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March 21, 2018


Northwood Election Results

Town Clerk/Tax Collector Judy Pease signs the official 2018 vote count from the ballot machine in her last official election duties before retiring.  Judy started as deputy town clerk under Arlene Johnson in 1984, later adding the elected position of tax collector prior to it becoming a combined position. She plans to stay on for a short time to serve as deputy for newly elected Town Clerk/Tax Collector Savannah Audet while the selectmen begin the process to hire a new deputy clerk.   

It was a repeat performance of last year, with a snowy Nor’easter arriving on Election Day causing near impossible driving conditions. Northwood postponed the election in 2017 but that was not to happen this year thanks to Secretary of State William Gardner giving a directive to towns that the elections must go on regardless of the weather.  As expected, numbers were down, although many people did make the trek to the polls in spite of the weather.  Schools and a number of businesses were closed which allowed many people the opportunity to stay in Northwood, rather than commuting to work.  What was even more surprising was the fortitude of the candidates who stood outdoors in the blizzard conditions for the entire day and early evening to meet and greet voters.


The results of the contested races are: Selectman 3 years Beth Boudreau; Police Commission 3 years Colleen Krochmal ; School Board Members (2) for 3 years: Brian Winslow and Amy Hanavan.  Receiving the highest vote count of any candidate was incoming Town Clerk/Tax Collector Savannah Audet in her first elected position with 554 votes cast. She has been serving as Deputy under Judy Pease who is retiring. In non-contested races the following people were elected: Moderator (Town and School District) Hal Kreider; Budget Committee (3) Daniel McNally, Jon Boudreau, and Tom Chase; Library Trustee Betty Smith; Road Agent Charles Pease; Cemetery Trustee John Schlang; Planning Board (2) Betty Smith and Robert Strobel; Trustee of Trust Funds 3 years Peter George; Trustee of Trust Funds 1 year Betsy Colburn; School District Treasurer Betsy Colburn; and School District Clerk Penny Hampl.  Also elected with the highest number of write in votes were: Budget Committee Grace Mattern; Supervisor of the Checklist Judy Pease; and Cemetery Trustees (2)Taryn Bassett and Chris Brown.


All warrant articles on the town and school district ballots were approved by voters, including the budget committee recommended proposed budgets. The Northwood Narrows Fire Station Expansion ($200,000) and a five year lease/purchase ($110,900) of a new backhoe received the go ahead. Voters also supported raising $100,000 for town road construction and resurfacing; $84,000 for the Red Listed Bridge fund, and smaller amounts to be deposited to a long list of Capital Reserve and Expendable Trust Funds.


The five zoning amendments recommended by the planning board were all approved by voters. The one petition warrant article on the town ballot, changed at deliberative session to pass legal muster, to increase the board of selectmen from 3 to 5 members was approved. This change will take effect next year when the March 2019 ballot will also include the 2 additional open positions to increase the board to 5.












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