Pittsfield NH News

March 4, 2009



Denise Davis of Goldsboro, North Carolina, has returned home after spending ten days with her mother, Margaret Chagnon, at her home on Manchester Street and visiting her brothers, David and Gary and their families. While here, on February 21st. she  was guest of honor at a surprise 50th Birthday party with family and a few friends.

Staci Coogan of Loudon was named to the Castleton State College, Castleton, VT, Dean’s List for the Fall 2008 semester. To qualify for this academic honor, the student must maintain full-time status and a semester grade point average of 3.5 Staci is a biology major.

Celebrating Birthdays are: March 4, Michael Bender; March 5, Keriann Lank; March 6, Eric Tiede; March 8, Tim Pethic; March 9 Crystal Blodgett, Stan Bailey.

A very happy Birthday to one and all.

Best Wishes to John and Judith Dunne who  celebrate their Wedding Anniversary today, March 4th.



I am writing this letter in response to Susan Willoughby. John Lenaerts resigned 7/29/08 and the Board decided to not advertise the position until 8/31/08.

After advertising in the newspaper the Board decided that they did not receive enough applications and to continue their search until 9/30/08 and advertise on Channel 24 and the website in addition to the newspaper.

On 9/30 the Board decided to interview each applicant on 10/21/08.

On 12/09/08 Fred Hast was appointed the Board after complaints and concerns from a citizen that the position had to be filled by RSA. Fred was sworn in on 12/16/08.

There was plenty of opportunity for any citizen to apply for the position and only 4 took the opportunity to do so.

Would appreciate your vote on March 10th.

Fred Hast



Mission Trip To Honduras

Once a year, usually in January, John Feeny of Kaime, Road, Chichester and his brother, Bill of Waltham, Mass., join a nondenominational group, “Vision International Missions” out of Manchester, New Hampshire for a trip to Honduras. This mission makes ten trips annually, This was John’s 11th year and Bill’s 13th. They were among a group of ten, basically from the Plymouth and Ashland area. They worked with a Honduran dentist, an American nurse (who made the trip with the group) and a female Honduran doctor, assisting in both fields. (John mainly does extractions). However, before a clinic begins, some preaching is involved and occasionally an evening church service is held.

This year, between dentistry and medicine, 1100 patients were cared for in eight different villages. John will tell you, :It is a rewarding experience that everyone should take part in at least once in his/her life!”




Dear Pittsfield Voters:
On March 10th there is a crucial crossroads decision to be made.

You will be voting on Planning Board members.

I strongly urge you to support Jim Pritchard.

For 6 years Pritchard has worked tirelessly to develop a legal based, all inclusive, change to Pittsfield’s vague and somewhat arbitrary zoning ordinance. This change sites precedence and specific law statutes that govern zoning do’s and don'ts.

All too often, for far too many years zoning decisions have been inconsistent and, in some cases, unlawful.

This has left petitioners bewildered, not knowing what ordinance provision(s) really applied to their situation(s).

How can we expect our tax base to  improve if prospective new businesses steer clear of our town, due to the current zoning ordinance confusion?

Vote for Jim Pritchard’s proposed ordinance changes. Ballot Article Six.

Jim Pritchard is a person of conviction. Knowledge and integrity. He will always make decisions based on law and fairness.

Current Planning Board members want you to vote on having board members appointed not chosen by you.

Vote to continue election of Planning Board members.

Please put Jim Pritchard on Pittsfield’s Planning Board and send a clear message to the town government that we, as citizens, expect more from those who are representing us.
Let’s end influence by developers and the good old Boy’s Network.

Ted Mitchell




Homeowners Of Pittsfield:
According to their minutes, the majority of members of the Planning Board agreed to change the Zoning Table of Uses for our town. I know they did this with good intentions, however, they failed to consider the negative ramifications to homeowners. Their plan allows auto repair/body shops, “high-density cluster developments,” and “manufactured housing parks,” to name a few changes, in suburban and rural zones BY RIGHT. Just imagine, your neighbor decides to move, sells their home and land, and the person who purchases it puts in an auto repair shop OR the field or wooded area across the road is sold to a developer, who builds a “cluster development” or establishes a “manufactured housing park.” These changes WILL reduce the value of YOUR property if this happens in the vicinity of your home.

