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October 3, 2018


New Mat Storage Containers For The Junior Girl Scout Bronze Award Project

Submitted By Junior Girl Scout Trop 10340, Genevieve, Laney, Kida & Jazmine


Barnstead GS 1.jpg

Barnstead Junior Girl Scout Troop 10340 ... left to right Jazmine Witham, Genevieve Charity, Kida Smith & Laney Henry


Barnstead GS 2.jpg

Barnstead Junior Girl Scout Troop 10340 with completed Mat Storage Container ... left to right Principal Mr. Tim Rice, Jazmine Witham, Kida Smith, Laney Henry, Genevieve Charity & Physical Education teacher and Project Advisor Mr. Ryan McKenna


Barnstead GS 3.jpg

Bronze Award Project presented to the Barnstead Elementary School on Monday, September 24th, 2018 by the Barnstead Junior Girl Scout Troop 10340 


The Bronze Award is the highest achievement that a Junior Girl Scout can receive. A Junior Girl Scout must complete a Girl Scout Journey before planning their project, and this is just what the Barnstead Junior Girl Scouts of Troop 10340 did.


This Junior troop had an overnight Journey experience in their school gym and while there, they discovered an issue that they wanted to solve. The Juniors decided to look towards helping their school, by figuring out a solution to the gym mat storage area.


The mats were previously stacked along the wall in the gym/cafeteria, creating an unsafe area for students that try to climb on the mats, which also made it a difficult area to clean. These Girl Scouts talked with their school Principal Mr. Rice, and their school Physical Education teacher Mr. McKenna, and came up with the clever idea to create two Mat Storage Containers on wheels. Mr. McKenna also signed on to be the Girl Scouts advisor during this project.


A lot of work has gone into this Bronze Award idea, including; making plans, writing letters, having meetings, watching a webinar, researching, buying materials, drawing a draft, measuring the gym mats, touring Home Depot, building the two Mat Storage Containers, painting, sewing, presenting at the school and writing this article.


The Bronze Award, besides completing a Junior Journey, also requires at least 20 hours of work to be completed by each member of the team and sharing your project with others. The project must also be sustainable.


The Junior Girl Scouts partnered with a local Woodworker, Bill Kriete of BAK Woodworking whom volunteered many evenings towards teaching the troop all about the equipment in his shop, how to use it and also assisted the troop to build the two Mat Storage Containers. The Barnstead Farmers Market, which is managed and organized by Lori Mahar, tirelessly collected donations from the Barnstead Community to help fund this project. The Girl Scouts would like to thank Lori Mahar for all her support and dedication to the troop for not only managing the Barnstead Farmers Market, but for being a powerful female figure as a selectperson in town, a Planning Board Member, Coordinator for End 68 Hours of Hunger, and the Founder of Women in Business. The Barnstead Farmers Market is co-managed by Ann Paige, a local business owner of Unless Flower Farm whom was also a big supporter of the Girl Scout troop. The Barnstead Junior Girl Scouts would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in making this Bronze Award Project a success.












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