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December 6, 2017


This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature:

1944’s “Christmas Holiday”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (December 8 &9) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1944’s noir-ish melodrama “Christmas Holiday,” starring Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly.


Before shipping out overseas, Lt. Charles Mason discovers, via a telegram, that his fiancée has married another man. He decides to go and confront her in person, but bad weather forces his plane to San Francisco to land in New Orleans. While in The Big Easy, Mason meets a man who takes him to a nightclub/brothel. Performing there is singer Jackie Lamont (Durbin). Mason offers to buy Jackie a drink, but instead she asks him to take her to midnight Mass, as it is Christmas Eve. Jackie becomes uncontrollably upset during Mass, after afterward tells Mason her story (through flashbacks). Her real name is Abigail, and she’s married to a man named Robert Manette (Kelly) who is serving a life sentence for murder. Robert came from a prominent New Orleans family where he lived with his domineering mother in the family estate. When he and Abigail met, they felt an instant connection. Robert warned Abigail that he was a gambler, but that he would give it up if she married him.  They lived for several months in wedded bliss, but then Robert began staying out all night. One evening, Robert murders his bookie, and his mother covers up the crime, expecting Abigail to assist in this deception. The police catch Robert; he is convicted and sent to prison. Robert’s mother blames Abigail for not being supportive. Abigail changes her name to avoid being recognized, but stays in New Orleans to be near Robert, as, despite everything, she still loves him. Soon after telling Mason her story, Robert breaks out of jail and heads straight to find Abigail. Can a Christmas miracle save the day?


Despite the fact that its two leads, Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly, were both big Hollywood musical stars in their day, “Christmas Holiday” is a rarely seen film.  It also casts both the actors completely against type: Durbin, usually the good girl, playing a “hostess” in a questionable “nightclub,” and Kelly, always the charming, affable hero, here playing anything but. Christmas is really only the background to this story, which is dark and complicated. If you’ve never seen Gene Kelly play a “bad guy,” this is the film for you. So grab your popcorn and join us after dark for this rare screen gem from the past.


Join LRPA After Dark as we celebrate the holidays all month long: 


December 15 & 16: 1980’s “A Christmas Without Snow”


December 22 & 23: 1935’s “Scrooge” followed by Christmas cartoons 


December 29 & 30: 1941’s “Meet John Doe”


And on Monday December 25: a day of family-friendly holiday movies, shows and cartoons!



Northwood School Quarter 1 Honor Roll 2017-2018


Ms. Jocelyn Young, Principal and Mr. Adrian Alford, Assistant Principal are pleased to announce the honor roll for the first quarter.


Grade 8 High Honor Roll

Megan Brieger, Skye Loto, Eva Roy, Kiara Summers, Anne Thoms


Grade 8 Honor Roll

Mikaela Belanger, Burke Bulger, Jordan Dean, Mallory Farrar, Nicole Gaedtke, Lucas Laliotis, Alexander Quaglia, Seth Quinney, Natalie Sinnamon, Parker Tatem, Elizabeth White


Grade 7 High Honor Roll

Caleb Adams, Megan Adams, Aidan Cox, Nathaniel Curtis, Olivia McGrail, Allie McGuigan, Tyler Tkaczyk


Grade 7 Honor Roll

Rylye Coe, Gabri-el Collins, Adam Ludwikowski, Zachary Ludwikowski, Cecilia Mello, Ean Pinard, Katerina Xanthopoulos


Grade 6 High Honor Roll

Kyla Demontigny, Andrew George, Somer Loto, Olivia Swett, Makennah Tatem


Grade 6 Honor Roll

Alyviah Blad, Braiden Currier, Bailee DeTrude, Campbell Hartford, Maxwell Heigis, Jaida Hurd, Michaela Linskey, Kiley Murphy, Judith Quinney, Hannah Shortt, Holly Smith, Julia Stevens, Elizabeth Wolf


Grade 5 Honor Roll

Ryan Bailey, Lillian Biron, Jeremy Bisson, Eilah Crawn, Amy Demaine, Caleb Edgecomb, Lillian Gonzalo, Kaylyn Harlow, Anthony Hoyos, Cameron Lee, Aiden McGuigan, Isaiah Petrin, Aiden Quaglia, Ryan Rodler, Constance Russo, Aiden Severance, Emili Sheldon, Shayanna Spenard, Emily Valli