To protect the value of your  home vote NO on Articles 2, 3, 4 and 5.

These articles are recommended by the board (even though they admit to typographical errors within the table.) These articles are, however, NOT in the best interest of the homeowner. These changes in zone usage WILL LOWER the VALUE of YOUR PROPERTY, and could be DISRUPTIVE to your neighborhood. Vote NO on Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5!

It is vital to our town that zoning terms and definitions are clear and follow state guidelines. It is important that there are no “loop holes” allowing individuals or businesses, and their lawyers to manipulate regulations to meet their needs with little regard to the town or your neighborhood. To clarify Pittsfield’s confusing regulations and inconsistent decisions by the board vote YES on Article 6.

EJ Legg



School Lunch Menus
March 9-13, 2008


Monday - Pancakes, sausage links, applesauce, orange wedge, milk.
Tuesday - Meatball sub, French fries, apple, milk.
Wednesday - Spaghetti with meatsauce, garlic bread, green beans, diced pears, milk.
Thursday - Steak & cheese on roll, potato salad or veggie, brownie, milk.
Friday - Cheese pizza, veggie sticks with dip, sliced peaches, milk.


Monday - Hot dog with roll, fries, pickles, fruit, milk or yogurt tray, chicken salad.
Tuesday - Sloppy Joe, buttered noodles, veg., fruit, milk or yogurt tray, tuna salad.
Wednesday - BLT wraps, pretzels, celery sticks, fruit, milk or yogurt tray, Caesar salad.
Thursday - Cheeseburger, rice, rolls, veg., fruit, milk or yogurt tray, egg salad.
Friday - Homemade cheese pizza, carrot sticks, fresh fruit, milk or yogurt tray, cheese salad.


Monday - Pizza, corn, fruit, milk.
Tuesday - Grilled cheese, tomato soup, veggies, fruit, milk.
Wednesday - Pasta salad, bread, fruit, milk.
Thursday - Chicken, veggies, fruit, milk.
Friday - BLT, soup, veggies, fruit, milk.


Monday - Turkey sandwich, salad, fruit, milk.
Tuesday - Shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit, milk.
Wednesday - Ravioli, veggie, fruit, milk.
Thursday - Popcorn chicken, veggie, fruit, milk.
Friday - Pizza, fruit, milk.



Pittsfield Police Department  Arrest  Log

On February 8, 2009, Barbara McNair, 49, of Catamount Road, Pittsfield, was charged with Criminal Mischief and given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 3/6/09.

On February 8, 2009, John McNair, 53, of Catamount Road, Pittsfield, was charged with Simple Assault and given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 3/6/09.

On February 10, 2009, Nevin Drew, 20, of Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, NH, was arrested on a Bench Warrant and was given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 3/26/09.

On February 14, 2009, Robert Bubacz, 27, of Depot Street, Pittsfield, was arrested on a Warrant and given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 2/14/09.

On February 14, 2009, Keith Scribner, 47, of Chestnut Street, Pittsfield, was charged with DWI and was given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 3/6/09.

On February 16, 2009, Francis LeBlanc, 24, of Main Street, Pittsfield, was charged with Operating with a Suspended Registration and given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 3/17/09.

On February 19, 2009, Stephen Hopkins, 33, of Parade Hill Road, Center Barnstead, NH, was charged with Negligent Driving and given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on

On February 19, 2009, Judith Masse, 27, of Bridge Street, Pittsfield, was charged with Disorderly Conduct and given a court date to appear in Concord District Court on 3/20/09.

Respectfully Submitted,
Chief Robert Wharem



Meet Officer Richard Wiltshire Of The Pittsfield Police Department

Officer Wiltshire has been in law enforcement for six years and a proud member of the Army National Guard for ten years.

Wiltshire joined the Pittsfield Police Department because he wanted to serve the community and protect and help people.

Officer Wiltshire is married and enjoys hockey and motorcycles.

The Pittsfield Police Department is proud to have Officer Wiltshire as a member of the team that is helping to make the Pittsfield Police a stronger department.




