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September 26, 2018


Happy Fall from the Friends of Northwood Recreation! We are a 501(c)3 dedicated to raising funds for a public playground in Northwood. Our Fall fundraiser is our Scarecrow contest! We give you the burlap head and stakes for the body and you decorate the rest! It’s $25 and 100% of the funds go toward the playground. If you’d like to pick one up, they’ll be available at Town Hall in Northwood Monday-Thursday. Ask for Recreation Director, Sharon DeLuca. Contest starts October 1st. Check out our Facebook page for more information



New Hampshire Students Awarded Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships

182 Scholarships Help Coast Guard Children Pursue the Goal of Higher Education


Stonington, Conn. — The Coast Guard Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the education and welfare of all Coast Guard members and their families, announced today that it has awarded a record-breaking 177 new scholarships in 2018. Combined with two Fallen Heroes Scholars and three multi-year award recipients, the Foundation will assist 182 students with $500,000 dollars in support this year. In the 28 years of this program, the Coast Guard Foundation has paid out more than $5.1 million to more than 960 college-aged young adults to help the families of Coast Guard members achieve their goals of higher education.


Award recipient Cassandra Barnhart, daughter of SCPO Daniel Barnhart, from Northwood, New Hampshire, will attend George Washington University in the fall. 


Award recipient Roy Gardiner, son of TCC Daniel Gardiner, from Gilford, New Hampshire, will attend the University of New Hampshire in the fall. 


Award recipient Kayla Haynes, daughter of CMT William Haynes, from Center Barnstead, New Hampshire, will attend Western Carolina University in the fall. 


The Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships benefit the children of enlisted men and women who are serving or have served in the United States Coast Guard, whether active duty, reserve, retired or deceased.


“The children of the brave men and women of the Coast Guard have shown dedication to their studies and communities. The high standards they’ve set for themselves are evident in the work they’ve done,” said Susan Ludwig, president, Coast Guard Foundation. “We consider these scholarships not only an investment in the personal ambitions of the next generation, but also in the future of our country.”


To learn more about the Coast Guard Foundation, or to help support its work, please visit or call (860) 535-0786.



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

When I found out that David Coursin was running for State Rep, I was thrilled to think someone with his professional background, integrity, energy and just all around friendliness would be willing to serve. This is key, to realize all the men and women in NH who participate as legislators are making a huge contribution for almost no recompense as there is in other states. David is a retired doctor, a member of the State Board of Medical Reviewers, a compelling speaker. I met him when he was hosting a monthly poetry event in Concord. I listen to poets, who historian Howard Zinn said, are the truth tellers of any society.


David is willing to educate us and to listen to us, as he did last week when he created a forum about opiod addiction. He is willing to look again at issues that are pending, such as school funding. He gets that being a public servant means bringing informed opinions to the forum as well as listening to constituent response as he embarks on representing us in the statehouse. He gets that we need to think not only about our individual needs, but those of others, the community as a whole. He gets that we need to have an identity as residents of New Hampshire, not just Northwood. He gets my vote and I hope he will get yours.


Patricia Savage





Attention All Law Abiding Gun Owners


Do you want to register your firearms with the government?  Do you want NH Constitutional Carry repealed? Do you want a waiting period on all firearms purchases? Do you want to stop all reciprocity carry agreements between states? Do you want credit card companies to limit your ability to purchase firearms or accessories?  I don’t!


These are only a portion of a 12 step plan to infringe upon your second amendment rights.  This 12 step plan was devised by David Coursin and will be implemented by David Coursin if he is elected to be Northwood State Rep.  You can read his whole plan in its entirety in his Concord Monitor article titled “David Coursin: Let The NRA Feel Our Strength.” Other anti gun   “must reads” by  David Coursin found in the Concord Monitor  include “David Coursin: Nobody Can See Through The NRA’s Blindfold” and “David Coursin: Let’s Redefine What It Means To Be Pro-Gun.”


A reminder… the NRA is the largest gun safety organization in the world and it’s comprised of LAW ABIDING gun owners , some of which are right here in Northwood. 


