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October 31, 2018


Christmas By Design Fair


Come join us for Northwood Congregational Church’s annual Christmas by Design fair on Saturday, November 3rd from 9-2 pm in Fellowship Hall and adjacent rooms, at Northwood Congregational Church 881 First NH Turnpike (next to Coe-Brown). 


We will be serving popovers, homemade donuts and soup while offering a variety of crafts, vendors, and Christmas decor to help you get a start on your Christmas decorating and shopping.  There will also be homemade baked goods for sale and a gift basket raffle.


Enjoy a free coffee or hot chocolate while you browse the Christmas By Design fair!



4th Annual Soup’s On! - Now With Pie!

November 2nd, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.


Please join the Friends of the Chesley Memorial Library on Friday, November 2nd, for our Soup’s On fundraising event that offers a selection of hot, homemade soups, rolls, and beverages.  This year we are adding homemade pies, by the slice or as a whole pie!  Soup is served in to-go packaging so you can enjoy it in the cozy Chesley Memorial Library or take it home for later.  Stop by for a tasty hot meal, some delightful pie and help support the services our community relies upon!


The Chesley Memorial Library is on the corner of Route 43 and the 1st NH Turnpike.  All proceeds go to the Friends of the Chesley Memorial Library for the support of Library services.



Letter To The Editor


As a gun owner and hunter, I write to endorse David Coursin as a candidate for the General Court especially for his sensible approach to gun regulation.


Strengthened gun regulations don’t necessarily equate to taking people’s guns away or breaching basic Second Amendment rights.  There’s plenty of room for reaching constructive solutions as long as folks are willing to talk respectively and listen well.  For example, ensuring that all states fully contribute data to the national data base used for background checks on gun purchases just makes common and good sense.  Let’s make the existing mechanisms we’ve already got in place work better and the way they were intended!


Some who oppose David have gone to extremes, such as creating a fraudulent Facebook page designed to look as if David made it and filling it with misrepresentations not at all reflecting David’s views.  The creator cowardly chose to remain anonymous.  What happened to basic fairness and decency in the way we engage?  The strength of our society and democracy depends on our ability to have civil discourse.  Such tactics are contrary to the core principles of our democracy and un-American.


David has a strong background for advancing other issues as well.  He’s courteous, smart, diplomatic, and a hard worker.  He listens carefully to others, and he talks respectfully based on well researched fact.  This is not a guy who shoots first and aims later.


Although I happen to live in another nearby town, Gilmanton, I nonetheless hope Northwood voters will elect David to our legislature, so that his good common sense and decency can benefit all New Hampshire residents.


Tom Howe

Gilmanton Iron Works





Dear New Hampshire voters,

My name is Christine and I’m writing in response to a letter to the editor from Ted Wilkinson on 10/24/18.  I am the woman that the City of Gardner attempted to use to fire Terry Roy in 1997. They used claims made by a jealous ex-boyfriend of mine, attributed to me, to try and get me to sign a statement or get a restraining order against Terry so they could fire him. It was made known to me that he had made some powerful enemies when he arrested a city councilman for drunken driving. I actually had to hire a lawyer to get them to leave me alone. I will say now as I said then, I never made those statements and Terry was  never threatening or abusive to me. To the contrary, he was always a kind and gentlemanly guy. He was the kind of man who held doors and pulled out chairs for me. The only mistake he made was assuming the law applied equally to everyone whether they were a city counselor or not. 


Terry and I have remained distant friends over the years and I am actually following his campaign, which is how I am aware of this horrible attempt to ruin his campaign and reputation. Terry is a good and honest man and will make a great representative. He is not afraid to stand up to people like those that tried to do this then and whoever is trying to do this to him now. I am going to send a notarized statement of these comments to him in case he needs them. The people doing this should be ashamed. Don’t you even care that he has children and grandchildren that were not even alive when all this happened? Do you really need to win that badly? Do all his accomplishments mean nothing? He is volunteering for no pay to represent you for God’s sake. I hope this helps voters see that he really is a good person.


Christine Schweighauser 


Christine Parmenter



Apple Season At Northwood School Kindergarten

Northwood kindergarteners copy.jpg

Northwood kindergarteners making cider with Mr Tom Chase.