I am writing to ask Pittsfield voters to vote NO on Town Meeting Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5, which are Zoning Revisions from the Planning Board; to vote YES on Article 6, which is a citizen-petitioned Zoning revision; and to vote for Jim Pritchard for Planning Board. I served several years on the Zoning Board, and one year as its Chair before I retired. I noticed that people don’t like the restrictions of rules, but those same people, when threatened, want protection. The Planning Board’s proposal eliminates zoning protections that we take for granted. It would allow, in the Rural and Suburban districts, residential housing development on driveways, with multi-family apartments, and with about 3 dwelling units/acre - almost the same as the Urban district. The Planning Board’s proposal, would, in my opinion, be a disaster to the town. Several times, Jim appeared before the Zoning Board, on behalf of himself or others. He was always fully prepared and knowledgeable, and the citizen proposal, which mostly he wrote, is well thought out. I am certain that Jim, if elected, would be fair, understanding, and compassionate and would, above all, work within the law. The citizen proposal, if adopted, would let people do legally more than they can now but with necessary protections that neighbors expect. This is Pittsfield’s most important election since I moved here 12 years ago. Jim is the most qualified candidate for Planning Board that I have ever seen. I strongly urge you to forget personal insults that you may have heard about Jim. Please vote what is best for the town - and for yourself. Jim Pritchard for Planning Board, YES on Article 6.

Bob Lincoln




Dear Pittsfield Voters,
Before you vote on the Planning Board’s warrant article which changes the current Zoning Ordinance, please become familiar with the current ordinance and what the Planning Board has recommended for changes.  The best way to do this is to obtain a copy of the current ordinance and a copy of the proposed changes.  Look closely at the “table of uses” or “use table” and Articles 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

After attending Planning Board meetings and hearings on this subject, I believe the proposed changes are not in the best interests of ”the town” of Pittsfield and all residents.  Some who advocated and voted for these changes are not in support of laws and rules in general, going so far as to attempt to abolish our Zoning Board. 

My husband and I have lived in Pittsfield for 17 years and have always been supportive of responsible land use and development, Economic and otherwise; while promoting the “small business” or “in home” occupation, something the current zoning ordinance allows for. 

The differing points of view on this subject come down to the “Free State” philosophy, taking the “Live Free or Die” motto verbatim.  These views do not promote healthy community living, where everyone’s rights are considered.

Thank you and please vote NO on the Planning Board Warrant Article to change our Zoning Ordinances!

Donna Keeley



Please Vote NO For SB2

Apparently  “No,” only means “No,” when someone is attempting to revisit the Town Manager form of government and not when it comes to changing from Town Meeting format to SB2.

I believe there is a huge misconception that SB2 curtails taxes and keeps small town schools from increasing their budgets while maintaining a quality of education for our children.

This year, for example, the default budget for the Pittsfield School district would have been over $315,000 more than the proposed budget. An uninformed voter, brainwashed into thinking a vote for the default budget reflects positively on the taxpayer’s wallet, would have increased our tax rate by over $1 per thousand. This, coupled with the lost revenue from the state, could have sent our tax rate soaring.

In Pittsfield we elect a School Board and appoint a Budget Committee to create and review a budget before being presented to the townspeople. These people should be trusted. Countless hours are spent modifying budgets, finding and applying cuts and coming up with a bottom line that both serves our children and respects our ability to pay.

If there are differences, I welcome the opportunity to compromise with my neighbor in a Town Meeting format to bring about a result that we all can live with.

Dan Schroth, one of the petitioners of the article up for vote, admitted at the SB2 Public Hearing that he doesn’t care whether or not SB2 passes; he even suggested that SB2 may NOT be the right choice. Dan believes it’s worth a gamble. I believe the education of our children shouldn’t be determined by “rolling the dice.”

A “No” vote for SB2 would be appreciated.

Ross Morse


Area Students Named To New England College Dean’s List

The following area students were on the Dean’s List at New England College in Henniker, NH, for the Fall 2008 semester:

Cassandra Escabi, of Allenstown, a sophomore.
Kimberly Hanson, of Center Barnstead, a senior.
Shannon O’Neil, of Deerfield, a junior.
Brandon Bell, of Loudon, a senior.
Nicholas Paradie, of Loudon, a senior.
Nicholas Paradis, of Pembroke, a senior.
Erin Webber, of Pittsfield, a junior.