Letter To The Editor


Many are wondering, why does a member of the school board pick and choose only the negative statistics to present in the local paper?  For instance, on the most recently available standardized test scores from the NH DOE website, out of 12 possible categories (reading and math scores for each of grades 3,4,5,6, 7 and 8), Mr Jandebeur only reports to us the 2 out of 12 that have dropped (grades 3 and 4, reading).  Of the other 10 categories, where significant leaps were made from the previous year, he makes no mention.  He mentions only 17 percent of the test scores, the ones that trended down.  Another way of saying this could be that he disparages the total of 24 points that were a decrease but makes no mention of the total increase in improvement, an impressive 96 points.  And he makes a point of telling us he spent $132 to put the bad news in the paper.  Sad, really, that he spent that hard earned money, not to celebrate the 96 percentage points gained in improvements of the students of the school he represents, but their 24 points lost.


In the same letter he states “While Facebook says that the cost of education in Northwood is $14K per student, in reality it is closer to $20K. While Facebook touts how well we are doing educationally the reality is quite different.” Yet he sites not a single source for this dollar figure.  Facebook didn’t come up with these numbers, the NH DOE did and it’s quite clearly stated on their website how they are figured, which is more than Mr. Jandebeur is willing to supply.  


Some in town applaud him for his “transparency”.  Where is the transparency in tossing out numbers to scare and anger people without providing the sources of his “information”?  That’s irresponsible plain and simple, made even more egregious by the unfortunate fact that he is an elected official of the town. 



Beth Benham



Letter To The Editor

Unconditional Love is as Close as Your Nearest Rescue


Mary’s Dogs Rescue and Adoption is a nonprofit organization located on Route 4 at 984 First NH Turnpike in Northwood.  It was founded in 2011 by Mary Doane in an effort to make a difference in the lives of dogs and people.  To date, Mary’s Dogs has rescued and re-homed over 2,500 dogs.  Most of the dogs and puppies come from high kill shelters in the South.  Our dogs are friendly, sweet, snuggly, and playful.  They were abandoned, neglected or, in most cases, just never given a chance in the first place.  By the time our dogs or puppies are in their furever homes, they’re healthy, vaccinated, and microchipped. 


This Holiday Season, consider adopting one of our dogs or puppies.  Not interested in a puppy, we have older, more wiser dogs too ~ and they are already house trained!  You can view our adoptable furbabies at  Dogs have a way of finding the people that need them and filling a space we didn’t even know we had.  If you cannot adopt one of our special rescues, please consider donating to our organization.  Your donation is tax deductible.  We are always looking for blankets, towels, dog treats, tennis balls, paper towels, Clorox Wipes, and stuffed squeaky toys.  We are also looking for volunteers to help with our rescue.  This is a perfect opportunity for those Seniors that need to fulfill their community service requirements.  Email us at for more information. 


Saving one dog will not save the world, but for that one dog, the world will change forever!


Happy Holidays!

Kristen Kiernan

Volunteer at Mary’s Dogs



Letter To Editor


The transfer station is a big financial part of the town budget. It’s important to be able to accurately account for all the recycling programs. If any of these programs are not working, we need to find a better one. There are many recycling programs in the state, so options are available to find programs that work for us.


When it comes to answers about individual costs and revenues, I am at a loss. Generally, we, as residents and taxpayers, leave the running of the town to the people we elect and the people they hire to do these jobs, but if we have questions, we need to find answers. It should not be as complicated as it is to get these answers. 


I’ve been asking fairly simple questions for a while now but with the process we have in place it is very difficult to find answers to specific questions. We need to find a way to more easily see what each recycling program is doing. To simply say they are doing well is not enough; we need to know they are doing well and that means seeing the numbers.


The transfer station is a large expense, and one we can control to some extent. We need to find a way that enables us to more easily access information about our recycling programs. I’m sure the financial end of it is accurate; it’s just difficult to find individual answers about individual recycling areas.


We cannot improve our recycling programs without knowing how they are working now.


Til Next Time,

Viena Dow












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