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October 24, 2018


Letter To The Editor


To the editor:

About a decade ago, Hunter Taylor and Ruth Larson settled in Alton having moved from New Jersey.  New Jersey: the worst tax climate for business and the highest property taxes in the country per the Tax Foundation.  Is it any wonder that Taylor and Larson do not see a spending problem that higher taxes would not cure? This is the culture from which they moved and which oozes from their pores.


Great fun to cherry pick a few bills which Ray Howard was for or against and say that you would do better. What Ruth Larson did not say is the positions for which she would be an advocate and which are antithetical to New Hampshire values: ever higher taxes, more government control of your life,  restrictions on your second amendment rights (gun control).


Larson is a committed leftist, a former ACLU lawyer and an extremist that New Hampshire does not need in government.


Dick Burchell

Gilmanton Iron Works












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