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February 2, 2011


The Chichester Town Library is hosting an exhibit of pottery by a new town resident, Andy Hampton.  Andy and his wife have been potters for more than 30 years and moved to Chichester in October 2009.  His work consists of sculptural and functional pieces.  He works in porcelain and stoneware and is inspired by Japanese pottery.

The exhibit will be the entire month of February.  We will have an opening reception on Saturday morning, February 5th from 9 to noon.  We hope you will drop in, enjoy the show and welcome your new neighbor to Chichester.

The CYA will be hosting their 3rd Annual Parents and Friends Night at the Concord/Epsom Elks on Feb. 12th from 7-11:30 pm.  Entertainment will feature local favorite “MAMA KICKS”.  Cost is $20 each, which includes light appetizers, dancing, door prizes, and a great night out with friends.  All proceeds go to the CYA who continue to offer great programs for the kids in Chichester.  For tickets or info please call Todd Hammond 798-3922 or Tammy Montambeault 798-3806.  This event has sold out in past years, so call soon to get tickets.

The Chichester Ski and Ride Program at Pat’s Peak will begin on Friday, Feb. 18th, and will offer (5) sessions.  There will be no session the week of Feb. 28-March 4th.  Again this year there will be buses, leaving CCS on Friday afternoons. Registration forms are available for pick-up at CCS, or you can visit to register there as well.  Feel free to contact Lou Barker at with any questions or if you can volunteer to help.  See you on the slopes!

Chichester Grange will meet on Wednesday, February 2, at 7 p.m. upstairs in the Grange Hall.

Happy Birthday on February 5 to Darlene Cavanaugh and Brian Cavanaugh and on February 8 to Cheryl Difronzo.

Be sure to set aside some dates at the beginning of March for participating in Town government. The Chichester School District Meeting will be Saturday, March 5, town voting will be on Tuesday, March 8, and Town Meeting will be Saturday, March 12.

The following titles have been recently added to the Youth section at the Chichester Town Library: I So Don’t Do Spooky by Barrie Summy, Piper Reed, The Great Gypsy by Kimberly Willis Holt, Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Roderick Rules by Jeff Kinney, World War II – Fighting for Freedom by Peter Crisp, Bound for America – The Forced Migration of Africans to the New World by James Haskins, Lego Star Wards – The Visual Dictionary, You Can Create a Killer Science Fair Project by Kris Hirshmann, Star Wars, The Clone Wars – Character Encyclopedia, and Star Wars – Stories of Jedi and Sith.

Pittsfield Senior Center will be participating in a back yard winter bird survey, February 7-13.  Would you like to spend an hour or two on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th observing birds from your own home?  Come to the Senior Center to pick up the NH Audubon survey materials to help you enjoy this great winter pastime.

On Tuesday, February 8th, from 10 am to 1:00 pm, the Center will be offering free volunteer income tax preparation assistance.  Call 435-8482 for an appointment.


Chichester Historical Society
Beware the Gypsies
by Walter Sanborn

I intended to start this article about the oldest public building in Chichester, but after receiving a response from my last story, I feel it is interesting enough to share with you readers.

As you may recall, my last article was about Tramps, Hobos and Gypsies.  In concluding I asked does anyone remember the Gypsies?  Well, I received a letter from Barbara Preve who now lives on a farm with her husband Alfred Preve in upper New York State.  This is certainly a long way for the Suncook Valley Sun to travel.

As some of you may recall, Alfred and Barbara Preve owned a farm on the Goboro Road in Epsom and owned the Riverview Campground now known as Lazy River Campground on the Suncook River at the Chichester and Epsom town line.

Barbara states in her letter that when they owned the campground they rented out a site to some Gypsies to be nice to them and not discriminate them from other campers.  They didn’t know it at the time, but the Gypsies stole Roger’s chickens from his barn.

Roger, their son, went down back to check things out and the Gypsies were sitting around their campfire and a 90 year old woman, who was their leader, was swinging the chicken around the neck to kill it. These chickens were Roger’s pride and joy.

Alfred went down to the campsite and told the Gypsies they had one hour to leave and not come back.  When they left, they also took all the campsite supplies of paper towels and toilet paper for the campground.  They also stole a ladder and large coil of heavy rope.

Barbara also states in her letter that John Varney who owned the Chichester Country Store at the time also had a bad time with the Gypsies stealing from his store.

Several of the Gypsies would enter his store and while one or two would keep him talking others were stealing groceries off his shelves.

Barbara Preve is Jim Towle’s sister and Edgar Towle was their father.  As you may remember Towle’s Market on Concord Heights was their store for many years. 

Barbara mentions that the next year she was working at the store when she saw a long line of Gypsies going by the store so she called Alfred at the campground to warn him and he got the State Police to make sure they did not go to the campground again.

