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July 6, 2011


4th Annual Vacation Bible School at Epsom Bible Church on July 11-15 from 8:45-12:00. Kids going into 1st grade through 6th grade come join us for games, crafts, music, food, Bible stories, prizes and fun.

Ryan Wessels, son of Wilfred Wessels and Susan Wessels of Epsom, NH, was named to the Dean’s List at Ithaca College’s School of Health Sciences and Human Performance for the spring 2011 semester.

To qualify for this academic honor, students must attain a minimum grade point average of 3.5 and complete a minimum of 15 credit hours, of which at least 12 are graded. A grade of D or F or an incomplete in a course automatically disqualifies a student from the dean’s list, regardless of the overall GPA attained that semester.

Elwood O. Wells, Post 112 and Unit 112 of the American Legion will meet at the Post in Short Falls on Monday, July 13th at 7:00 pm.


Five Webelos Cub Scouts from Pack 85 in Chichester bridged over to join Boy Scout Troop 30 from Loudon on Thursday, June 23rd. Pack 85 would like to congratulate these boys on their hard work and accomplishments over the past five years and wish them continued success in scouting and beyond! Special thanks to the Concord-Epsom Elks Club for providing us with the function hall for this celebration and to the Webelos den leader, Ed LeDuke for his guidance and support of these cubs.  



Epsom Town Band Performing This Summer

The Epsom Town Band will perform its first summer concert on Friday, July 15th.  The concert will be at Webster Park on Route 28 South and will begin at 7:30 p.m.  Additional Friday concerts are scheduled for July 22nd and August 5th.  The town band will also be participating in Epsom’s Old Home Day celebration by presenting a concert at Webster Park on Saturday, August 13th, at 6:30 p.m.

The original Epsom Brass Band was formed in 1891 under the direction of Albert L. Sanders.  Throughout the years it provided music for numerous town functions, parades, and Old Home Days. 

In 1958, the bands of Epsom and Northwood merged and became the Epsom-Northwood Band.  Six years later, it became known as the Epsom Town Band under the leadership of the late Waddy Winslow of Deerfield. 

Mr. Sanders’ clarinet and the original 1891 bass drum are displayed at the Epsom Historical Association’s museum, located in the historic old town library.  It is open to the public every Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

The current band has about twenty regular players that range in age from twelve to eighty-five and live in several communities including Epsom, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Barnstead, Concord, Manchester, Rochester, Raymond, Lee, and Dover.  Members also include great-grandchildren of a past director and a descendant of one of the original 1891 members.

Mark your calendars and invite your friends and family to enjoy some old-fashioned concerts in the park!  Please call Penny Graham at 496-0542 for more information.




Dear Editor:
We wish to convey our most heart-felt thanks and gratitude to the members of the Epsom Fire Department Rescue Squad.  Their rapid response to Tony’s recent automobile accident and their professional response kept Tony from being paralyzed from the neck down.  The first response to a broken neck is the most pivotal and we, as a family, acknowledge our debt of gratitude to these fine men and women.

The Soltani Family



Valley Artisans Artist For The Month Of July

Carol Bell is our Artist for July, she has been a member for 4 seasons and an excellent Decorative Artist, her items range from painted terra-cotta pots to colorful tee shirts painted with gorgeous flowers, birds and nature, inspired by her walks in the woods with her mini poodle.

Carol has been an artist for 15 years, having tried various crafts over the years she eventually discovered decorative painting, she paints with acrylics for their quick drying, brilliant colors and wear ability on her tee shirts, and tote bags.

As the Artist for the Month she has donated an item for our Free Raffle, her donation will be displayed, so come in and fill out a raffle card and enter today!!

We also have a new member, Holly Baum is a sewer, who creates beautiful colorful satin pouches that can be used for jewelry or an evening bag, which have many small pockets inside; they are spectacular!

Located at 10 Goboro Rd. Epsom, NH. ½ mile from the Epsom Traffic Circle going east on Routes 202/4, take a left at the first traffic light.

Our hours are from 10 a.m to 6 p.m., from Wednesday to Sunday,and can be reached by phone at 736-8200.

We are also looking for new members, if you know of or are a NH artist or crafter specializing in fine NH crafts please call or come in and talk to one of our members today.




