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January 28, 2009


Kicking Off The New Year In Style

Epsom Public Library is pleased to present a special exhibit of miniature furniture hand-crafted by Ralph VanHorn of Pittsfield. Representing a variety of 18th century styles, including Early American Primitive, Hepplewhite, Chippendale and Adam, the furniture is designed on a scale of ½ inch to a foot. Crafted mostly of basswood, the pieces are stained to reflect the types of wood used in full-scale furniture of the times. Exquisitely detailed, down to each tiny drawer pull and hinge, the pieces are further enhanced by Mr. VanHorn’s collection of limited-production miniature Oriental rugs created by Pittsfield Weaving Company.

This delightful exhibit will be on display through March 14, and may be viewed during regular library hours: Monday -  Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.  For further information, call 736-9920.



Another Day In The Life Of A Road Agent…

I get a call from a new resident; from a state south of here complaining that the wing truck puts a lot more snow in his driveway than his neighbor’s.

I told him I would check it out. What I found was that like most of us without thinking of why we do it, we put the snow on the right hand side of our driveways coming out. The plow carries the snow down the ditch line not leaving it in our driveways so we can see when we pull out, which helps both us and the plowman.

Your Road Agent,
Gordon Ellis
Town of Epsom



Epsom Youth Athletic Association Update

Our next monthly meeting will be held in the large conference room at the new Epsom Public Library. The meeting will commence Wednesday January 28th at 7:00pm. We are looking for a motivated individual to take on the duties of General Commissioner. This  position  is a 2 year term. The General Commissioner will oversee inventory, equipment purchases, uniforms, trophies, etc. He/She will also be a key player in developing and maintaining a sponsorship program as well as performing duties of Sports Commissioners in their absence. If you are interested in this position, please attend our next meeting. If unable to attend, please contact Layne Thomas. Visit our website ( www.leaguelineup.com/EYAA ) for spring sports information and other news. We are already gearing up for the sports season of Tee Ball, Farm Ball, Girls Softball (Rookies, Minors & Majors) and Cal Ripken Baseball (Minors & Majors). Spring sports registration will take place very soon. Registration dates and location will be posted on our website.



Lewis-Davis Engagement

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lewis of Epsom, New Hampshire announce the engagement of their son, Keith, to Dawn Davis, daughter of Pastor and Mrs. William Davis of Heidelberg, Germany.
Miss Davis graduated from Bob Jones University in South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and will graduate in May with a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling.
Mr. Lewis graduated from Trinity Christian School in Concord, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and Master of Arts Degree in Bible from Bob Jones University. He is currently on the pastoral staff at Tri-City Baptist Church in Independence, Missouri, and working toward a Master of Divinity Degree in Bible.
A May 15th wedding is planned.



Moose Jr.

by Meggin Dail
I believe....

I believe that all of those unfinished thoughts in our thirties come back to us in our eighties but, unfortunately, sound like gibberish then. I believe there is always someone having a worse day than I. I believe in fairies; they move my keys and steal socks but they also put extra change in my pocket and fluff my pillows in the middle of the night. I believe in karma and being nice gets you nice things. I believe iced coffee is the only way to start the day. I believe in bringing back the elbow length glove, especially in children’s winter wear, so that it never comes untucked from the sleeve of the coat. I believe the best friends are those who you can pick up with right were you left off, no matter how long it’s been. I believe in reading to supplement our sometimes quite ordinary lives and to quiet otherwise busy ones. I believe in not ever feeling guilty about saying no. I believe those who can and do sew and knit are miracle workers. I believe squirrels and Jays have just as much right to the bird feeder. I believe in buying Girl Scout cookies no matter what kind of diet you’re on. I believe in keeping my friends close and letting them help me keep the enemies at bay. I believe doing laundry is therapeutic. I believe there is no saying no to a request to snuggle. I believe toenails should be painted, even in the winter. I believe shopping is an art form. I believe in being blunt but tactful. I believe in ice in my drinks. I believe vanity plates make driving fun. I believe there is an upside to everything. And I believe three-year-old Carson when he tells me the salt-and-pepper truck just went by.




Les Cash I would like to thank you for your comments on the SB2. The idea to repeal SB2 of come about after last year’s town election. Certain Selectman were very upset that the vote did not go the way they were hoping and due to this they thought that the town voters did not really understand what they were voting for. That is where getting rid of the current system came about. I have faith in the town voters. I have faith that when we vote we know what we are voting for. I think we all realize that our decisions in the voting booth are not always easy. Our votes have an impact on our own personal finances as well as the needs of the wonderful town in which we live.

I have faith in our current system. And I have faith in our town residents. And I want my vote to continue to count in the voting booth.

Joy Tyrrell
Epsom voter




Once again, proponents of SB2 are trying to scare residents into thinking they will be denied a secret vote if the Town of Epsom votes to rescind SB2. Do not be fooled! You have the right during Town Meeting (and Deliberative Session for that matter) to request a secret ballot vote.

