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December 12, 2018


The final 2018 meeting of the Northwood Democrats will be held in the  Community Hall in Northwood Narrows, Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 6:30pm. We will honor and celebrate candidate Dr. David Cousin and campaign manager Grace Mattern’s victory in the General Election with a pot-luck dessert reception. Bring a dessert to share. Beverages will be provided. 


Please RSVP to Tom Chase, Chair,





To the Community of Northwood and its surrounding areas:

Thank you!  With the recent tragic loss of our son Tyler Metalious we experienced the greatness of the community we live in.  The tremendous amount of support in the form of meals, gift cards and the GoFundMe page was only surpassed by the outpouring of kind words, thoughts and prayers.  Just to know how much people care about us and how many people cared about Tyler means the world to us.  It’s impossible to thank everyone individually which is why we chose this means of showing our appreciation for what everyone has done for us during this most difficult time.  If we were to try to thank everyone then we would surely forget to mention many.  So again, thank you everyone for everything you have done for us.  You are why this community is so great!



Kevin, Michelle, Austin, Abigail and Ryan 



Northwood School Quarter 1 Honor Roll 2018-2019


Ms. Jocelyn Young, Principal and Mr. Adrian Alford, Assistant Principal are pleased to announce the honor roll for the first quarter.


Grade 8 High Honor Roll

Megan Adams, Aiden Cox


Grade 8 Honor Roll

Caleb Adams, Carly Clemmer, Maximus Compton, Henry Devaney, Jayden Hartigan, Pacey Labelle, Adam Ludwikowski, Allie McGuigan, Conor Pease, Carl Peters, Benjamin Place, Tyler Tkaczyk


Grade 7 High Honor Roll

Kyla Demontigny, Bailee DeTrude, Andrew George, Somer Loto, Hannah Shortt, Holly Smith, Makennah Tatem


Grade 7 Honor Roll

Alyviah Blad, Andrew DeBello, Campbell Hartford, Maxwell Heigis, Tabitha Hollinrake, Jaida Hurd, Michaela Linskey, Saere McGuinness, Kiley Murphy, Kylie Prusia, Judith Quinney, Olivia Swett, Chloe Walters


Grade 6 High Honor Roll

Serenity Brown, Eilah Crawn, Amy Demaine, Kailyn Harlow, Emili Sheldon, Emily Valli


Grade 6 Honor Roll

Elizabeth Abernathy, Sophia Arroyo, Lillian Biron, Jeremy Bisson, Austin Companion, Caleb Edgecomb, Jorgia Garrow, Carson Hodgdon, Anthony Hoyos, Cameron Lee, Aiden McGuigan, Eli McNeil, Natalie Mello, Isaiah Petrin, Mary Reardon, Ryan Rodler, Liam White


Grade 5 High Honor Roll

Natalie George, Jackson Miller, Breanne Peters


Grade 5 Honor Roll

Carolyn Abernathy, Mylie DeMoss, Kahlan Gilbert, Gabriella Grogan, Zoe Harlow, Evelyn Heppler, Kaitlyn Linskey. Dean Loukola, Emma Mayo, Brayden McGrath, Meghan Murphy, Emma-Lee Place, Kaiden Schultz, Colton Spinale





Last winter our woodstove seemed almost “dead.”

Found lots of creosote buildup...

All fixed, thanks to Ted.

Our kitchen drawers were all out of line.

Just ask Ted - fixed!

Every drawer is fine.

Karl loves stacking wood; so do I.

But almost six cords-

Ted was here by our sides.

Our deck needed painting; and 

Karl and I like to paint.

Too hot all summer, tho.

We decided to wait.

Ted “wanted” to help.

We sure appreciate him.

Punky foundation needed “work.”

He fixed everything again!!

Ted replaced a broken window, insulated sky lights.

This guy is terrific. An my gosh, is he bright!!

When he visits (no labor) with Lily,

we share special thoughts...

on our nation’s wracked history, current events that are wrought...

With anger and angst and analysis, and scope.

Ted Wilkinson, you’re our “go-to,” our mentor, our Hope!!!


Donna Duff



Letter To The Editor

School Funding Idea


I read with interest Jim Hadley’s recent letter comparing tax rates in Northwood and Nottingham from 2011-2018. What caught my eye was the fact that during that time, Northwood’s state education tax rate had decreased 10% while Nottingham’s state education tax rate decreased 11%.


How could this be? A tax rate going down?


As it turns out, the State’s annual contribution to locals schools is set at $363 million by RSA 76:3. So the State Department of Revenue Administration takes the total property value in the state and divides it into $363 million to determine what the rate should be.


And, as you would expect - and as is evidenced by the new construction going on here and elsewhere in the state - the total property value has increased over these seven years. So, more property = lower rate.


But here’s an idea. What if the state left the rate unchanged? It would raise an extra $36.3 million to distribute to our chronically underfunded schools.


This wouldn’t make much of a dent, but it would represent a small step towards the state taking more responsibility for providing an adequate education for the state’s children, as the State Constitution calls for.


Let’s hope that our newly elected House and Senate look seriously at education funding reform before the state gets hauled into court again for “Claremont - Round 3.”


Tom Chase













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