To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield:
This year, the Legislature has passed many bills to improve the economy of New Hampshire. Most were simple, single issue fixes to the excessive regulation that has grown up around us. For example, HB262 establishes a cheaper license with fewer requirements for those brewing less than 2,000 gallons of beer a year and HB246 allows wineries to sell at craft fairs and also provide the wine for tastings, rather than buying it from the liquor commission. HB404 expands toilet options for campsites to include composting or incinerating toilets; HB503 allows a master electrician to supervise two apprentices at once. HB30 grants veterinarians an alternate, less costly qualification exam, and HB47 authorizes real estate agents to send tweets or instant messages without including the full disclosure data required for a full ad.

The more significant business bills of the year include HB474, right to work, which has been vetoed by the Governor; and SB125, which resets the rules for reasonable compensation in small businesses to protect the worker/owners. SB86 requires the Labor Department issue a warning before assessing fines for minor violations, which will prevent excessive fines for inadvertent errors. HB339, creating a state meat inspection program, offers greater choices for farmers to sell meat locally and should create new jobs in slaughterhouses once the program gets going.

Another significant achievement is major revisions to the shoreland protection act that focus its controls on protecting water and not on limiting landowners’ use of their property, contained in both HB2, the budget trailer bill, and SB154. SB20 clarifies that with a terrain alteration permit, developers do not also need a shoreline protection permit; SB21 expands exemptions from such permits; SB38 extends their effectivity.

Anyone who wants more information than I can fit into a letter should email me for my newsletter.

Representative Carol McGuire




Dear Editor:
Yet another minion of Speaker O’Brien has publicly disgraced himself. This is no surprise since this has been the pattern of this gang when confronted with a superior argument. They simply resort to personal, false, and defamatory attacks.

Representative Shawn Jasper has recklessly and without any regard for truth accused Representative Matt Quandt of being inebriated during a House session. I have known Representative Quandt for many years. On the day in question we were managing the opposing sides of a bill. We had met, discussed the preliminary maneuvers and took to the floor to fight the good fight. After five votes, the House was divided equally and the Speaker refused to break the tie.

Representative Quandt was a worthy adversary, as he has always been a worthy advocate for his district. As a trained former police officer, I should readily discern intoxication, especially during a heated debate. Not only was Representative Quandt not intoxicated, but he, as always, was professional and cordial.

He respects the institution as a place of civil discourse and not personal defamation. I can unequivocally say that I have never seen Representative Quandt impaired during any House session, and any assertion to the contrary is mere character assassination.

After returning from eight (8) days in the intensive care unit, I was the target of the same sort of disgraceful accusations. Once the gangsters realized how wrong they were about the pain I was suffering, no one would own up to starting that rumor mill.

Matt Quandt deserves better. Unfortunately he can expect no better from the likes of Jasper, who knows not the subject matter, nor the rules of debate, but can do well at throwing stones at glass houses.

Very truly yours,
Representative Tony F. Soltani
Merrimack 8th District



Epsom Public Library Summer Reading Program for Adults

Get ready for six weeks of travel adventures through books, travelogues, and movies in Epsom Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program which will start July 11.
Three themes make up the program:

•Exploring Other Countries, July 11 – July 23
•Mysteries Set In Other Countries, July 25 – August 6
•Dream Vacations, August 8 – August 17.

Guest speakers will be Dr. Richard Kingston who will present an African travelogue on July 20 and Ben Slavin, whose topic is “Riding a Motorcycle from NH to the Tip of Argentina” on August 3.

Other events include a Novel Destinations Map Board, weekly drawings, door prizes, and movies.

There is no required number of books to be read.  We invite patrons to read as many or as few as they wish.  Books relating to each theme will be on display at the library as suggestions only.

The Grand Finale will take place on August 17 with a Grand Prize drawing, refreshments, and once again this year a musical revue by the Ann White Northwood Theater Workshop.

Registration for the program is currently underway, so sign up, grab a book, sit back, and enjoy your Novel Destinations.



Epsom Unit Receives Award

For Epsom’s American Legion Auxiliary, twelve seemed to be their lucky number at the 93rd Department of New Hampshire American Legion Convention in Nashua on June 18th.  Elwood O. Wells, Unit 112, was recognized as the Unit having the highest percentage of membership in District 5 by the end of December (month twelve).  Out of twenty-four New Hampshire units receiving recognition, Unit 112 was number twelve for having attained 100% membership. 

The Auxiliary is a veterans’ support organization that is affiliated with the American Legion.  The organization sponsors volunteer programs on the national and local levels, focusing on three major areas:  veterans, young people, and the community.  Those interested in becoming a member of this patriotic organization are encouraged to contact any one of its members.

Judy Todd, Secretary/Treasurer, who takes care of membership for Unit 112, is shown holding The Morrison District 5 Membership Trophy and accompanying Certificate of Award after presentation at the Nashua Convention.











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