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March 11, 2009


Lower Gilmanton Community Club will hold a meeting on March 12th at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Nancy Potter on Hatch Road in Gilmanton.


Letter to the Editor

On March 14, 2009, Gilmanton taxpayers will be asked to vote on a Warrant Article to fund the operating costs of the Gilmanton Year Round Library. Over 600 households (about 450 from Gilmanton), have supported this project, either via monetary contributions or through volunteerism, over the last 10 years.

To date, over $675,000 has been raised through private donations, grants and fundraising activities.  It has been a massive undertaking and one that everyone that has been involved with is extremely proud.  Never was it stated, not in any minutes, reports or official documents, that the GYRLA would not approach the town for the operating costs. I’m not saying that someone, perhaps one of the volunteers, might not have made the claim in a passionate moment, but this has never the intention of the GYRLA.

Contrary to what some folks have been saying in town, this is not someone’s “pet project” and certainly more than a “handful” of people have been involved but remember, sometimes good things come from a “handful” of people. It wasn’t too long ago that some forward thinking fellows named Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton and Franklin were part of a “handful” of people wanting to spend some of their neighbor’s money, and more.  At  great risk to themselves, I might add.

“Handfuls” of people can make a difference. Let’s join them.

Dick Barr



Letter To The Editor

To the Editor;
I am writing to correct an error in a letter in the March 4th edition of the Suncook Valley Sun by Mr. William Angevine. Mr. Angevine states that Gilford and Belmont Libraries have budgets that exceed  $200,000. I am Director of Belmont Public Library and the annual budget for my Library is $106,826. Even for math challenged individuals this is a big difference from $200,000. The population of Belmont is 7,177 compared to Gilmanton’s population of 3,447. This year 21,500 items were borrowed from Belmont Public Library. 14,000 people used the Library, and nearly 1,400 children and adults attended programs sponsored by the Library. Belmont offers library services to neighboring communities for a fee, which may increase if taxes in Belmont increase. It is not the responsibility of taxpayers in Belmont to provide free library services to Gilmanton residents. As for comparing budgets,  Chichester, Canterbury, and Sanbornton are more similar in population to Gilmanton than Belmont so I do not know why Mr. Angevine chose to cite incorrect information about Belmont.

In response to Mr. Al Blake’s letter in that same issue of the Suncook Valley Sun, statistics consistently confirm increases in library use in New Hampshire. The statistics are available to the public at (or ask a librarian to help you locate this data). This is factual data where Mr. Blake’s observations that Libraries are not serving the public are random and unsubstantiated.

Voters in Gilmanton must be very careful in making a decision regarding  Article 23. The opponents of this Article, particularly Mr. Angevine,  use emotional and “fear factor” language to mislead the public. They  provide false information. Gilmanton taxpayers: Please be sure of the facts before you vote.

Jacqueline Heath
Belmont Public Library



Letter To The Editor

To The Editor:
Gilmanton taxpayers, it’s easy to feel sympathetic towards the Gilmanton Year Round Library Association. On the surface, they appear to have accomplished a lot. However, if ever the Yankee twist on an old proverb, “Always look a gift horse in the mouth,” ever applied, it’s now. Open the horse’s mouth. Look inside. See a project overbuilt for the tax base of this very small town. See next year’s budget at more than twice what they’re asking this year. See a stream of the Association’s misinformation that misled, and still misleads, so many. See a library that’s years away from having services worth paying for. See a handful of people with their pet project ignore the real needs of their community as they’re blinded by their good-intentioned ambition. See two fine libraries, already funded in Gilmanton, get pushed aside as though they didn’t matter.

Now -close that horse’s mouth. Slap it on its rump, and send it back across the road. There’s a nice barn there waiting for it.


Al Blake



Cub Scout Pack 242

The Gilmanton Cub Scouts invite you to attend their annual cake auction on Saturday March 21st from 6 to 8 PM at the Iron Works Town Hall. Each Scout bakes and decorates his own cake to bring to the auction. This is a fun filled and delicious fundraising event! All proceeds will benefit the Gilmanton Cub Scouts and help with the cost of their many exciting outings. Please join us for a great night out and bring your sweet tooth! If you would like to donate a (home made) cake, please call 267-7039 or email Thanks!



Letter To The Editor

Some years ago, I was asked by the GYRL to participate in a Garden Tour, a fundraiser for the library.  At the time, I strongly expressed my concern that eventually the library would end up into the town’s lap. In matter of act, I made my participation in the fundraiser contingent on that it would not. I was assured that there are no plans for that now or in future. To me the now expressed notion that this commitment only referred to the building but not the operation of the library is ludicrous.

Believing the above assurance, I told neighbors and friends for years that the library will not asked the town for funds and that its various fundraisers are a worth while cause to support.  Now that it turned out otherwise, my sincere apologies for that.

To the library committee I say, continued the good work of private fundraising and step by step you will reach your goal and  heal the division you created in the town. 

Heidi Herzberger


Bill Staines To Perform  At The Gilmanton Academy

Are you looking for an inexpensive evening out with good friends, fine music and a sweet bite to eat? Gilmanton School Seventh Graders have a deal for you. On Saturday, May 16th, 2009, from 7:00-9:00 p.m., the students will host the legendary singer-songwriter Bill Staines at the Gilmanton Academy Building located at the corner of Rt. 107 and Rt. 140.

For over thirty-five years, Bill has traveled back and forth across North America, singing his songs and delighting audiences at festivals, folksong societies, colleges, concerts, clubs and coffeehouses. A number of Bill’s songs have been recorded by other artists including: Peter, Paul, & Mary, Makem and Clancy, Nanci Griffith, Mason Williams, The Highwaymen, Glen Yarborough, Jerry Jeff Walker, Grandpa Jones, Priscilla Herdman, and others. Bill has recorded twenty-two of his own albums, fifteen of which are still in print.   Radio and TV appearances have included A Prairie Home Companion, Mountain Stage, The Good Evening Show and a host of local programs on PBS and network TV. Bill continues to drive over 65,000 miles a year from Ontario to Texas and Alaska to New Hampshire, doing what he loves, bringing music to people. You can check out his website at:

Bill will be performing some of his classics as well as a sampling of his newly released album, Old Dogs. Tickets for the show are just $10 and are available at the Sundial Shop in Laconia, The Gilmanton Corner Store, and the Gilmanton School Main Office. This show is sure to sell out, so be sure to purchase your tickets early. Dessert and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.

For further information or to purchase tickets by phone, contact Mary Fougere at 269-4264.












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