In these dire economic times, do we want to be cutting back on core services, such as POLICE? Fact: Poor economy leads to higher crime. Is this what we want? That is what will happen if we don’t pass a budget this year. SB2 has allowed a majority of uninformed voters to vote down a budget for the past four years based on the bottom line. This majority has put us in a quandary with roads, police, fire, and other departments to a somewhat lesser degree. It has caused fully trained (at our expense!) police officers to leave Town employment for other jobs. According to the Police Chief, it costs us over $35,000 to train a new police officer. Because we can’t afford to pay enough to hire people who have already been trained, we spend the money, and time, and effort, to hire people off the street. Then, when they are trained and realize they could make more money in the next town over, they leave. And who can blame them? Then we start all over again with another person and another $35,000 down the toilet!
Please vote to rescind SB2 in March. Doing so will bring some sense of sanity back to our budget and get us back on track.

Joanne Randall



Epsom Police Notes

The following is a summary of calls made by the Epsom Police Department for January 5-18, 2009. It is compiled from information provided by the Department.

Complaints Included : Animal, 3; Suspicious Activity, 3; Motor Vehicle, 5; Civil, 9; Juvenile, 2; Parking, 1.

Assists Included: Fire Department, 2; Disabled Motorist, 3; Rescue Squad, 6; Agency With Service Of Paperwork, 2; Agency With Investigation, 2; Agency With Well Being Check, 1; Other PDs, 2.

Responses Included: Suspicious Activity, 2; Accidents, 6; Alarm Activations, 5; Accident With Deer, 1; Unwanted Person, 1.

Checks Included: Suspicious Activity, 1; Suspicious Vehicles, 2.

Reports Included: Phone Harassment, 2; Theft  Of Money, 1.

An Intoxicated Person was taken into Protective Custody and transported to MC House of Corrections.



A Great Thing Happened On The Way To An Ice Rink

Lion Betty Thompson, Eagle Scout Mike Verville, Lions Jim Falzone,

Denise Nadeau, Dave Joslyn, and Bruce Reynolds serving breakfast.

On January 17th, the Epsom-Chichester Lions Club held a breakfast at the Legion Hall in Epsom on a “Yankee testing” below zero morning. The plan was to have the Lions do all the work for the event: shopping, set-up, cooking, serving, and cleaning up afterward.

The purpose of the breakfast was to raise funds to help the Epsom Boy Scout Troop build an Ice Rink in Webster Park for the use of the community. This Lions Club has as one of its missions, service to youth in the communities of Epsom and Chichester. It was a wonderful opportunity to achieve that goal.

There was an agreement made with Gary Perry, the Scoutmaster, for the boys to set up the tables and chairs. Except, in addition, they put tablecloths on them, decorated, and put placemats and cutlery at each seat.

In the morning the Boy Scouts appeared, one by one, and in little groups. The morning started slow but by 8:30am more customers entered. Many were young families with children of all ages. There were more Boy Scouts in their uniforms showing up with their families and friends.

Before we knew it, they were serving the food to the guests and functioning as waiters, replacing cutlery and placemats. We closed the doors at 10am, ready to clean up; but the Lions only had to clean the kitchen!

The Boy Scouts thoroughly cleaned the rest of the facilities! What a fine group of young men. It is heartwarming to know that the majority of our young citizens are responsible and hard-working. The Epsom Boy Scout Troop is a credit to their community and their world.

And, by the way, we managed to raise $1065 for the Ice Rink thanks to our guests and the 16 local merchants who bought our placemat ads to fund the food and supply purchases. Loads of thanks to all!




Charles and Ruth Bachelder of Epsom announce the engagement of their daughter Sarah to John Kostrzewski son of John and Rosemary Kostrzewski of Pittsfield. Bachelder is a graduate of Pembroke Academy and earned a bachelor’s degree from Plymouth State University. She is a 5th grade teacher at Epsom Central School. Kostrzewski is a graduate of Bishop Brady High School and earned a associate’s degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He works for Allstate Septic Systems of Bangor PA as a division manager.  An August wedding is planned.




Marjorie Yeaton

Epsom -
Marjorie (Fowler) Yeaton, 85, of Epsom, passed away Tuesday, January 20, 2009, at Pleasant View Health Care Center in Concord surrounded by her family.

Born in Concord, Marjorie was the daughter of Warren and Gladys (Rose) Fowler and had lived most of her life in Epsom.

She was a graduate of Pembroke Academy and Concord Business College and later worked as a bookkeeper for Agway Petroleum in Epsom. Marjorie enjoyed traveling and especially her trips to York Beach and the Nubble.

She was the widow of Theodore Yeaton who died in 1988, and is survived by 3 sons, Steve Yeaton and his wife Audrey of York, ME, Larry Yeaton and his wife Mary of Epsom, and Mickey Yeaton, also of Epsom; 2 daughters, Susan Bailey of Boscawen and Jane Virgin and her husband Bill of Epsom; 9 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; a brother, Dick Fowler of Epsom; a sister, Geraldine Saturley and her husband Howard of Concord; and nieces and nephews.

Services were held Sunday, January 25, 2009,  at  at the New Rye Union Congregational Church in Epsom.

Spring burial will be in the New Rye Cemetery.

Memorial donations may be made to CRVNA, Home Healthcare Program, PO Box 1797, Concord, NH 03302-1797.

Family and friends may sign an on-line guestbook by visiting petitfuneralhome.com.












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