Last month Mrs Magnusson’s Kindergarteners learned all about apples. During our lessons we discovered that each apple has a star inside when it’s cut in half, Johnny Appleseed planted seeds all across America, and it takes about 40 apples to make one gallon of cider. 


To end our Apple unit, we were pleased to have a special visitor join us! Tom Chase made his yearly visit to Northwood School to make apple cider with the kindergarteners.  “It doesn’t just come in jugs from Hannaford,” he said.  


The children had a wonderful time placing apples into the hopper, while Mr Chase turned the crank!


We especially want to thank Appleview Farm in Pittsfield for donating the apples. The children had a great time making and sipping their cider!



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature:

1937’s “A Star Is Born”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (November 2 & 3) for our “LRPA After Dark” feature, 1937’s timeless melodrama “A Star Is Born,” starring Janet Gaynor and Frederic March. 


“A Star Is Born” is the classic Hollywood film about the human toll of celebrity, fame and fortune. The film’s storyline is so enduring that it’s been made four times: our 1937 version; 1954’s adaptation, starring Judy Garland and James Mason; again in 1976, with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson; and  2018’s critical and box office smash, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Names and details change from one version to the next, but the story of “A Star Is Born” essentially remains the same – a young, gifted female performer meets and falls in love with an older, male star, his career fading due to substance abuse. He recognizes her talent and helps her achieve her goals, only to see his own career fall as hers rises to the top. Soon, self-destruction, jealousy and humiliation interfere with their relationship. In this version, we meet Esther Blodgett (Gaynor), a small-town girl from North Dakota who loves movies and movie stars, particularly her matinee idol Norman Maine (March). Esther reams about becoming a star herself one day. She takes the train to Hollywood, where she finds that many other hopefuls before her have their dreams dashed by the industry’s harsh reality. By chance, she meets Norman Maine at a party, drunk and misbehaving, but charming and persistent. He is smitten with her, and finds a way to see her again. Norman helps Esther to get a screen test, where her sincerity and wholesomeness shine, and she’s offered a contract. After the studio’s publicity department gets through with her, Esther is transformed into “Vicki Lester” – and a star is born. For Vicki, the sky’s the limit, but what will become of Norman and his fading career?


Every adaptation of this film has something to offer the movie lover, and each film era has its own unique charms, but for many fans and critics, the original 1937 version of “A Star Is Born” is still the best. Filmed in wonderful early Technicolor and directed by the legendary William Wellman, it was nominated for six Academy Awards, winning for Best Original Story. March and Gaynor, both of whom were nominated for the Oscar, give splendid performances. About 1937’s “A Star Is Born,” critic Leonard Matlin wrote, “Remakes haven’t dimmed the glow of this drama … March and Gaynor are at their best.” If you’ve seen the latest version with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, you owe it to yourself to see the one that inspired it (and the ones that came in between). So grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this classic Hollywood morality tale.



Northwood Tomb 1 copy.jpg


Northwood Tomb 2.jpg


Northwood Tomb 3 copy.jpg


Northwood Tomb 4 copy.jpg

Tomb tours were at Northwood School again!  Ms. Bechtold’s 6th grade students did such an amazing job on this project. Tours of the Egyptian Tomb were given to students and families. Everyone enjoyed going through the tomb and marveled at the creativity of the handmade artifacts.



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy High School Information Nights 


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy will be holding Information Nights for parents who are interested in learning more about the school. Although these nights are focused on Strafford, Northwood, Nottingham, and Barrington, anyone is welcome to attend either night. This is an opportunity to learn more about the curriculum and what programs are available at Coe-Brown as parents make their decisions about where to send their children to high school. The night will include an information session presented by the Administration and Guidance, opportunity to ask questions, as well as a tour of the campus. The Northwood/Strafford Night will be Thursday, November 1 at 6:30 and the Nottingham/Barrington Night will be Thursday, November 8 at 6:30 in the Gerrish Gym (main building).  



Letter To The Editor


It’s unfortunate I need to write this. I’ve campaigned through hundreds of open-minded discussions about serious issues facing our town. I expected political disagreements about managing those challenges. Instead, the political strategy to stop me has been to repeat falsehoods of my ideas about gun ownership 


The loudest falsehood is my alleged plan to take away everyone’s guns because of twelve items listed in my 3/4/2018 article. I clearly stated the list is for those who want to actively lobby for changes in gun policies. I urged readers to pick one that motivates them.  It’s not my personal list of anything. 


