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June 24, 2009


Congratulations to Kayla Reeves of Epsom, daughter of Debbie Reeves of Epsom who was named on the Dean’s list for the spring semester at Keene State College. Kayla will be continuing her education at Keene State in the fall as a sophomore. She is majoring in early childhood education.

Epsom Old Home Day August 8

Come out and show your town spirit by participating in this year’s Parade to kick off Epsom Old Home Day 2009!

We’ve got a spot for everyone: a section for groups marching, children’s bicycles, a doll & carriage division, commercial vehicles, tractors, classic and antique cars. Talk with your organization and put together a float that follows this year’s “Summer Carnival” theme! Here’s an easy way to advertise your business or bring attention to your organization! For more information & pre-registration, call Scott at 736-9735 or e-mail @ fmtw61@hotmail.com.

“Smoke Free Me” a tobacco cessation program is being offered to area residents this July. Participants will learn about which products really help to reduce cravings and how to use them for the best effect. They will receive the information and support that will help them to gain freedom from all types of tobacco dependence. The group will meet on three consecutive Tuesdays evenings beginning July 7th from 6:30-7:30pm at the Epsom Public Library on Rte. 4 in Epsom. There is no cost to attend. “Smoke Free Me” is a Concord Hospital Center for Health Promotion Program. Please call the Center for Health Promotion for information and registration : 230-7300.


Epsom/Chichester Lions Present Melvin Jones Fellowship



On May 2, 2009 the Epsom/Chichester Lions was pleased and proud to present Joanne Locke of Barnstead with a Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.  It is the highest form of recognition conferred by Lions Clubs International.

In Joanne’s 9 years of Lions membership, she has lived a life of service to others and exemplifies the motto of Lions, “We Serve”. Whenever a need arises, she is there with enthusiasm to lend her energy. It is a joy to be in this Lion’s company when working on any project to benefit the community and the club. Her administrative skills have made a big difference in providing an opportunity for the NH Lions Multiple District to raise funds for their clubs. Hours have been spent by this Lion interacting with Lions in the state to present a unique opportunity to use their energy, in turn, for the good of their local communities. A member of many committees as well as a secretary to the club more than once has kept this Lion busy “making a difference”. She has inspired her granddaughter to follow in her footsteps and be part of the Lions Club as well.

Joanne worked tirelessly after the July 2009 tornado, contacting victims and their families in her town. When a grant was awarded to the district, she coordinated the club’s efforts to distribute funds to the victims. Even though it was a holiday weekend, she gave up her precious free time. In addition, she makes the greatest crepes and pancakes for the club’s community breakfasts and when the occasion arises, she lends her voice in perfect pitch to lead us in joyous song.



40 unit Epsom Housing Development has NOT gone away!

Dear Suncook Valley Residents,
The specter of a new Housing Development for Epsom is still with us!

Despite general opposition by Epsom residents expressed to the planning board, and to the Nashua developer… the project conceived for Goboro and Depot roads has NOT gone away!

Drawings, specifications, and promises have been revised and “Re-Revised” by the developer and his hired guns… but those issues that are so troubling about the project are still there!

Growth is NOT always a good thing! Improvements to roads, provision of town services, and projected children added to the Epsom school system will cost the town far more than it will gain from additional taxes. The National Center for Health Statistics reports the average number of children in the USA per household has increased to 2.1. Approximately 40 new cluster houses will project 80 more adults, and probably 80 new children. It’s been stated that the cost to educate a child is approx. $10 K per year. Taxes on one new house might be $5,000 to $6,000. Add in road improvement costs, and town services. Let’s do the math!

This proposal has been flawed from the beginning. It’s bad for those living on Goboro and Depot roads… bad for that part of town… and bad for the town of Epsom. It would create more traffic, more headaches, and higher taxes for all, while lowering area property values, and lowering Epsom appeal. New Hampshire is being transformed into “Massachusetts”. Let’s not be a part of it!

The next meeting of the Epsom Planning board for further discussion will be at the town offices Wednesday July 8 at 7 PM.

Roger Bennett




To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, & Pittsfield:
This week in the State House we dealt with differences between the House and Senate versions of bills, accepting 20, rejecting 2, and creating 34 committees of conference to work out the differences. The decisions to reject the Senate amendment and let the bill die were on HB 335, where the Senate added two retired state employees to a commission studying retiree health plans; and HB 429, on hard cider – except that the amendment was a major overhaul of the state Liquor Commission that the House had rejected once already!

Most of the amendments had very little debate. HB 330, on insurance regulations, had extensive questions on the expansion of dependent coverage to married children: that turned out to not be included, but it took some trouble to confirm. HB 655, on keeping active judges past the age of 70, was approved on a roll call vote, 209-148, despite the fact that the New Hampshire Constitution Part 2, Article 78, states “No person shall hold the office of judge of any court, or judge of probate, or sheriff of any county, after he has attained the age of seventy years.” That’s clear enough for me, but the other three representatives from this district voted for the bill.

The committees of conference on the budget are hard at work. Unfortunately, it seems that the greatest effort is in deciding what taxes to raise! The Senate budget eliminated the capital gains, gambling, gas, and estate taxes in the House version while adding increased business taxes, many large fee increases, more tobacco tax increases, a new tax on refinancing real estate, and, of course, gambling. We will be voting on all the bills with committees of conference on June 24th.

Anyone interested in what is going on in the State House is invited to email or call me.
Representative Carol McGuire




Taking Action Alongside First Responders

Emergency responders and military put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve. Responding to a crisis is how they serve their local area and nation. At Get Fit NH Bootcamp we want to say “Thank-You!”