At this same time, there was an I.G.A. grocery store at the bottom of the Gully Hill Road in Concord where Rocky’s Hardware store is today.  Several of the Gypsies would go into the store and get the manager to look for whatever groceries they couldn’t find on the shelves.  While he was out back looking for the groceries, 2 or 3 of the Gypsies would steal money from the cash registers up front.

Maybe some of you readers have similar experiences with the Gypsies you can relate to.



Congratulations Emily !!!  Emily Pike of Chichester is shown with her championship trophy and ribbon she received  at the Granite State Draft Horse and Pony Association annual awards banquet. Emily competed as a junior competitor in 2010 showing in the working draft horse obstacle classes held at the various fairs around the state. Emily showed a team of mules named Sally and Molly weighing 1500 pounds each. Emily has been competing for 4 years, is a student at Pembroke Academy and volunteers at the Field of Dreams Therapeutic Riding Program in Chichester.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News
Submitted By Carol Hendee

People have asked why we cannot accept cribs and certain child car seats.  It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.  We receive notices from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and drop-side cribs are on the list.  At first, it was just a few brands, and now it’s all cribs with drop sides.

Car seats over 5 years old cannot be resold as the plastic breaks down.  However, if your child is out of the baby stage and you want to donate other baby equipment, we always have requests for strollers (even umbrella) bouncy seats, swings, and gates.

Also, always needed are baby onesies, 0-3 months, crib sheets, new baby books and toys for the baby gift bags sent home with new mothers, buttons for baby sweater sets and quilt batting for baby quilts.

We also need volunteers to sew baby blankets and knit or crochet items.  Please stop by at 345 Suncook Valley Hwy, Chichester or call 435-9339.  Please remember, we are a “cash only” store.



Safety first!

The slaughter of innocents in Arizona is a very sad reminder people do exist who would purposely hurt others. Sometimes their actions may be caused by mental illness. Sometimes their twisted beliefs are spurred on by the hateful messages we receive daily via television and radio.

We all, residents and the various governmental representatives alike, need to be able to feel safe in expressing our opinions. More and more often messages of hate fill our hearts and minds. Even in recent local elections, some voiced their so-called “rage and anger”. This sort of negative talk is in no way helpful. It only serves to promote feelings of helplessness and unhappiness.

Even in beautiful rural New Hampshire some may now feel uncomfortable at expressing their opinions because of fears of reprisal. This is an unacceptable state of affairs. At the very least, those who represent us and work for us at the Statehouse, as well as the many visitors, lobbyists and those who attend hearings to speak  for or against a bill, should feel safe as they go about the business of the state.

Those who over-turned the ban on weapons on Statehouse property acted too quickly without considering the possible consequences of their actions. Of course, officials such as the guards and police should have weapons should they be needed to protect innocent individuals, but no other guns should be allowed. The ban was instituted for good reason and should be put in place once more.

Linda Rauter
Chichester, N.H.




4th Grade
High Honors
Angelo Besho, Alysse Cleasby, Jack Lucier, Sarah Miner, Levi Putman.


Jacquelyn Arell, Eric Chapman, Matthew Flanders, David Langton, Jack Lehoullier, Madison McCormack, Sean Menard, Tim Pitman, Brianna Randall, Nolan Sykes, Samantha Weir .


5th Grade
High Honors
Elizabeth  Jewett, Joseph Edmonds, Kyle Mitchell, Jared Murray, Justin Smith, Tyler Smith,  Delanie St. Laurent, Julia Valotto, Kelly Wagner.


Cassandra Bonacorsi, Maddie Boyer, Domenic Castaldi, Steven Cavanaugh, Tarah Gelinas, Kyle Harrison, Cole Hapgood, Luke Jameson, Danielle McNulty, Vickey Mudgett, Jaden Russell, Caleb Stock, BettyJane Weir.


6th Grade
High Honors
Jeremy Bates, Killian Drouse, Alise Friel, Meghan Hubbard, Ryley Marston, Emma York.


Kennis Barker, Lexie Biron, Patrick Cavanaugh, Kyle Frisbie, David Hammond, TJ Hubbard, Colby Justin, Ciara Labbe, Corey Lavery, Kendra Letendre, Macie Miller, Owen Moyer, Julia Nadeau, Hunter Preve, Damien Wells.


7th Grade
High Honors
Alyssa Bras, Sarah Harkness, Angus Jameson, Kyle Menard, Josiah Putman.


Allison Bachelder, Emanuil Besho, Jonah Bras, Nick Eastman, Abigail McIntosh, Matthew Morey, Taylor Moyer, Trever Russell, Heidi Sykes.


8th Grade
High Honors
Lyla Boyajian, Emma Donzello-Jewett, Sarah Hubbard, Raymond Jenks.


Ashley Chapman, Fiona Mara, Brendan Murray, John Sanborn, Grace Sargent, Kasey Williams.












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