carol Drew, Paula Huggins and Ann Philbrick of Ctr. Barnstead, NH, Donna Riley, Scottsdale AZ, Diane Doner Salice, Concord NH, Cheryl Salice, Wilson NC, Cindy Labrecque, Cook MN, and many extended family members. 


A graveside ceremony will be held for both Michelle and her late brother Michael at Riverview Cemetery in Barnstead N.H., on Oct. 20, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. All family and friends are welcome to attend. A remembrance gathering will immediately follow at Gene and Ann Philbrick’s home at 273 Shackford Corner Road, Ctr. Barnstead NH. 


In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the University of Vermont Medical Center Foundation- Renal Dialysis Education Fund, Courtyard at Given 3N, 111 Colchester Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401.













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