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December 16, 2009

 A Quad of Collectible Ornaments to Celebrate the Christmas Season

The Carroll Street Bridge, depicted in one of the Pittsfield Historical Society’s four ornaments, carried folks over the Suncook River from 1883 to 1934.

The Pittsfield Historical Society has four ornaments issued to commemorate our local history and to help you with your decorating and gift giving.

The first ornament, issued in 2005, depicts the Pittsfield Railroad Station and the “Old No. 1” Baldwin steam locomotive which ran up and down the Suncook Valley.  The first train left the Pittsfield station on December 12, 1869 and later became known as the “Blueberry Express.”

The 2006 ornament, Balloons Over the Pittsfield Dam, was issued to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pittsfield Rotary Club’s present colorful balloon rally and to acknowledge Pittsfield’s hot air ballooning history dating from the first ascent at the Pittsfield Agricultural Fair way back in 1889.

The Old Meetinghouse ornament commemorates Pittsfield’s decision, immediately after Pittsfield’s founding in 1782, to build a meetinghouse.  Issued 225 years later, this  ornament displays an old image of what is now the Pittsfield Community Center.

The subject of the fourth souvenir is the 1883 wooden covered bridge over the Suncook River, sometimes referred to as “Suicide Bridge”, that served what is now Barnstead Road.

All three ornaments can be purchased for $10 each to be enjoyed locally or to send off to those former Pittsfield residents to enjoy a piece of “back home”.  Each ornament is produced of 24k gold flashed brass and is packaged in an attractive box with a bit of history printed on it.

Obtain your ornaments today at Moo-veez, the Pittsfield Town Hall, the Pittsfield Historical Society Building on Elm Street on Tuesday mornings, or by calling Fuzz Freese at 435-7777.

Holiday Special: Buy 5 and get a 6th one FREE.











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