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July 25, 2018



Trust no one

Gilmanton, NH – Meet Keira she’s like any other teenager, save the fact that she has been forced out of her home and assigned the task of bringing balance to the entire forest. Thrown into events she knew nothing about only a week earlier, she must overcome her fears and doubts, as well as years of bullying and torment to be the hero her father and his subjects need. 


Influenced by the Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit, Kuiper puts his stamp on contemporary fantasy books in this thrilling fast-paced novel. Following the events in Luza, Riley, and Valo, the exciting conclusion to the first four books in this young adult fantasy series has arrived.


Keira is compelled to travel alone after a series of betrayals. She seeks Waliyah, the Great Mother, who is the only one that can help find her parents. Meanwhile, Sohon’s ambitions reach beyond his kingdom forcing Riley to make the ultimate decision that will impact not only him, but Luza as well.


In Lane and all four books of this new series, Kuiper showcases the fears and hopes of his teenage characters and how they manage and cope with the cycles of life. The obstacles Keira, Luza, and Riley face are more than opportunities to demonstrate will or resilience, but a time and place to realize they are never alone. 


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About the author

Jonathan Kuiper is a proud native of New Hampshire. Educated at Stonehill College and Abilene Christian University, he is service orientated and aspires in making a difference in the world we live in. Active throughout the year, he runs and ice skates to brainstorm new ideas. A teacher by trade, Jonathan uses his students as inspiration and for feedback on his latest projects.












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