Spring is in the air which means, so is the election. To me, both are good news. Colleen Laro is running for Town Clerk/Tax Collector. Colleen is a proud native Pittsfield woman, a true believer in the community, who I feel will bring much devotion to our citizens. Colleen has a strong work ethic, various levels of experience to bring to the position, a willingness to learn and an eagerness to serve. I believe Colleen will give her best to the Town of Pittsfield, taking on the commitment with a fresh perspective and the dedication our community deserves. Please help me in supporting Colleen Laro for Pittsfield Town Clerk/Tax Collector on March 10th.

Thank You,
Larry Konopka
Citizen of Pittsfield




Dear Pittsfield Voter,
My name is Kathy Corliss and I am a candidate for School Board.  We built our home here 18 years ago and have 3 children enrolled in Pittsfield schools.

I still believe a good education opens the door of opportunity, and should produce well rounded, productive citizens whether one enters the workforce or continues educational pursuits. We need to produce students able to compete in a global economy.

With consolidation of our SAU, and administration that knows and understands our children and community, we have an opportunity to focus on developing the continuity that has been missing between our two schools.  Additionally, Middle High School administrative changes have given me hope for positive change, with leadership that not only listens, but hears and takes into consideration, community and parental concerns. 

Educated in a community similar to Pittsfield, I (thoroughly) enjoyed participation in sports, band and chorus. My graduating class contained 45 students.  I continued my studies to receive a civil engineering degree.  Having worked in both the public and private sectors, and self-employed while our children were young, I’m familiar with the need to be fiscally responsible and accountable.

Our children’s school and social activities introduced us to peers and parents, and volunteer opportunities with scouting and coaching. Experience with these organizations has solidified my interest in seeing all youth make the important decision and commitment, to excel in their educational, as well as extra-curricular, pursuits. 

As taxpayers we are acutely aware of the financial burden faced with respect to educating our children.  It is my desire, that as your representative, I can work with administration, teaching staff and parents, in returning excellence and student accountability to our school, while balancing the burden on our long time residents and local taxpayers.  Thanks for your consideration.

Kathleen Corliss



Pittsfield Annual School District Meeting

During school district meeting, which will be held at 7:00p.m. on Thursday March 12, 2009, in the PES gymnasium, Pittsfield’s citizens will gather to discuss the education of our students and vote on the school’s financial warrant articles. 

The proposed operating budget is $168,578 lower than the current school year, but due to projected income reductions (from the State of NH, federal government, and the school’s projection that there will not be a fund balance at the end of the current school year) the estimated property tax impact is 50 cents per thousand.  A warrant article, if approved, to continue saving for major building maintenance projects could add 11 cents per thousand.

Significant cost increases reflected in the proposed budget include $413,410 for payments such as utilities, contractual salary increases, health insurance, the NH retirement system, special education tuition and transportation.  Major decreases include $789, 855 in payments for debt service (the bond for Pittsfield Elementary School has been paid!), relocation of the SAU office to PMHS, reductions in textbooks/supplies, and the elimination of nine positions.  The personnel reductions include one half of an administrative position, 5 teachers and 3.5 support staff positions.
The Pittsfield School Board has tried very hard to present a budget that supports the continued improvement of student learning in Pittsfield, and minimizes the school’s impact on our taxes. 

Please come to Pittsfield’s annual school district meeting,

Mary Paradise, Scott Brown, Gary Colby, Leslie Vogt, Mike Wolfe
Pittsfield School Board



Pittsfield Fire and Rescue Service News
January 2009

During the month of January, seventy-three calls for emergency assistance were received. This is the second highest call volume on record for a single month. Fire and EMS personnel responded to 46 medical emergencies, 11 motor vehicle accidents, 1 structure fire, 1 mutual aid stand by for a structure fire, 3 hazardous conditions, 2 service calls, 4 good intent calls, and 5 alarm activations.  Four of the calls were simultaneous responses where all units were responding to or operating at other emergency calls. Three mutual aid responses were given to other communities, six mutual aid responses (including 3 for a structure fire) were received from other communities.   One paramedic intercept was received from a neighboring department and one was provided to another community.