Cheryl Dean




Thank You


We would like to extend a big thank you to the following community vendors for coming to the Northwood School Open House: Northwood Recreation Department; PTA & End 68 Hours of Hunger: Fresh Picks Food Company: Girl Scouts of America and Boy Scouts of America; Friends of Northwood Recreation; and CBNA Student Representing Diversity Book Club.


Northwood School had a wonderful turnout at Open House last night! Thank you to colleagues and families for making this such a great event!!!


Ms. Young, Principal and Mr. Alford, Assistant Principal



Letter To The Editor

Shame on you, Cheryl Ann.


As some of you who travel Rte. 4 may have noticed, Cheryl Ann Dean, the doyen of Northwood Republican politics and mother of our former representative Yvonne, has erected a sign in her yard. It is a mock-up of Dr. David Coursin’s campaign sign with an added feature: GUN CONTROL EXTREMIST.


First of all, this is a lie. And anyone who has spent a few minutes talking with Dr. Coursin about his views on gun safety would recognize it as such. He is not an extremist on this - or any other issue. Rather he is an informed and thoughtful person who is seeking solutions to this and other public health issues that we confront.


Second, these kinds of polemics serve only to further polarize and divide an electorate that is already divided. We need representatives who will address the challenges we face, not politicize issues to divide us.


Finally, I must wonder how guilty by association the other candidates, whose signs are in her yard, are by this display. While some may wish to join her in this sentiment, others might see it, rightly, as a “turn-off.”


Guns kill almost 100 people in America each day. Opioids are a close second. We need solutions to these public health crises. Not dumb signs. Take it down.


Tom Chase


Candidate, Rockingham County

House District 32



Letter To The Editor


Our swap shop is open for business! Although it’s not completely finished, thanks in large part to the board of selectmen, we can use it.


Many thanks go to Bill 

Johnson for doing the foam insulation, E-Z Docking Solutions, John Tower, for the ramp and platform, the Rockingham County House of Corrections Inmate Work Program, for the enormous amount of work they have done, and the generous donation of wallboard for the ceiling and walls. Many others have donated time and energy as well. Rose has been a great help, above and beyond, through all of this. There is still a lot to do, so I will be calling the volunteers and there will be a sign-up sheet, so sign up and join the fun.


As many have probably heard, our new town administrator has accepted a job elsewhere. She was treated very badly by the board of selectmen. I often wonder who these selectmen think they are! Now what? I’ve heard one selectman wants to hire a person who worked in that position before, who, in my opinion, did a lousy job but catered to the board. That doesn’t sound like a good idea. 


Something has to be done to fix this mess that we’re in. It’s a long way to the March elections and a lot of damage can be done in that amount of time. We need to seriously consider what we want for our town as we move forward. Do we really want to continue in the same manner or do we want to bring integrity and civility back to the board of selectmen. In this day and age, respect for one another is more important than ever before. We need to be kind to one another and this board doesn’t understand this.


Til next time,

Viena Dow



Letter To The Editor

Listening Over Insisting


A number of people in Northwood have expressed their concern about the sign on Rte. 4 that calls me, David Coursin, candidate for State Representative for Northwood, a “gun control extremist.” Those who know me have contacted me personally and alerted me to social media posts and a letter to the editor about the sign. 


I’ve met several voters while campaigning who had seen the sign and were confused by it after we talked about my thoughts on gun ownership.  They were confused because they hadn’t heard anything extreme. I have been equally confused, as I don’t consider myself to be extreme in any of my views. At times like this, talking personally with the person involved has always been the best way for me to understand the situation. That’s why I knocked on Cheryl Dean’s door to talk to her about the sign in her yard.


We talked for about an hour and a half.  My sense was that we walked the line of listening without insisting pretty well, despite, as she said, disagreeing on almost everything.  I shared study results pointing to a significant agreement between gun owners and non-owners about what I think of as sensible gun ownership policies. She regards these policies as examples of extreme gun control, thus the sign. 


We’ve agreed that I would share those studies with her so she could evaluate their reliability for herself.  She described considerable personal experience suggesting the studies must be wrong, and I’ve asked her to share the studies she knows about whose results support her experience.


I encourage anyone with questions about my views on gun ownership to contact me. My email is or you can message me via my Facebook page @DrDavidCoursin. I will certainly listen.


David Coursin












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