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October 17, 2018



Please Join Our

Masonic Open House

Corinthian Lodge #82

Free & Accepted Masons

 Saturday, October 20

9:00 – 3:00

5 Park Street, Pittsfield


Have you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry or had a family member who was part of the fraternity?  Come and visit us to learn more – all are welcome!



Epsom Bible Church is hosting “Trunk or Treat” on Halloween night from 5:30-7:00 PM. We are located at 398 Black Hall Road in Epsom. We will have over 50 cars to visit for treats as well as hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, and hot chocolate. Come dressed up. Everyone is welcome!





The Epsom Library and the Greater Pittsfield Chamber of Commerce are hosting a Meet-the-Candidates Forum for the Epsom/Pittsfield State Legislative candidates on Sunday, October 28, at 2:00 p.m. at the Epsom Library on Rte. 4 Epsom.


Candidates for the NH State Senate and the NH House of Representatives have been invited. Epsom and Pittsfield residents are invited to come and meet the local citizens who will be on the November ballots.  There will be the opportunity not only to learn more about each candidate but also the chance to ask them questions.


There will be two constitutional amendments on the ballot in November. The first is about accountability. It restores the rights of citizens to sue branches of government when they fail to follow the constitution or the law. The second is about privacy. It modernizes our fourth amendment rights against unreasonable searches of property to cover snooping into personal information such as email, cell phone data, and DNA.  Former Epsom state representative Dan McGuire will be on hand to explain these proposed amendments and answer questions.



Letter To The Editor


My name is Cory LaViska. I’m a New Hampshire native, business owner, service-disabled veteran, and father of two. I hold a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the Florida Institute of Technology.


I value education a lot, and I’m a proponent of full-day kindergarten. I’ve seen firsthand how a curriculum-based program can educate young children and prepare them for the challenging academic years ahead. My daughter has been enrolled in a full-day, curriculum-based program for the past year. This isn’t daycare or babysitting, it’s a learning facility, and she loves it. 


Her social skills have improved vastly. She knows the alphabet, all the shapes, an array of colors. She can count past twenty and do simple addition and subtraction. She understands complex emotions such as frustrated and annoyed and uses these words on her own. My daughter is only two.


Imagine how much a full-day, curriculum-based program would benefit children when they’re four and five, and the time we’re wasting by neglecting those critical years. 


When I moved to Epsom in June, I wasn’t aware that it was one of only 17 towns in New Hampshire that didn’t offer this crucial learning program. As a father of two, had I known, I would have relocated to a different town.


The education system has changed. Whether we like it or not, so much more is expected from children academically. By not implementing full-day kindergarten, we are doing a disservice to our children’s education and our whole community.


Let us not be the last town in our state holding our children back. Let us level the playing field and give our children the same academic advantage as nearly every other town in New Hampshire. 



Letter To The Editor


At last Monday’s Board of Selectmen’s (BOS) meeting here in Epsom, the BOS under pressure from afar, voted not to resume the P-28 Tax Inventory forms. As Zoning Board Chairman, I favored the reinstituting of these forms which had been used to uphold a Zoning Board decision appealed to Superior Court, thereby justifying thousands of dollars in court costs. Further, a near identical Zoning Board decision had been previously reversed in Supreme Court, at the cost of many more thousands, highlighting the importance of this issue to the town. 


In recent weeks I have listened to others who serve the community like the Zoning Compliance Officer and Welfare Administrator.  I learned that P-28 forms significantly helped them perform their tasks as well.  Finally, a little research found that the Town of Henniker had resumed using these forms recently and realized hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings by avoiding a periodic town tax assessment. 


Alas, the argument that somehow a stranger would use these forms to commit elderly fraud or molest children prevailed. This even as the statistics show that 66% of elderly fraud and 86% of child molestations are committed by friends or family of the victim and no such “P-28 cases” were ever provided as evidence at a BOS meeting.


Fear and superstition ruled the day here in Epsom this week. Perhaps next year, those opposed to these forms will actually attend a BOS meeting with evidence allowing the BOS to make an informed decision.


Thank you,

Glenn Horner



Melvin Jones Award

Epsom Lions.JPG

The Melvin Jones award is presented to outstanding Lions that make a significant contribution to their community by the service projects that they enthusiastically participate in. The Epsom-Chichester Lions have chosen this member as exemplifying this standard.


Despite being a very busy man, Tom Langlais decided to become a Lion in the Epsom-Chichester Lions. After all, he and his wife Joanne have devoted their lives to raise five children. Like many today, he didn’t think he had the time to make much of a contribution.


Quite contrary, he has made a lot of time for participating in the various projects of the Epsom-Chichester Lions club.


He is most happy cooking french fries at old home days (and he brings the family along to help out) 


His initial responsibility was and is collecting all eye glasses donated and delivered for recycling.  We have lost count of how many that is.


