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April 22, 2009


The Pittsfield Players Present Bathroom Humor
(The most fun you’ve ever had in the bathroom!)



Arthur, played by Kevin Belval hangs out the window clinging to cable wire and the plumber’s helper trying to void his wife’s catching him in the bathroom with another woman. “I saw my life flash before my eyes and I almost fell asleep.” The Pittsfield Players present Bathroom Humor, May 1,2,3,8,9 at the Scenic Theatre.

You’re invited to the party. Unfortunately it’s at Russ and Lucille’s tacky suburbanite home where they show slide shows of their latest vacations, play Barry Manilow and serve food even the cat can’t keep down. Fortunately for you that means all the action takes place in the bathroom and for the first time ever, the Scenic stage has been transformed into the Taj Mahal of bathrooms. Ironically, nobody ever gets to actually “go.”

Have you ever wondered what goes on when three ladies take a trip to the bathroom together? Now, you finally get to find out. You get to hear the gossip, the discussions, the dirt on them and everyone else at the party.

Arthur and Laura are married but Laura is after Sandy who is only in it for the money. Babette is after Arthur who happens to be her boss and her best friend’s husband. Peg showed up with her father but is still trying to meet the man of her dreams. Stu is on a spiritual quest to find himself...through alcohol and plant food! The Elvis impersonator, otherwise known as “The Big El” is finally calling it quits after one last humiliation. And finally, there’s the Old Man who really just needs to “go,” but keeps getting shooed out of the bathroom because of all the drama going on behind closed doors.

Following hot on the heels of “Love, Sex, and the IRS” the Pittsfield Players are “doing it” again with “Bathroom Humor.” Come see what all the funny is about, we’ll leave you feeling flushed.

The Pittsfield Players present “Bathroom Humor” May 1,2,8,9 at 8PM and May 3 at 2PM. Tickets may be purchased online at or by reserving them at the Scenic Theatre Box Office 435-8852.



Volunteers Needed For Public Health Emergency Drill

What would happen if there was a medical epidemic or potential health threat from substances like Anthrax right here in the Suncook Valley? We trust that there would be a system in place that would help all of us should such an emergency situation arise. Just who would be in charge and how would we get help? Is there a plan in place that would be put into action? 

The answers to these concerns are going to be “put to the test” on Saturday, May 16 at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy when emergency management teams from area towns will hold a real life drill to see how the plans will work in a trial run.  Many volunteers are needed to assist in the hands on drill for distribution of medication at a POD (Point of Distribution). The event is part of a state wide exercise being held simultaneously at various regional locations. Emergency Management teams from the following towns are involved in the planning of the drill and will be participating: Northwood, Epsom, Pittsfield, Chichester and Barnstead.  The program is seeking volunteers to test the number of people who can be processed by the response team within a set period of time. Would you consider giving up a little time on this day to be part of this very important challenge? Experience is not required and volunteers are needed to assist with dispensing as well as acting as a member of the general public receiving medication. Training will be provided as needed.  Coe-Brown Academy is located on Route 4 in Northwood (907 First NH Turnpike) and the drill will take place from 7:30-1:30 pm.

Please register by contacting Steve Bailey, Northwood Fire Department, (603) 608-6624 or by e-mail at For additional information call Leigh Cheney at (603) 230-6104 or by e-mail at












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