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July 4, 2018


Letter To The Editor


Black-white; and gray.  Win-lose; and compromise.  Us-them; and include. Unite-divide; and collaborate. Different-same, and human. Fear-love; and compassion. These choices are always with us as we move through our individual lives and our collective lives as citizens of our great state and country.


The US and NH appear to be in the midst of a crisis of spirit. We see this most clearly in the rising suicide rates, the opioid crisis, mass shootings by US citizens against her own including her children. It is at a fever pitch as we argue whether traumatizing immigrant children is inhumane or acceptable “collateral damage.” My grandfather gave his life in WWII fighting to stop a leader that systematically categorized some people as “other” and “illegal” to justify intentional harm. 


Our country’s greatest moments in history were rooted in the third way - compromise, collaboration, compassion, recognizing humanity and broadening our circle. Our greatest tragedies were rooted in fear, division, prejudice and defining people who were different as less than human.


The stories I read as a child about Anne Frank, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller and others deeply influenced my understanding of how we should treat people. As we honor our country’s birth we get to decide once again which path to follow; which lessons to teach our children about how to treat people. It is my hope that we listen to the call of her greatest guiding principles - to be a beacon of hope and model for human rights.


Cyndi Paulin

Gilmanton Iron Works












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