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March 7, 2018




Candidate for 3 year term on Barnstead School Board, Eliza Drolet


My name is Eliza Drolet and I have been a resident of Barnstead since 2006.  In 2006 my husband and I built our forever home and we have since been blessed with three wonderful children all of whom currently attend Barnstead Elementary School.  Our daughter is in third grade and we have sons in first grade and kindergarten. 


In addition to being a full-time mother of three, I am entering my 16th year of my career with Hannaford Supermarkets. While at Hannaford I have held numerous roles including Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager and my current role of Associate Relations Specialist where I provide human resource support to 38 different locations throughout NH, ME and VT.  


I believe I would be the ideal candidate for the school board position as I have a vested interest in the Barnstead community and the children of our school.  As a graduate of Bentley College, I understand the importance of a quality education and want to ensure that all of our children are being provided with a solid educational base that will allow them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.  My professional experience as a leader and human resource specialist will serve me well on the board as I am capable of making thoughtful, informed decisions that will consider all variables. 


In reading this I hope you were able to learn something about me as a candidate and would consider voting for me on March 13th.



Eliza Drolet



Oscar Foss Memorial Library News



OFML STEM Squad meets monthly to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in fun and creative ways. OFML STEM Squad (ages 12-16) meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at 3pm, with the next meeting occurring on March 8th. OFML STEM Squad Jr. (ages 8-11) meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3pm, with the next meeting occurring on March 7th. 


Family Movie Night!

Join us at the library on Friday, March 9th at 6pm for a free night at the movies! We will be showing “Wonder” (PG) and providing popcorn. Pajamas and cuddling items are always welcome.


Teen Netflix Binge!

Teens, come to the library on March 15th at 6pm for a Netflix binge! You can wear your pj’s and bring your favorite blanket and pillow to relax while you watch. Attendees will be voting on what they want to watch and pizza will be provided. This is a teen only event. Programs will be geared to ages 13 and up.


Read It & Eat- Saturday Book Brunch!

Join us at the library on March 17th from 10:30am to 12:30pm for our first Saturday Book Brunch! Come see what books are new at the library and give recommendations for some of your favorites. Refreshments will be served.


Please call the library (269-3900) or visit our website ( for more information about our programs or events. There is always something happening at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library! Library hours are; Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm, Thursday and Friday: 12pm-8pm, Saturday: 10am-1pm, Sunday and Monday: closed.



Letter To The Editor


My name is Kevin Genest.  I am running for school board, three year term. I was born in New Hampshire, and lived in Pittsfield for 45 years, and Barnstead the last 11 years. I also worked at the Barnstead Elementary School for 5˝ years, from 2005 thru 2011. I know the school inside and out. I will do the best job I can, if you vote for me!  I am not dishonest nor corrupt.  As a school board member I will not tell you who to vote for in an election when I am not running for office, as in my opinion that is dishonest and corrupt!


The results of what happened last year was that one elected person to school board promptly quit, making a mockery of our election process; and she never apologized to you, the voters!  It also shows that the present school board has very poor judgement in people they ask you to vote for! 


If you vote for me, I will not do such a thing; and I will work for and answer to you the voters!   


I also will not sit in classrooms and critique teachers during school hours!


I am conservative, and will do my best to keep costs down. I believe we can control costs and still ensure the kids get the education they deserve.  I know I can make a difference being on the school board.  I ask for your vote on March 13th!  Thank you!


Kevin Genest





My name is Paul Rogers, I am asking for your vote as selectman. I was raised in Pittsfield, the youngest of 8 boys. Growing up I have seen many changes. I graduated from Pittsfield Middle High School.


In 1992 I bought out Vauline’s Beauty Nook and remodeled it to clean up Depot St. area. Finally moving my salon to a few Main St. locations where I am today. In 1996 I opened Moo-Veez Galore to serve the community and finally closed in 2012 when streaming services took over.


While doing this, I went into real estate as well as maintaining two businesses and none have ever suffered by not having my attention.


February 2010 my partner and I opened Jitters Café of Pittsfield, also located on Main St. Everybody showed great support and it was very appreciated. We sold the café September 15, 2016 and opened Flowers For All Seasons in Epsom, NH.


Four years ago I moved to Barnstead and recently purchased my home here. I am eager to work on issues with our roads and taxes with the current board to make our town a more affordable place to live and raise a family. I am not afraid of hard work to get things going, as well as being dedicated to whatever I put my mind and energy to. I am asking you to: PLEASE VOTE FOR PAUL ROGERS as your selectman. I will work hard for the community and especially the taxpayer.


Please make it out to VOTE on March 13th; your vote is needed.



See you at the polls.

Paul Rogers



Letter To The Editor


Hello!  My name is Phyllis Buatti.  I am running for School Board in Barnstead, two year term. 


I moved to Barnstead in 1977, so I have been a Barnstead resident here for 41 years.  I graduated from Cosmetology College in 1961.


If I am elected, I will support the children, especially the handicapped students, for they can be productive citizens if given the proper opportunities and guidance.  I will also try to control spending so that the many senior citizens in Barnstead will not have to be in fear of losing their homes because of high property taxes they are struggling to pay!


I have run my own business since 1962 and I believe in Honesty and Integrity.  This is what the present board is lacking and we need some new ideas and commitments to improve things.  I ask for your vote on March 13th.  Thank you!













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