He is chief screener at the elementary schools in the area when we do Kidsight. His special personality seems to catch the kids attention, so he does some amazing things with disabled and reluctant children.


He always helps out packing boxes for the capital Area Christmas Food Program and spends a day at the race track to be part of our fundraiser there.


This busy Lion also has a great interest in local politics and is a member of the Knights of Columbus and a reader at his church.


The Epsom-Chichester Lions Club was honored to present Tom Langlais with a Melvin Jones award in recognition of his participation as a Lion. He is a great example of what a Lion should be.


You too can enjoy the participation Lionism can bring to you. Those who volunteer are known to be happier and healthier than non-volunteers. There are various projects you may be interested in. No one has to do it all. We work together in service to our community. If you are interested, please call 736-9942. We are inviting you to become volunteers in service-Lions!



Letter To The Editor



That Americans are divided is beyond dispute.


But over what?




The Democrats? 


The Republicans?


Not  really?


Underlying most all differences between Americans  is a difference in philosophy.


Some Americans believe, as did our founding fathers, that adherence to the principle of  Natural Law, i.e., the idea that every individual has a right to their life, liberty and to own and control their own property, is the key to happiness and prosperity. 


In fact, to the extent that Americans have adhered to the principle of Natural Law, the general standard of living has soared beyond the wildest dreams of our Founding Fathers.


Other Americans believe, as did Karl Marx , that Socialism is the best way to raise the general standard of living.


Like Marx, modern day socialists/progressives,  believe that such things as governmental ownership and/or control over property, progressive taxation, and government run schools, is the best way to raise the general standard of living. 


In addition to what Marx advocated, modern day socialists/progressives now advocate for such programs as single payer (governmental) health care, free college education, debt forgiveness for past college expenses, and the like.


Modern day socialist/progressives  ignore the poverty incurred  when socialism was tried in Nazi Germany, Russia, and China.


They consciously turn a blind eye to the millions upon millions of people murdered under socialist governments in Nazi Germany, Russia, Red China, and elsewhere. 


Socialism, they claim, would turn out differently under their guidance.  (Sure it would).


The differences between Americans are profound because the philosophies they subscribe to are mutually exclusive.


Consequently, there cannot be any compromise.


To paraphrase Ludwig von Mises, at some point you must choose between the philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address and that of the Communist Manifesto.


Jack Kelleher




Epsom Library News


Don’t forget the Flu Clinic being held by the Concord Regional VNA at the Epsom Library today, Oct. 17 from 4:00 to 6:00.  Cost is $30 unless you are covered by insurance. Be sure to bring your insurance card with you.


At the movie matinee on Wednesday, October 24, we are turning back the clock and showing “Mama Mia” at 1:30.  The music of ABBA will have you tapping your feet as we remember the film in preparation of seeing “Mama Mia Here We Go Again” the following week.


“Sea Monsters of the New England Coast” is the topic for Mike Faiella, a retired history teacher, on Monday, October 29 at 7:00 PM at  the Epsom Library. According to numerous accounts, an enormous creature has been lurking off the coast of New England for centuries. Are these stories believable?  Is this mammoth sea monster fact or fiction?  Please join us as Mr. Faiella examines the legend and reality of the great New England sea serpent.



Epsom Public Library Youth Events


American Girl Tea Party “Sparkles & Stars” Saturday, November 3rd 1:30pm Girls and their guest are invited for an afternoon of fun. Wear your favorite “sparkly” outfit and bring your favorite doll. Seating is limited. Please sign-up at the circulation desk or call 736-9920. Refreshments will be finger sandwiches, tea breads, desserts, tea and punch.  A craft activity will be included. We will have a drawing to win the newest American Girl doll, “Luciana.” Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00


Family Halloween Movie “Hocus Pocus” Wednesday, October 24th at 4:30 pm. The movie is rated PG. Snacks and drinks provided but donations of extra goodies are appreciated! Special thanks to Melina LaValley for organizing this event!





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This year, in addition to all the people on the November 6 ballot, there are two proposed constitutional amendments. I support both of them, but question 1 (government accountability) has been getting a bit of press lately, so today I’ll discuss question 2 (privacy.)


This amendment simply reads “An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent.” It is important because both the state and federal constitutions respect our right to keep our persons, papers, houses, and effects private, but need to be updated for the 21st century. Our “effects” now include the texts and photos in our phones, our emails (wherever they may be), the files we keep in “the cloud,” our presence on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media, or even the DNA we leave on a fork at the diner or a straw at McDonald’s. Most people want to keep that sort of information as confidential as their bank records, but some courts haven’t seen it that way.


The effect of Question 2 would be to require a search warrant before a government agent could obtain or use this information, just as one is needed now before your house could be searched. It would require the needs of any law enforcement investigation to be balanced against your right to privacy. This amendment would not restrict private activity: you’ll still have to be careful on Facebook and watch for hackers and scams.


Please vote “yes” on question 2.


Representative Carol McGuire














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