According to the International Firechiefs Association <http://www.iafc.org/displayindustryarticle.cfm?articlenbr=39198> * there are 5 areas to help first responders stay fit and healthy.

Don’t smoke or use tobacco products – Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and death in the United States. First responders need to call upon their bodies to help them help others. Lung capacity with an ability to call upon use of rapid physical force and severe bouts of anaerobic work (lifting/carrying/firefighting) is a must in a crisis. Diminished work capacity makes you a risk not only to yourself, but to your crew as well. Stop using tobacco products—period!

Get active – Don’t start an exercise program that you will give up on in the second week. Fitness should not be a trend but a lifestyle. Get Fit NH Bootcamp is designed to help you take control of your health!

Eat a heart-healthy diet –No more fast food drive-through! Out of a box or can ‘easy to fix’ meals are not the healthiest for our bodies. Making choices that keep our bodies healthy on the inside will make a difference on how our body responds, looks, and feels.

Maintain a healthy weight – Body weight is largely determined by the mathematical equation of calories burned verses calories consumed. Being overweight can become a matter of life and death. The career path we’ve chosen would lead others to believe we won’t be the ones needing help.

Get annual medical and fitness evaluations – Having regular evaluations is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. As the saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Get Fit NH Bootcamp in Epsom and Concord is committed to the physical preparation of the men and women that protect our communities. We put our money where our mouth is by offering significant discounts for our services to first responders and their families. Please call us at 603-344-2651 for details.

*Sources: http://www.iafc.org/displayindustryarticle.cfm?articlenbr=39198



Monday With Madison

How do contemporary political decisions line up with the Constitution? What does the Constitution have to say about such things as government bail-outs, education, national health care and other topics? How would James Madison explain America’s founding document in light of current trends? The National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies will be hosting a ‘Monday with Madison’ on June 29 at the Epsom Public Library. The discussion begins at 7 PM. There is no charge and all are welcome. Contact Lee Button for more information 736-9621. lbutton@nhccs.org.



Reflections of Dr. Meehan, My Vet

Submitted by Veronica Specyalski
We stand in Bennett’s at 5:00 PM in the solitude with Dr. Meehan and his memories, pictures and flowers and  I wished I could run  into him again at the Epsom Post Office.
The call s I made to him in the years ran through my head like water...

“Dr. Meehan it’s an emergency - my goat is so bloated it looks like he swallowed a beach ball;
“my quarterhorse is colliking, please come!
“my quarthorse died; my husband requested an autopsy.
“my cow has milk fever, I need a bottle of Dextrose and calcium.
“I need another bottle.
“she tried getting up and pulled all her right side shoulder muscles.
“my beef cow can’t seem to have her calf, please come.
“while you’re here, my pitbull needs a rabies shot. Just throw his ball and when he brings it back, give him the shot (and Dr. Meehan did and all went according to plan).
“I’ll pay for shots for as many cats as you can catch (he caught five).
“please come, my bull’s b-lls didn’t fall off after banded and now they’re as hard as a rock.
“I need free advice on animal troubles.
“did you read Herriott’s book I gave you yet?
“I’ll pick up the pills or shots at your house, I know you’re awfully busy...
“What will we small farmers ever do without you?
“I guess we’ll see.”



Epsom Police Notes

The following is a summary of calls made by the Epsom Police Department for June 1-15, 2009. It is compiled from information provided by the Department.

Assists Included: Agency With Investigation,  3; Rescue Squad, 4; Agency With Service Of Paperwork, 5; Other PDs, 2; Fire Dept., 2; Agency With Arrests, 2;gency with Well Being Check, 2, with Disabled Vehicle, 3.

Complaints Included: Suspicious Activity, 4; Civil, 7; Motor Vehicle, 7; Animal, 5; Suspicious Subject, 2; Noise, 4; Suspicious Vehicle, 1; Juvenile, 2.

Reports Included: Criminal Mischief, 1;Harassing Phone Calls, 1; Intoxicated Subject into Protective Custody, 1.

Responses Included: Accidents, 3; Alarm Activations, 2; Domestic, 3; Untimely Death, 1.

Checks Included: Suspicious Subjects, 1; Road Hazard, 1; Suspicious Activity at Business, 2; Suspicious Activity at Residence, 2.


Ongoing Investigations, Sexual Assault, 1.

There were 4 Arrests.




Laconia Harley Davidson shame on you

As a local motorcycle rider my friends and I visit Laconia Bike Week every year. Part of the ritual we look forward to is buying a raffle ticket to win a Harley Davidson from the NH Special Olympics people at “Heritage” Harley Davidson in Meredith. So we were surprised to see that the usual booth was not set up. I asked around and found out that the new management of “Laconia Harley” had turned them away. The New Hampshire Special Olympics and “Heritage” Harley had a relationship for many years. The Owners of “Heritage” Harley allowed the NH Special Olympics to set up a booth to sell raffle tickets for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle during Bike Week. The same was planned for this year. The Special Olympics had worked out a deal with a representative of “Laconia” Harley only to be turned away on the day they were supposed to set up by the General Manager of “Laconia” Harley. The representative Special Olympics worked with was discharged and the management team at Laconia Harley would not honor the agreement. No prior notice was given to Special Olympics so the bike was there, the volunteers were there, and the new owners of “Laconia” Harley said no and turned them away. The General Manager said that they had promised exclusive rights to another charity to sell Harley tickets on their lot. So the NH Special Olympics crew was literally turned out in the rain with no place to go and sell their tickets. Shame on you Laconia Harley Davidson it could have been handled better. I for one will not support your events or shop at your dealership any longer. I guess that’s the difference between a Mom and Pop ownership and a corporation with no community ties.

Micheal Dempsey












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