Members participated in an in-house EMS training to review and practice skills for their EMT practical exam for re-certification.  Three members have completed the exam and several others are scheduled to take the exam.  Members also attended an in-house fire training on hose loads and an engineers drill was conducted. 

FF/EMT-B Lyle Deane conducted a presentation on Emergency Medical Situations and the OHRV Rider at the Community Center for community members.  Chief Johnson, EMT-Intermediate Kristen Ahearn and EMT-Paramedic Alyssa MacGlashing conducted a Fire/EMS Career presentation at PMHS.

Seven code consultations and four follow up inspections were completed.  

Congratulations to Jake and Alyssa MacGlashing on the recent birth of their daughter.  Alyssa serves as a full-time paramedic for the Town of Pittsfield.

Safety Tip:  We can’t help you if we can’t find you.  Please number your house!  Having a visible address on your house is critical for emergency services to locate you as quickly as possible.




Before the holidays, short (about 300 word) articles were submitted for consideration of publication regarding what Pittsfield was doing or could do to support our men and women in uniform. These were not published. I will follow up since so many of you asked for ideas on what to do during the holidays to show we remember. One family’s children had even planned to each forgo a present so they could “adopt” a soldier for Christmas.

The Hero Tree was again included by our Chamber of Commerce at the Tree Lighting. Many thanks to the Chamber for their continued support. On December 13, there was a small gathering at Dustin Park to lay a holiday wreath of remembrance corresponding with Wreaths Across America for those who are serving and couldn’t be home to share our holiday festivities. Many of us were “in the dark” then, during the black out. Thank you, Jan Heath of Heath’s Flower Shop, for your beautiful holiday wreath donation and continued support of our sons and daughters. Thank you to Sabra Welch who rescued the wreath during the storms and snow clean up. Addresses of organizations sponsoring holiday programs and card giving were submitted. These didn’t make publication either. Mr. Ross Morse explained, “At that time space in the paper was sparse. Once the holiday had passed I thought the opportunity to support the troops for the holidays had as well.” One group was given space for 2 articles one week I understand my priorities are not always shared by others. Thank you for your explanation.

Receiving no press didn’t mean that nothing was done. We have many from our town serving in the armed forces. Got Freedom? Freedom isn’t Free. Let us not forget those who protect our liberties.

Lea Adams,
Blue Star Mother x’s 2




I’m sure there are many reasons that draw people to live in a small town, but one of the biggest has to be the sense of community.  Our kids grow up together, and we watch out for our neighbors.  In a lot of ways we are like a large extended family.  We take care of each other.  There are examples of this every day, but no better than the generosity and concern shown during the ice storm this winter and the aftermath of the tornado this past summer.  Crisis can bring out the best in people.  So why, when important decisions need to be made that affect our entire community would we choose to isolate ourselves in a voting booth?   We are so fortunate in Pittsfield to have the opportunity to come together, find out first hand what the issues are, ask questions then and there, and vote the same day. If after discussion we choose to vote secretly, we still have that option. SB2 would eliminate this privilege, this truly pure democratic process.  I think our community - our neighbors, regardless of age or economic status deserve better than that.  A good friend often quotes the phrase “It takes a village.”  I couldn’t agree more, and wouldn’t want it any other way.  I urge you to vote no on SB2.

Erica Anthony




To the people of Pittsfield,
To those of you who know me, know that I do what I feel is best for our community, whether it be on fact finding committee, various other committees in town, to include my current committees of Master Plan, Emergency Management, and as Pittsfield Representative to the Concord Regional CrimeLine. But I am not here today to talk about those, even though they are important, but I come to you on the actions of the Planning Board amendments to our upcoming Town Election.

Warrant Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5 have been “looked at” by the Planning Board. I placed the two words inside quotes because all of the articles have flaws that they even admit exist. What they hope is that the good people of Pittsfield will not know any better and vote for them, hoping that just because they are there they are good for us. Of this, I hope that come Election Day you will see that both the Articles and the Planning Board are both flawed There is one other item that will be up for election.

There is a warrant article to have the Planning Board back to being appointed. I, personally, cannot think of any Board (except for the Select Board) or committee to be elected. I would wager that the Select Board has a better pulse of the Town than any of us put together. Put the responsibility of running the Town back with the Select Board.