Contrary to recent attacks by Ms. Dean, I never said it was. In fact, she was upset that I didn’t think all were equally helpful. She couldn’t hear that I included them anyhow because they interested gun owners and non-owners.  


Now my attackers are calling me a liar.  It’s a louder noise meant to distract voters from stark realities. I favor accurate background checks. My attackers say NH has all the gun safety information we need. 


NH has never reported mental health records for background checks. I’ve yet to meet a voter who isn’t disturbed to learn this. My attackers insist gun violence is a mental health issue, yet they oppose mental health reporting. They ignore restoring ownership rights to patients who’ve recovered. 


The year 2016 saw 22,000 suicides by gun, including over 4,000 veterans. Isn’t it time to consider measures that could lower these numbers? My attackers undermine these discussions.


They also want to distract from the fact that they have not meaningfully addressed the opioid crisis, unequal school funding, rising property taxes, FMLA, or affordable healthcare.  It’s hard to believe they don’t care at all, but they don’t care enough.


David Coursin, MD

Democratic candidate for State Representative, Rockingham County, District #1, Northwood.



Letter To The Editor


Next Tuesday we have an opportunity to choose representatives that we send to Concord. This decision could have a big impact on what we end up paying in property tax. Though the State of New Hampshire has a constitutional obligation to fund and “cherish” public schools (which has been reaffirmed many times in court cases), it continues to inadequately fund education, leaving town property tax payers to pick up the slack.  The average cost per student in New Hampshire runs north of $15,000 a year, yet the State only provides about $3,600.  The rest of the cost is borne by property owners via property tax.  For towns like Northwood with a low total property value, this means a high tax rate for education -- even though we spend less per student than the state average.  


If the State legislature would commit to providing a higher amount of “adequacy” funding, we in Northwood (and other property-poor communities) would see a significant drop in our tax bills.  It’s counterintuitive, but when we send “tax fighters” and conservatives to Concord, they reduce the state budget, and the costs for services fall back on the towns.  It’s called “downshifting” and it hits taxpayers in property-poor towns like ours pretty hard.  


This is why I support candidates David Coursin and Tom Chase.  They understand downshifting and will fight it at the state level.  Increasing the State’s aid for education would quickly provide property-tax relief.  It does seem counterintuitive that electing someone with a ‘D’ next to their name would reduce our taxes, but it will certainly help Northwood.  Not only that, but they are super-nice, intelligent guys that listen to their constituents, and would do a great job in Concord.  Please join me in voting for Coursin and Chase on November 6th.


Keith McGuigan



Letter To The Editor


I’m responding to a letter from Ted Wilkinson in which he attempted to raise the specter of a two-decade-old, third party allegation of domestic violence against me, in apparent hopes that the mere appearance of impropriety would turn voters against me. He posted the same article in several places. He clearly didn’t want answers, he wanted to smear. If he really wanted answers, he could have asked me directly in person at the candidate’s night (vs a vague question). If he didn’t like my response he could have then informed the public. 


Mr. Wilkinson, it turns out, is the treasurer of the Northwood Democratic Committee. It was recently revealed to me that a member of the Deerfield Democrats, Maureen Mann, actually referenced the same thing in a Facebook post several days earlier. Coincidence? 


What Mr. Wilkinson failed to mention is that the allegation was made by a former boyfriend of a former girlfriend and was quickly investigated by the Massachusetts State Police assigned to the District Attorney’s Office and disproved. The alleged victim denied all of it. The Democrat Mayor tried to fire me for it anyway after I had recently arrested his friend, a city councilman for DUI several months earlier. I fought it and ultimately prevailed and my name and employment record were cleared. I went on to have a successful career in both public and private law enforcement.


The bottom line is, I was never accused by a woman of domestic violence in my life. One cannot however, help but notice a recent pattern with the left. Smear your opponent and win power at all costs. They have no message except higher taxes and open borders. NH does deserve better, better than the politics of personal destruction. 


