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March 28, 2018


Northwood Church Holds Passion Week Services


Come Alive…This Easter, You’ll Never Be the Same! Over 2,000 years ago, God’s plan of redemption altered the world. The power of sin and death was broken through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ that first Easter. Death was defeated. True life triumphed! And today we continue in God’s story of love as our everyday lives and world are renewed through hope.


This season, you’re invited to join the Northwood Advent Christian Church for a special series of services on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Easter Sunday. Bring a friend or neighbor, and we’ll discover together what it really means to come alive and be a new creation. The Northwood Advent Christian church is located at 113 School St. Northwood. Services are Sundays at 10 AM and Maundy Thursday service at 7PM.


We know what Easter is all about…the death and resurrection of Jesus. But is it possible that there’s more hope and freedom for our lives right now than what we are experiencing in the day-to-day?


We’ll dive in to what the events of Holy Week mean for not only eternity, but right this moment. On Palm Sunday, we will focus on the significance of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and what his journey means for our own today. The Marshall’s from Auburn Maine will be leading and sharing in music. On Thursday, we will not look down in fear or defeat, but hold our heads high as we focus on the cross and coming alive to the ultimate sacrifice. And then on Easter, we will celebrate the resurrection and coming alive with His power that changes our lives. Pastor Don Plummer accomplished trumpet player and singer will share in music. You are invited to all of these services. Call 603-834-0863 or visit for more info.





Dear Northwood Friends and Neighbors,

I want to thank all of you for supporting me in the race for Northwood Selectman.  It was proven that you can run a campaign without negative statements or actions. 


I would like to congratulate Beth Boudreau on a very successful campaign and pledge my support to her in the future. 


So once again, thank you for your support and encouragement.



Mike Smith



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 

1947’s “Till The Clouds Roll By”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (March 30 & 31) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1947’s musical biopic of the life of Broadway composer Jerome Kern: “Till The Clouds Roll By,” featuring a star-studded cast including Judy Garland, June Allyson, Dinah Shore, Lena Horne, Cyd Charisse, Robert Walker and Frank Sinatra, among many others. 


This MGM musical tells Kern’s story as a series of reminiscences between the composer (played by Robert Walker) and his chauffeur. These scenes are really just excuses for the lavish studio production numbers, complete with singing and dancing in vibrant 1940’s Technicolor. Some of the more famous musical numbers that viewers are treated to include Judy Garland, pregnant at the time with Liza Minnelli, singing “Look for the Silver Lining;” Lena Horne performing an amazing “Can’t Help Loving Dat Man” from the musical “Showboat;” and the film’s grand finale: Frank Sinatra, clad in white from head to toe, singing his version of “Ol’ Man River,” again, from “Showboat.”


Kern himself approved of this biopic, and notably the sometimes maligned choice of Frank Sinatra to sing the final ballad. Sadly, he never got to see the finished film, as Kern died in 1945 at the age of 60.  “Till The Clouds Roll By” was a critical and commercial success, and still wows audiences today with its high MGM production values, stunning camera work and gorgeous vocal arrangements for the studio’s top stars of the day. Turner Classic Movies calls “Till The Clouds Roll By” “… a superb slice of post-war escapist fare … top notch … smoothly directed.” If you love mid-century musicals, how can you resist? Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this Technicolor treat!



CBNA Sophomore Receives National Recognition In Scholastic Art Awards Program

Legacy by Fiona O’Shea

The Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Art Department is pleased to announce that sophomore Fiona O’Shea of Strafford was recently recognized with a silver medal for her painting entitled Legacy in the 95th annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition.


Fiona’s painting was among 33,000 submissions of art work from the across the country received this year. Just 2400 were recognized nationally.  Miss O’Shea joins the ranks of thousands of notable artists and writers from this past century including:  Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Joyce Carol Oates, Sylvia Plath, Philip Pearlstein, Paul Newman, Richard Avedon, and many others who have received this honor.



Letter To The Editor


I was thinking about how much cardboard and paper we collect in a week at my house and I decided to weigh one week’s worth. The total was 14 lbs. This didn’t seem like a lot, and I do put it in the recycling compactor at the transfer station. Then I got to thinking about those who don’t bother to recycle their cardboard and paper so I decided to run the numbers. 


14 lbs. per week 14x4= 56 lbs. per month 12 x 56=672 lbs. per year 


We have an average of 2000 households in Northwood, so 2000 x 672=1,344,000 lbs 


1,344,000 lbs. divided by 20001bs. in a ton = 672 tons 


If we were paying $65 per ton plus $6 per mile for hauling (42 miles for each haul = $252), and if our cardboard compactor holds 7 tons, that means in a year we would pay $56,532 just to depose of our cardboard and paper. Luckily, many of us do recycle it, so this figure is higher than we actually pay. 


As far as I can tell, our cardboard and paper is being recycled, but after going through the invoices at the town hall for the transfer station for 2017, I couldn’t find any accurate amounts for tonnages or cost, nor could I find any accurate numbers for monies made from recycling our cardboard or paper. 


If we have a recycling program in place and we don’t have any records of tonnages and revenues, how do we know if the program is working? It’s very important to keep accurate records. 


We need to come up with some solution to this problem so that the transfer station can run as efficiently as possible. Saving as much taxpayer money as possible should be our number one priority.


Til Next Time

Viena Dow



Northwood Boy Collects Donations for His Birthday

Ten-year-old Tyler Fuller celebrated his birthday party with friends and family on Saturday, March 17th.  The party was held at the Nottingham recreation center where kids danced, played nerf games and enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day themed cupcakes.  


In celebration of a special birthday, Tyler’s family suggested collecting donations. Without hesitation, Tyler selected Pet Tails Rescue in Northwood and his school library.  Tyler has always lived with rescued animals, so it was no surprise that he would want donations to go to an organization that  coordinates rescue services from shelters in southern states and places dogs and cats in loving, adoptive homes all over New England. 


Nearly 60 assorted items were collected for Pet Tails Rescue and the school library thanks to the generosity of Tyler’s friends, mostly Northwood residents.


Maureen Cahill, President of Pet Tails Rescue was pleasantly surprised when she found out about all of the goodies she would soon be receiving; she wrote  “What an absolutely selfless and generous cause to undertake on behalf of homeless animals.  It truly reflects your compassion for animals.  We are honored and blessed to have your family as part of our community and to be the recipient of such a generous donation.”












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