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October 31, 2018


Snowmobile Safety Course with the Suncook Valley Snoriders. November 10,2018 at the Barnstead Fire & Rescue 8:00a-3:00p. Lunch is provided. Students must be 12 years old by the end of the riding season. Parents are encouraged to attend. Please pre-register and any questions contact Joe Hough 603-608-6977.



Suncook Valley Snoriders 18th annual Ham&Bean Supper, November 10, 2018 at the Barnstead Parade Fire Station from 5:00p-7:00p.  Adults: $8.50; Ages 6-12 $5.00; Ages 5 and under eat Free. We invite our SVSR trail system Landowners to come on down for a free hot meal and a hearty Thank you from the Suncook Valley Snoriders snowmobile club.



The movie matinee at the Epsom Library Wednesday, November 7 is “The Face of Love.”  It stars Annette Bening as Nikki, a widow, who meets Tom played by Ed Harris.  Tom could be her late husband’s exact double and Nikki is drawn to him. As their relationship deepens, she struggles with how and when the truth must come out.   This emotional drama is about how we live in the moment, wrestle with the past and ultimately must find a way to move forward.



The Women’s Club of OLOL/St.Joseph will be holding their annual Xmas Bazaar on Sat., 11/3/18, from 9:00-2:00 pm in the parish hall in Northwood, NH. (Next to Northwood town hall). There will be a white elephant table, craft items, knitted goods and our cookie walk. We will have a lunch to enjoy while you shop and new this year, a children’s corner where they can shop for Xmas gifts and also enjoy making some crafts. 





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week, my committee met for the last time to recommend our interim study bills. As usual, the recommendations were nearly unanimous. In only one case was there a split, and both sides agreed that the bill in question should not go forward in its current form: the disagreement was what to call it when we liked the concept but not the bill! HB 1818, changing the criminal penalties for licensing violations to civil penalties, was recommended 7-6 after defining what a proper bill on the topic should include.


HB 593, classifying some positions in corrections as Group II, was the only other one recommended for further legislation, also as a total rewrite. (The subcommittee has already rewritten the bill for next year.)


HB 1764, local cost of living information, was not recommended because the bill had been poorly written, even though most members thought the information might be useful.


HB 1434, combining two agencies dealing with the disabled, was not recommended because they have different functions and limitations, even with similar sounding names.


HB 631, a cash balance pension plan, was not recommended because it’s a modified defined benefit plan, not a defined contribution plan, and neither supporters of the current pension plan nor opponents wanted this halfway step.


HB 636, establishing a department of veteran’s affairs, wasn’t recommended because the governor has already created an office of military and veteran’s affairs by executive order, avoiding the cost of a complete department. HB 1767, creating a multiple employer retirement plan, is apparently being preempted by a federal system.


HB 1604, renaming Columbus Day, had no real support even with the concerns about his character.


Remember to vote all the way down the ballot on November 6!


Representative Carol McGuire





Letter To The Editor


If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country. The answer to immigration problems is Comprehensive Immigration Reform.


Republicans have had two years owning both Houses of Congress as well as the White House. Republicans: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have sat on their hands (no doubt cheering) while President Trump fear mongers the issue. Does anyone, even Trump supporters, actually believe Democrats would promote/finance 5,000 Central American immigrants to illegally cross our borders? Those who would gain from this mass Central American exodus are Republicans and, of course, Putin’s Russia.


Democrats do not want violent gang members, drug/human traffickers, rapists allowed anywhere near borders of the United States of America. By the way, separating children from parents of illegal entrants is a completely separate issue.


Would someone with power in the Democratic Party please make a very strong point of this!? Dems wrote Comprehensive Immigration Bill, but former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner refused to bring it up for a vote. Thus came the “Dreamers” executive order to allow children brought to USA illegally by their parents, who speak English and have never had citizen ties to Latin America or Mexico, to be able to remain in US A until Comprehensive Immigration Reform becomes law.


Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassen and Representatives Annie Kuster, Carol Shea-Porter: Would you ‘pullease’ get in the ears of ie Joe Biden, Cory Booker and others considering 2020 presidential run (they have the biggest platform). Tell them to hold a press conference and make a very big deal of Trump’s disinformation!


Nancy Heath 




Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

The general election is just a week away and the voters in Merrimack County District #21 will then decide who will represent them in the State House. This is an important decision for as the grammatically incorrect saying goes, “all politics is local.” Over the next two years the legislature will debate questions of great and lasting importance to the communities of Epsom and Pittsfield, as well as the rest of New Hampshire.


Equitable public school funding, the future of renewable energy projects, state pension shortfalls, ‘right to work’ legislation, and economic development will all be debated in the coming session of the General Court. Each one of these questions impacts the quality of life in the Suncook Valley. Who represents you and speaks on your behalf matters.


I served 31 years in the United States Army and an additional seven years in the Federal Civil Service. I have almost nine years of municipal office experience serving in various positions of increasing responsibility. I have the experience to represent you and be your voice in Concord.


I ask for the privilege of your vote on Tuesday the 6th of November.



J. C. Allard



Letter To The Editor


On Tuesday the 6th we go to the polls to hire a Governor, Executive Councilor, legislators, and county officials for the next two years. Republicans have been in charge (mostly!) for the past term and the results, especially economic results, have been very good. Jobs are plentiful and incomes rising. The state has kept spending under control and lowered business tax rates, leading to surplus revenues and healthier reserves. Aid to municipalities was increased, particularly for road and bridge maintenance, special education, and school safety. Republicans deserve your continued support.