Terry Roy

Candidate for State Representative





To my neighbors in Northwood,

In 2007, my wife Jen and I made the decision to purchase our first home, and we began the daunting process of choosing where we would raise our future family. In the end, we bought the house we could afford, and it happened to be in Northwood. We gave little thought to the town that surrounded our little oasis then, but as we raised our two boys, and got involved in various organizations, boards, and committees, we found ourselves paying real attention to what was happening around us.


Eventually, we outgrew that first home and were faced with the choice of staying in Northwood or leaving. One of the things that cemented our decision to stay was the result of last winter’s election. Our town showed a willingness to move away from the status quo and elected individuals with progressive thoughts on school funding, town governance, and exchanging “the way we’ve always done it” for the way it should be done to best serve the town and its residents. 


David Coursin embodies that spirit of independent thought and service as well as anyone I’ve ever met. I appreciate his application of scientific methods to tackle the problems we are facing in the Granite State. We must have frank conversations about opioids, healthcare, and gun violence, and Dr. Coursin is unafraid to tackle these tough topics. His opponent has been largely quiet on many topics, and seems content to let a few vocal supporters spread questionable information, personal attacks, and outright lies online. However, that same faith in the voters of Northwood that made us stay last spring, makes me certain that out town will do its research and make an informed decision before casting our votes for Representative on November 6th.


Matt Frye




Letter To The Editor

Second Impressions


“How would we explain all this to a dispassionate, extraterrestrial observer? What account would we give of our stewardship of the planet earth?”


Carl Sagan, Cosmos, 1980


This question has stayed with me since I heard Carl Sagan ask it 38 years ago. While the probability of the nuclear war he feared has diminished, the damage we are doing to our planet has continued mostly unabated.


Writing in the New York Times (10/24), Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, says, “Human activity has deforested, replanted and irrigated large areas of land, added pollution to the skies, depleted the ozone layer and, yes, changed the concentrations of key greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide levels are up 40 percent, methane has more than doubled, and we’ve introduced some purely synthetic compounds that are many times more potent than either of those but are – fortunately - present in lower, but growing, concentrations.”


In Science (10/12/18), I read that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned this week that allowing the planet to warm another .5ºC “could result in greater sea level rise; loss of biodiversity; and increasingly severe storms, flooding and drought.”


Duke atmospheric scientist Drew Shindell warns: “We have to alter course immediately; no longer can we say the window for action will close soon – we are here now.”


At Northwood’s recent Candidates’ Night, Joe McCaffrey “came out” as a climate change skeptic. With our ski and snowmobile industries, leaf-peeking tourism and maple syrup production in the balance, we do not need him in Concord weighing in against science.


Vote for Dr. David Coursin.


Tom Chase

not speaking for, but member of

Northwood Conservation Commission

Candidate for Rockingham Co.

House District 32



Genealogy Databases/One-On-One Sessions


Discover your ancestors with Ancestry Library Edition and HeritageQuest Online! Ancestry Library Edition is available at the Chesley Memorial Library; HeritageQuest Online can be used at the library and at home.  Visit the library’s web site ( for instructions on how to access HeritageQuest Online from home.


If you need help navigating the genealogy databases, join local amateur genealogist Nancy Borman for FREE one-on-one genealogy sessions (beginning-level instruction) using Ancestry Library Edition, HeritageQuest, and other sources. Please email Nancy at to schedule your one-hour session at a mutually convenient time. Sessions will be held at the Chesley Memorial Library. 


If you do not have email, call the library at 942-5472 and we will forward your contact information to Nancy.  Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest are both sponsored by the Friends of the Northwood Libraries.



Letter To The Editor


Let’s bring back honesty and civility in political rhetoric. The spreading of disinformation (intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately, an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth) has arrived in Northwood - in the form of fake candidate signs displayed on Route 4 and altered to accuse the candidate of something he is NOT. If you claim something is true over and over, people might begin to think it is true. That’s a tactic some “leaders” use to spread lies. Is that what’s going on in Northwood? If someone disagrees with a candidate’s ideas about supporting public education, will we see fake signs with “Hates Children” above a candidate’s name? I, for one, hope not. Words, truth and civility matter.


I encourage you to vote for David Coursin for Northwood’s State Rep. He will represent us well with civility and thoughtful ideas about important issues such as the opioid crisis, school funding, and how to keep property taxes from rising out of control.


Dana Hochgraf













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