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January 26, 2011


Northwood Crankpullers Radar Run, Sunday, January 30, 2010, at Lake Shore Farm, Northwood, NH.

This event is for fun.  Prizes will consist of bragging rights and a nice hat.  Many people use this lake for other purposes and they always have the right-of-way.  Use extreme caution, respect others, wear a helmet and most of all have fun.

As usual our concession trailer will be there with food and drinks. Bring the family and enjoy the day with us.

See our website for Classes and Rules for the Radar Run.

Congratulations to William Watkinson of Northwood, NH who was named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2010 semester at Quinnipiac University.




Dear Residents of Northwood:
It seems we need to clarify the word “victim.” The reason being, our school board feels they are victims of the teacher’s union and teachers of Northwood school system.

The definition of victim is:
• One that is subjected to oppression, hardship or mistreatment. Or,
• Someone or something that is adversely affected by an action or circumstances.

I think it is fair to say the only ones who will be “VICTIMS” of this crazy pay raise and everything else these relentless teachers want, will be the Northwood people. Our taxes have risen up to a point where people in this town can barely pay their taxes and houses are being foreclosed upon every day.

The school board wants us to feel bad for them?  NO.  Stand up to the teachers, defend your town’s people, and do the job you were elected to do.  Keep your promises and just say “NO!” Will this really be that hard to do?  Because if you want, I will come in and teach you how it is done. If the teachers in this town don’t like it, then they can LEAVE.

Trust me, your teaching skills here won’t be missed and maybe we will just have to hire new teachers who may just turn out to be better because they have a job.

Statics show the school is not the best and I am more then sure Coe-Brown would love to have an input on new teachers so they have the students they want there when the kids leave the elementary/middle school and would be more then happy to promote new teachers for us.

If there is any teacher at this school that would like to hear me say this to you directly, give me a call. Your selfishness, greed, lack of caring, and only looking out for your own back needs to stop.

If you want to keep some kind of rapport with the parents in the school system, I strongly suggest you back down, because when these parents are losing their homes, you are the ones who will have to face their children every day. See if you can look at yourself in the mirror with that one. Have a good day.

Janet Delfuoco




The Problem With Northwood’s Town And School Budgets

The bankrupting issue that faces our country is the unsustainable benefit packages, unfunded liabilities, at every level of government and unions, including the teacher’s union.  The shrinking private sector simply will be unable to continue funding 85% of the cost of current public benefits; this far exceeds benefits offered in the private sector in areas of healthcare, paid time off, retirement and disability.  The benefits of public sector jobs must realign itself with the private sector.

Reviewing both the proposed town and school budgets has led me to conclude that each department head has put forth a fiscally responsible budget and has made cuts and adjustments where appropriate. 

I will be voting NO on both Northwood’s Town budget and Northwood School’s budget until such time more equitable benefit packages to the tax payer are renegotiated for both the town as well as the school. The larger picture of the future must be taken into account while negotiating or we will find ourselves in a town with unaffordable taxes, a beautiful school, with a dwindling student population which will eventually force a reduction in staff. 

The government employs our treasured educators, policeman and firefighters; we respect them; our tax dollars provide for their livelihoods and retirements.  But, for the good of our entire nation, it is time for America to curtail the unions’ immense power and demand that the public sector join the realm of fiscal reality rather than entitlement and a reliance on endless taxpayer revenue.

Limited government and free market capitalism made this country great and is the way back to future prosperity.

Northwood Taxpayer



CVHS’14th Annual Creature Comforts Dessert Tasting & Silent Auction

Please join us for Cocheco Valley Humane Society’s 14th Annual Creature Comforts Dessert Tasting & Silent Auction.  This popular event will be held on March 20, 2011 at the Regatta Room in Eliot, Maine from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and will feature a spread of delectable desserts from local businesses, a contest to see which vendor deserves “Best in Taste” and “Best in Presentation,” and a wide array of silent auction items.  Over 300 people are expected to attend!

Proceeds from this event will help support CVHS’s Champion Fund.  Founded in 2008, the fund was named after a happy, sociable nine-month-old German Shepherd cross who came to the shelter in December 2007 with a deformed leg.  His leg had been broken at some point in his young life but was never repaired. Through the generosity of donors, Champion’s costly surgery was a success, and today he enjoys long walks with his new family.

In 2010, the Champion Fund covered the cost of surgical medical procedures for 43 shelter animals, giving them a second chance at life. 

We hope you will join us in making this event a success for the animals.  For more information go to



Looking For A Great Volunteer Opportunity?

Look no further.  The Northwood Farmers Market group is looking for a few great volunteers for the 2011 season. Our summer markets will begin on Thursday, May 12th and run through October 6th.  The summer markets are at the municipal parking lot at the intersection of Rts. 4 and 202/9.  Our winter markets will be on Saturdays from October 15th through November 19th, and are held in the Masonic Hall on Rt. 4 next to the municipal parking lot.

If you are interested in helping run the farmers market by acting as a market manager, helping to arrange music and other entertainment, creating special events, or other tasks, please call Lucy Edwards on her cell phone at 603-312-6049 (please leave a message) or e-mail the market at  We will arrange for a meeting with you to discuss this opportunity.

To learn more about our market, visit our blog at or see our Facebook page.  Looking forward to meeting you!

Lucy Edwards,
Northwood Farmers Market volunteer




My parents, James and Holly of Nottingham recently experienced a tragic house fire.  They have a 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter, who is autistic. During the fire, the children lost most of their possessions, clothing, recent Christmas presents etc.

I am sending this letter in hopes that any local businesses or residents would be willing to make donations of any size. They would be greatly appreciated and needed.

The fire happened just as their oldest son was coming home from active duty in Iraq for a two week visit and now he has no place to visit his parents.

Please send any donations to Nick Currier, 155 Upper Deerfield Rd.,  Northwood NH, 03261.

Thank you for your consideration in running this letter and to anyone willing to help my parents.

Nicholas Currier
Northwood, NH












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