I urge the good people of Pittsfield to vote on March 17th, vote “NO” on Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5 and to vote yes on Article 7 to return the Planning Board back to the Select Board. Stay tuned for more letters on this year’s election Warrant Articles...


Merrill Vaughan



Letter to the Editor

WARNING – DO NOT VOTE FOR ARTICLES 2,3,4 and 5 relative to changes to the Pittsfield Zoning Ordinance on this year’s ballot. On Tuesday, March 10th, you will be asked to vote on these four articles, which are illegal.  They are illegal because during the public hearing held on these changes they were included in one article only. Now our Selectmen, Town Administrator and Town Attorney have decided to separate them into four warrant articles. This is but one more attempt to fool voters into voting for such nonsense. These articles are not clear and are not necessary. They will only confuse voters. They are also not part of Pittsfield’s Master Plan.  We have attended all the public hearings on changes the Planning Board wishes to make to our zoning ordinances and at each meeting it became more apparent that the Planning Board themselves could not explain why these changes are needed or just how they would affect Pittsfield.  Let’s send a clear message to the Planning Board that they need to go back to the drawing board and rethink what they are trying to accomplish.  This Board is not watching out for our interests, and they should be ashamed to bring these sweeping changes forward for a vote. If these changes are adopted, our property values will be negatively impacted.  There is a solution to these concerns, and it would be a YES vote for the citizen-petitioned amendment ARTICLE 6.   This amendment received well over 100 signatures and was thoughtfully and carefully explained during a public hearing.  The amendment does not include sweeping changes and will not negatively impact our community.  Please join us in voting YES on ARTICLE 6.  Thank you.

Paul and Carole Richardson




To Pittsfield Voters,
After much consideration, I have decided not to support any changes to our Zoning Ordinance. I have found many things wrong with our Planning Board’s proposal and that of the proposal submitted by petition.

I do support Article 7 making the Planning Board appointed by the Selectboard. So, I ask you to vote with me on March 10, 2009. NO on Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and YES on Article 7.

Edward L. Vien




To The Residents And Voters Of Pittsfield:
I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for letting me be your Selectman for the past three years. As your Selectman, I have learned to keep an open mind and to gather all the information possible before making my decisions. When making a decision I look at how it will affect all the residents of our town.

In the last three years, I have seen improvements made, but there is much more work to do. I would like to continue to work on our problems and make things better. That is the reason I have decided to run for another three year term for Selectman. I would ask for your support and your vote on March 10, 2009.

Edward L. Vien




The Selectboard is proud to announce George Bachelder as December’s Employee of the Month. George has been with our town over twenty-six years and is currently our Superintendent of the Public Works Department. George is a dedicated hard working employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty. George is faced with all types of challenges in which Mother Nature is the aggressor. George remains calm, strategizes, communicates and  implements the best plan of action to remedy the situation. George is dependable, courteous, professional and respectful of others. George is a preventative planner setting long term goals for equipment replacement and future purchases. George has proven to be an effective leader by setting examples for his employees, requiring essential training, proposing responsible budgets and successful department employee retention. With unforeseen disasters, George is quick to react, pulling together resources that will allow him to prevail. Broken equipment, ice storms, floods, tornado, record breaking snow storms, the safety of our citizens are the Public Works Department’s first priority. We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding Public Works Superintendent and we would like to commend George for all that he has done for our town.

Respectfully Submitted by,
Denise Morin



Letter To The Editor

To The Good Citizens Of Pittsfield:
Re: Paul and Carole Richardson’s Letter, February 25th. Suncook Valley Sun.

You claim that by voting for James Pritchard for Planning Board will guarantee that our Constitutional Rights will not be violated. Not True. Jim has a bad habit of trying to stop anything. Usually it involves tramping on a property owner’s rights.

Ask him how many times he has been to court against the town who is defending a property owner's rights.

The owner’s rights need a new direction. The basic problem - wages have not gone up in 20 years. Taxes have gone up fourfold; healthcare, fourfold; food, doubled or tripled; energy, tripled.

Is it asking too much for our property rights back so we can feed our family and pay our taxes?

