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October 3, 2018


Letter To The Editor


To The Editor,

Elections matter. The existing state representative position for Belknap County district 5 (Alton and Gilmanton) needs an infusion of fresh thinking with well-reasoned and explained votes concerning our needs and issues. Michelle Carter, who is currently running for that seat, has the work experience and analytical approach to be that representative. 


It is time to recognize reality, not the arcane beliefs stagnating our county. Unlike our current representative, Michelle will be unencumbered by a narrow band of ideology. Freedom includes the ability to discuss, disagree and compromise, not forcing exclusionary policies upon our citizenry. The current attitude of uncompromising and shortsighted belief of inerrancy has not been attentive to a broad spectrum of people in our district.  Michelle’s thoughtful approach toward societal rights and responsibilities will be in contrast to the existing approach. Time to focus upon the responsibilities of and for our entire society, not exclusively perceived rights of the few over the many.


Create a new inclusive approach to governance.  Cast your vote for Michelle Carter.


David Luca













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