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January 3, 2018


Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

It’s still surprising to me how far they will go. But first, my chainsaw tale of woe. The chainsaw won the war on Thanksgiving morning. After five days in the hospital, five units of blood and two big skin grafts, I got out Tuesday.


That night I crutched my way to a special meeting just to vote on the school budget. I did not want to miss it. Three board members bothered to show up to vote 1 for and 2 against. Not liking that vote, the board, who ignored the vote of Northwood residents and put in a full time curriculum director and kindergarten, further dismissed Robert’s Rules and tradition and at a later meeting voted again.


At that later regular board meeting, the two of us that again voted no had to listen to the chair of the Northwood Budget Committee castigate us for voting no. Ms. Gunter had read a letter earlier expressing her desire to adhere to the will of the people for her no vote. Admirable.


On Saturday’s presentation of the school budget to the budget committee, I set myself up on the side, making four trips to get an extra chair for my leg, a donut, and coffee. Gary, (thanks), was the only one to help.  So get the picture in your mind, a 70 year old fart, sitting in a chair with his leg up on a pillowed chair. This nurse, whose years of training to see to the need of the hurt and suffering, came and hissed at me that if I didn’t sit over there, she wouldn’t allow me to take part in the proceeding. Yup, same chair. I smiled and said, thank you. She never did see the leg, the chair or pillow.


I have over 600,000 reasons why I did not vote for the budget. There is plenty of time to talk about it.


Gimpy Jandebeur,




Red Sox Invite Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Students To Submit Applications For The 2018 Red Sox Service Scholarship

Northwood 2017_RS_Scholarship.jpg

2017 New Hampshire Red Sox Service Scholarship recipients recognized on field at Fenway Park.


For the 8th consecutive year, the Boston Red Sox Foundation is seeking submissions from inspiring senior students, who are dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities, for the New England Red Sox Service Scholarship. The annual scholarship honors academically-inclined high school seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to community service. Those selected will receive a $1,000 college scholarship and recognition during a special pre-game ceremony at Fenway Park.


“We are continually inspired by high school students’ charitable endeavors and seek to recognize and reward their ongoing dedication to promoting social good,” said Linda Henry, Red Sox Foundation Board Member. “We are very pleased with the growth of the Service Scholarship program and we are eager to hear about this year’s seniors who are going above and beyond in their communities.”


The Red Sox Service Scholarship, presented by Jenzabar and sponsored by Ford Motor Company Fund, was first introduced in New Hampshire in 2010 and has since expanded to honor students in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine and Vermont as well. This year, the Scholarship Program will be available to students in more than 200 schools throughout New England.


Submissions for New Hampshire seniors are due January 12, 2018.


For more details and to apply visit,



Letter To The Editor


As my New Year’s resolution I’m going to do all I can to see that the transfer station runs as efficiently as possible. This means we need to fix the things that are wrong and work to improve the things that are going well. 


We need to know what the costs and revenues are before we can begin to understand which programs are working well and which are not. One thing that is not working is the plastic recycling program. Now, before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I realize that recycling plastic is the right thing to do, but the way we’re doing it is not working. As anyone who’s been in the transfer station and seen bags of household waste in the furniture or demo bin knows. We need that second compactor for household waste. This is not something that happens occasionally, it happens quite often and needs to be addressed before spring when there is an influx of use. 


Many say it doesn’t matter, as it all costs the same. This is not actually true, the furniture and demo don’t get hauled as often as household waste and we also can’t get an accurate record of tonnages and costs if we don’t keep these things separate. 


There are other ways to recycle plastic, one we need to pursue is co-mingle. I will check it out! If anyone has any thoughts let me know. 


On another note, the truck body is in place and the things we need to get it ready for use will be ordered this week, so we can get these programs set up. The change in location shouldn’t be much of a problem as we have new signs to install to let everyone know what goes where.


Til Next Time,

Viena Dow












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