I helped write and am voting for the Planning Board’s Proposal. I am voting for SB2, which we hope to use as a tool to stop our taxes from increasing. I am voting to reduce the School Board’s Budget by $160,000 at the School District’s Meeting Thursday night, March 12th, 7 p.m. at Pittsfield Elementary School, to keep taxes from increasing. Care to join me?

Dan Schroth





I came across an interesting analysis while researching NH school budgets this year. A study published 9/08 by NHpolicy.org ranked every New Hampshire town by their average cost to educate one elementary school child per year. The state average was $10716/child/year. Pittsfield’s per pupil cost was $10625 - BELOW THE AVERAGE! Pittsfield's ranked better than 2/3 of all towns. I found MANY SB2 towns that spent more per student than the $10716 state average. Whether the Pittsfield School District becomes an SB2 district or not - and I hope it does not - the school budget is not our problem. We must lower our tax rate by RESPONSIBLY increasing our tax base.

Please vote NO to SB2 on 3/10 and please attend the School District Meeting on Thursday March 12th.

God Bless Our Troops,
Rachel Wood




I wrote to alert Pittsfield residents to the tonic brew of a major zoning ordinance change that they will be asked to vote on next week. Lots of bad things there, but let me describe one that is a bell ringer.

Not mentioned in the articles you are asked to vote on, but clearly outlined in the source document (Planning Board’s complete proposal) is an example of how a multiplier would work in the Rural Zone. The example uses a ten acre parcel as an example and shows that 28 units would be allowed, where normally, ten acres (2 acre zoning) would yield three to four houses or units.

Just imagine the density this would invite if a developer had 20, 30, or a hundred acres. Add to this that four-unit apartment buildings are allowed and there is nothing that rules out each unit being a mobile home.

The Board has admitted that the example given is a mistake, but lacking time they voted 4 to 3 for the revised ordinance as written.

One member, aware of the mistake, said we can tweak it next year. NO. A developer who chooses to pick this low-hanging fruit, can use the cited example to insist on the density allowed and an approved subdivision would remain legal for the foreseeable future.

An interesting aside here which I’m given license to use by Dan Schroth’s Letter in the February 18th Sun in which he calls me a “gang” member. I ask readers to take note that the only letters that support Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5, and School Article 2, have been from that person. This fact should give us some valued guidance.

Please vote NO on Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5, YES on 7 and NO on School Article 2.

John Lenaerts



Contrary to belief I am not retiring from my position as Town Clerk/Tax Collector. I am hoping to serve another 3 year term as I have worked too long and too hard to relinquish a position that I have been dedicated to for nearly 27 years.

I would like to reflect on a few of the changes that have come about in the last few years. There is a new vital records program called Nevrin which allows us more flexibility in issuing births, marriages and death records. Also MAPP which is the online motor vehicle system which puts us directly online with the state. MAPP II will soon be instituted allowing more conveniences  to our customers. The election process has also gone through major changes with Electionet the electronic voter checklist and the Help America Vote Act which is a program for persons with disabilities. All of these programs require training and refresher courses to keep us up to date. One of the most visible changes has been the new registration form with its new look and barcodes.

The use of debit cards seems to be a frequently asked question and we hope to offer this service soon. E-reg, online registrations is another possibility, however, I still have pros and cons about it as some people just aren’t ready to put their checking account information online, in addition to another fee for the service. I am waiting to see if the state assesses another $10.00 charge to registrations before I make a decision. Also, there is a SB that will be heard next week on the possibility of having dealerships register vehicles. If this happens the town or city where the business is would receive the revenue. I have written in opposition to this.

Vote March 10th.
Elizabeth Hast



Tax Time Blues Cure Found

Ernie Bass strikes a pose while trying on dresses for his upcoming role in “Love, Sex, and the I.R.S.” at the Scenic Theatre.

Having a bout of blues over your taxes? Received an audit notice? Need a stimulus check or rebate?

Well, check out The Pittsfield Players’ upcoming production of “Love, Sex and the I.R.S.” to take your mind off your economic situation! Written by William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, this play is guaranteed to give you a funny return on your investment!
This laugh-a-minute performance, directed by John Charron and starring Ernie Bass, Nate Strong, Kate Mara, Mike Hobson and Carole Neveux, will leave you trying to collect yourself.

