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July 15, 2009


Tom “Fuzza” Freese Named Pittsfield Citizen Of The Year 2009

“Fuzza” Freese has been named Pittsfield Citizen of the Year for 2009. “Fuzza” graduated from Pittsfield High School in 1967 and has run a business in Town for many years. Your best picture of him is driving that aqua and white vehicle, which could charitably be called an antique, but is so loved.

Those nominating him cited many community-based projects he has participated in. “Fuzza” is a member of the Historical Society and is usually seen at Old Home Day and at the Balloon Rally with his tall stovepipe hat fundraising for them. He is also seen at Lyman Park planting flowers in the spring and raking it in the fall. For a couple of years he was very busy in helping to bring the Sargent Forest trail to fruition. At Christmas time, he aids in putting the lights on the tree in the park. Simple enough to say, but oftentimes more difficult to complete. He is known as the “cocoa man” at the Christmas Tree Lighting, ladeling out hundreds of cups of that steaming drink and delivering them to eager participants.

“Fuzza” is also known for his big heart. He has shown his love for his fellow citizens by helping where he can without thought of how it would disrupt his schedule or repayment. Another good person to represent Pittsfield as its Citizen of the Year.



The Times They Are A’changing

by Elsie Morse
Many of you either read about or watched the news last Thursday that the Eagle Times, based in Claremont, would stop their presses with a final edition on Friday, July 10. More than 120 people lost their jobs with little notice. People were standing around outside the Times building that evening talking about a car payment to make, cars to register, and mortgage payments due. Others were crying, saying they didn’t know what they were going to do next. This closing made a great impact, leaving the town without a newspaper. As terrible as this was for Claremont, its impact was felt by other towns as well - towns that used the Eagle Times to print their newspapers. One of those was The Suncook Valley Sun.

A call to The Sun Office at 4:25 Thursday afternoon informed us we had no printer for the July 15 paper. Needless to say, a flurry of activity began to bring this issue to you. Negotiations began to find a printer and once that was secured, Art and Ross Morse went to Claremont to pick up the inserts that were delivered there and bring them back to Pittsfield. This gave them a chance to say goodbye to inserters, press men, plate makers and the others who had served The Sun for the more than 25 years we had printed with the Times.

The Sun has a new look today to accommodate the printer who is helping us get through this tough time. It is 13 inches long, not 16 and it is being mailed flat not folded. The inserts are in the center fold. The format is the same with the Town pages, Directory, and Classifieds. The print is the same size and font. Paula will still take your calls. Further changes may have to be made as we work our way through this, but we are still here with no plans to close our doors. Unlike the Mayor and residents of Claremont, who say they don’t know what they are going to do without a newspaper, YOU have one. Thank you for the more than 50 years of support you have given us.












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