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December 12, 2018


“Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool” is the movie scheduled for Wednesday, December 19 at 1:30 at the Epsom Public Library.  Annette Benning plays an aging Hollywood superstar who has an affair with a younger man played by Jamie Bell. Their mismatched romance has its highs and lows and proves to be difficult and demanding.  They must come to terms with whatever fate they face in the future.  This film is rated R for language and brief nudity.



Letter To The Editor


I’m a resident of Epsom, father of two and strong supporter of full-day kindergarten, and I urge you to vote YES for full-day kindergarten.


My wife and I lived for 12+ years in Concord.  When my wife became pregnant we had a decision to make... do we stay in Concord, with its resources, opportunities, and educational programs for our children, or look to move to a smaller neighboring town where we can have a nice yard, and a more neighborly feel???  We chose the latter.  We looked at several towns, all of which now have full-day kindergarten programs, in addition to Epsom.  Ultimately, we found a house that we couldn’t say no to, without really doing our due diligence of looking at the resources the town offered.  We did not realize that it was one of few NH towns that didn’t have full-day kindergarten.  Had we known, we would have strongly re-considered moving here as it is a strong indicator of the lack of investment and appreciation for education.  Many of our children will hopefully grow up to be the future generation of Epsom residents so investing in them is the same as investing in the future of our town.


As Concord continues to invest in its city, it will attract new talent to the area to support new businesses.  As with my family, when the time comes for these new residents to begin families, I suspect many will look to move to neighboring towns and half-day kindergarten in Epsom would be a big deterrent for new families to move here.  


I passionately support this cause and strongly feel that it is something that should be done both for our children and the future of our community.  I urge you to vote for full-day kindergarten.


Michael S.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week, the House met to organize itself for the 2019-20 session. 395 representatives were sworn in, and as expected the Democrat nominee for Speaker, Steve Shurtleff of Concord, was elected, 237-152. Paul Smith of Epsom was unanimously re-elected as House Clerk. In joint convention with the Senate, we elected the Secretary of State. On the first ballot, Bill Gardner got 208 votes for 207 for Colin Van Ostern – but because one member voted for a write-in candidate, neither got the required 209 votes. After some confusion, we heard another round of speeches and re-voted, giving Gardner 209 with 205 for Van Ostern (and one write-in: some people don’t learn!) State Treasurer Bill Dwyer was re-elected unanimously, to end the joint session on a unified note. I voted for Gardner both times, as several constituents requested: I’ve found Gardner to be a fair and honest person who works for the best interests of the state and all its people. Van Ostern had some interesting ideas for changes, but I’m convinced he wanted to use the office as a partisan stepping-stone, and that would lead to the problems other states have had in their elections.


About 800 bills have been submitted for next year, with the House filing period closed. The Senate will add a few more, and I’m working on a number of people on finalizing the language for their bills. I’ve signed off on all eight of mine and I’ll give a summary later this month.


Interested people can email me for my newsletter, with more information than can fit in The Sun.


Representative Carol McGuire





Letter To The Editor


I always enjoy Carole Soule’s columns. I especially love the humane way she treats all her animals. I particularly enjoyed column about why she “names” animals (cows in particular)  rather than numbering them. I appreciated the column on the morality (my word) of slaughtering animals for human consumption. Certainly more humane than animals in the wild feeding on other animals (at least on her farm). I adore the “conversations” she has with the 4 legged creatures and the responses she gets from them.


I could go on and on. All her stories are educational. She’s forthright re the hardships of her work. She tells her stories all with terrific humor.  But, her column December 5, 2018 where her animals participate in live Nativity scenes is now my favorite.


Thank you, Carole, for all your writing and thank you, Suncook Valley Sun, for printing them.


Nancy Heath













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