Two out-of-work male roommates struggle to pay their New York City rent in the ‘70s. One guy figures to file their tax return listing the couple as married to save a little money. The I.R.S. agent appears for an audit and meets up with the two schemers, who frantically try to deceive him. The girlfriend and mother get in on the act with hilarious results, giving the G-man what he deserves. Rounding out the energetic cast are Len Miller, Meghan Ireland and Steve Bissonnette.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., this is a great way to poke fun at tax time!  Dates are March 27, 28 at 8 p.m.; March 29 at 2 p.m.; April 3, 4 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12 and available through Ticket Leap at www.pittsfieldplayers.com or by calling the theater at 435-8852. The theater is located at 6 Depot Street, Pittsfield.




Newell S. Bugbee

Newell S. Bugbee of Reading passed on Monday, February 23, 2009, at the Arnold House Nursing Home. He was 88 years of age.

Born in Waterville, Maine, Newell was the son of the late Lillian (Higgins) Bugbee and Leslie U. Bugbee.  Newell was a warm and caring husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. He will be sorely missed.

During high school Newell was active in drama, school newspaper. He was an honor student and a member of the Glee Club.  He was a member of the Camera Club and Vice President of the Senior Class.  

Newell was a passionate patriot, loved the USA, and was proud of his service to his country. During WWII, Newell proudly defended our freedom by serving in the United States Army, 841st  Ordnance Division. He was a Staff Sergeant in the European Theatre.

Newell worked for General Motors for 40 years.  He also owned Merri-Mart in Lawrence for 5 years. Newell was an avid history buff, loved science, gardening, and enjoyed fishing with family and friends. He was a great story teller, and had a wonderful sense of humor.

Newell was the beloved husband of the late Katherine P. (Larracey) Bugbee; Loving father of Laurinda Gallant and her husband George of Ashland; Karen “Bonnie” German and her husband Manuel of Reading; Wendie Bugbee of Pittsfield, NH,; and the late Patrick Bugbee; Dr. Darlena Blucher and Capt. Gary Bugbee, US Army; cherished grandfather of 10; great-grandfather of 4; Dear brother of Alta Giroux of Augusta, ME; and the late Thurl Bugbee; and half brother of Leslie Bugbee Jr.;  also survived by many loving nieces and nephews. 


A Funeral was held  from the Doherty-Barile Family Funeral Home, Reading, Saturday, February 28, 2009, followed by a Funeral Mass Celebrating Newell’s Life in  St. Agnes Church,  Reading.

Interment was held at  St. Francis Catholic Cemetery, Waterville, ME.  

Please honor Newell with donations to the American Cancer Society, 30 Speen St., Framingham, MA 01701. 

For directions or to send a memorial condolence www.josephdohertyfuneralhome.com


Herman A. Towle, Jr.

Herman A. Towle, Jr.,  82, of Alton, died February 25th at the Epsom Manor Health Center, following a long illness.

He was born in Loudon, the son of Herman and Elizabeth Towle.

He lived in Pittsfield for many years and had lived in Alton for the past 34 years.

His early years spent in Pittsfield, he worked at Danis Market, and then Northeast Electronics in Concord. He retired as a quality control manager from the Central Screw Co in Keene. He later worked for the Barton Brothers Lumber Co. He served in the US Navy during WW II and then in the US Air Force Reserve.

He is survived by his wife of 61 years,  Norma  (Frenette) Towle of Alton;  a daughter, Susan T. Conrad and husband Harold (Tim) of Barnstead; a son, Harry Towle and his wife Fatima of Orlando, Florida; two  grandsons, Jason Conrad and wife Amy of Greenville, North Carolina, Gregory Conrad and wife Kelly of Alton, NH; and  a granddaughter, Jennifer Brand and husband Thomas of Windham, N.H; 5 great-grandchildren; a brother, Albert Towle of Penacook; and a sister, Elizabeth Blanchard of Concord.

There are no Visiting hours.

A Graveside Service will be scheduled in the spring in the Mount Hope Cemetery, Loudon.

Donations may be made to the Oscar Foss Memorial Library, PO Box 219, Center Barnstead, NH  03225.

The Perkins & Pollard Memorial Home in Pittsfield is assisting with arrangements.













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