There are also two non-partisan items on the ballot; proposed constitutional amendments. In order to pass they require a super-majority of two yes votes for every no.


The first one restores the ability for citizens to bring cases to court when they think government is violating the constitution or laws and misspending public funds. Such cases were commonplace for 200 years, but lately our Supreme Court has got the notion that citizens lack “standing.” This amendment was resoundingly approved by the legislature, 309 to 9 in the House and 22 to 2 in the Senate.


The second proposed constitutional amendment updates our 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search for the modern world where personal information is no longer physically in our homes and papers, but is in the cloud with email, cell phone data, medical records, etc.


Please support both questions. More details can be found at yesonnh1.com and yesonnh2.com.


Dan McGuire







Dear School Board:

I wasn’t able to attend the October School Board Meeting and cannot attend the November meeting. I am writing to you, hoping to convince you to vote in favor of adding full day kindergarten (FDK) for the 2019 school year.


I am a 75 year old resident and have no children or grandchildren affected by full-day kindergarten.


I believe that FDK is important to the development of our children in this day and age.  It is supported by Governor Sununu and by our principal and teachers in Epsom. Our educators are the experts, therefore it seems logical that we should value their opinion.


While cost is a factor, it is rather insignificant in view of the entire budget.  And by not having FDK in Epsom, we are losing state funded dollars through the Keno program which is very successful for education funding (over 90% of NH towns have FDK).


If the town of Epsom wants to develop into a vibrant 21st Century Town, we need to develop the future leaders of our town.  While some of the older generation don’t support FDK as they survived without it; times have changed and life is different today than in their youth.  Our town needs to get out of the dark ages and deal with today’s complex lifestyle for our youth and young parents.


While I am concerned about our tax rate, the addition of FDK with state support is not going to be a significant impact on our taxes.  For Seniors on a really tight budget, there is elderly assistance if necessary to help them with their tax burden.


So I urge you to vote to support a Warrant Article for FDK and let the voters of Epsom decide the fate of FDK. Thanks!


Art Laro



Letter To The Editor



Modern day, “Progressives.”


Formerly modern day, “Liberals.”


In reality, modern day, “Socialists.”


Virtually every program Progressives advocate involves a transfer of wealth, via taxes, from individuals to the government and/or... an increase in governmental control over the property owned by individuals such as land, businesses, and/or money.


All of which results in a steady increase in governmental power and a steady decrease in individual freedom.


Progressives do not care one wit about the loss of individual freedom suffered by their fellow citizens. 


All that counts for Progressives is that their pet projects become law.


Busting with self righteousness, they are convinced that they are doing the world a favor.


Virtually all of the programs put forth by modern day Progressives are socialistic in nature.


The goal of Progressives, whether stated or not , is to bring about a socialistic society in which the market economy is effectively killed off, private property is nonexistent, individual freedom is unknown... and government reins supreme.


What would a socialistic society look like under Progressives?


It would likely look like any other society  that tried to implement socialism on a large scale such as Germany under the National Socialist Workers Party (the Nazi’s), Russia/Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Red China.


The idea that socialism in America would somehow be different from socialism elsewhere, i.e., in other large countries that tried to implement socialism such as Germany, Russia/Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Red China, flies in the face of all history.


Personal assurances by Progressives that socialism in America would turn out substantially different from socialism in Germany, Russia/Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Red China are absolutely worthless and without merit.


Jack Kelleher




Calvin Briggs Yeaton


Epsom Calvin Yeaton- Obituary jpg.jpg

Calvin Briggs Yeaton died at his home in Epsom, NH on September 29, 2018. Calvin was born at home in Epsom, NH on June 27, 1931 to Madeleine Brown Yeaton and George Samuel Yeaton. He attended Pembroke Academy, graduating in 1950, and received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from UNH in 1954 He was in the Air Force ROTC while at UNH and served two years active duty from 1954 to 1956. Calvin was called back to active duty in 1962 during the Berlin Crisis and served 10 months before being honorably discharged at the rank of Captain.


Calvin was employed at Western Electric in Andover, MA in his field of engineering for almost forty years, retiring in 1996. He met his wife, Nancy Marquis Yeaton, at Western Electric, and married her in 1964. They had 54 wonderful years together, with two children, Jennifer Yeaton-Parris of Epsom and James Yeaton of Watertown, MA


Calvin was an avid skier and golfer in his earlier years. He also enjoyed woodworking and was juried into the League of New Hampshire Craftsman when he was in his eighties. His motto was “If you aren’t working, you are wasting time.” However, at his core, Calvin was a family man and can be described as warm, gentle, and strong.


Calvin is survived by his loving wife, Nancy, his two children, Jennifer and James, his son-in-law, Richard Parris, his granddaughter, Paige Parris, his brothers, Charles Yeaton of Epsom and Philip Yeaton of Concord, his sister, Nancy Claris of Epsom. He was predeceased by his brothers, Theodore Yeaton and Sydney Yeaton, and his sisters, Patricia Yeaton Crafts and June Yeaton.


A Celebration of Life will be held at the Yeton Tavern, 105 North Road, Epsom, NH on November 4, 2018. A service will be held at 1:00 pm and followed by calling hours from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Donations in Calvin’s name can be made to the Concord VNA, 30 Pillsbury Street, Concord, NH 03301.












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