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May 27, 2009



On June 6th, the Pittsfield Beautification Committee will be participating in the Town Wide Yard Sale.  The proceeds from this sale will be used to buy plants for the 5 areas around Pittsfield that we “beautify” each year, as well as 5 large flower planters on sidewalks located in downtown Pittsfield. If you have any questions or items to donate, please call Theresa Riel at 435-6952.

Rob Welch, son of Daniel and Sabra Welch, graduated from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. He earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in History and received both the Dr. A. H. MacLean Prize and the Dr. Margaret Conrad Prize in History.

Celebrating Birthdays are: May 27, Chad Cates, James Bond, Sr., Scott Brown; May 28, Ashley Morgan; May 30, Dick Burley; June 1, Matthew Snell, Bruce Smith, Susan Elliott, Holly Payne, Dennis Beaudoin, Jr., Teresa Merrill; June 2, Tucker Wolfe.
A Very Happy Birthday To One And All.

Celebrating Anniversaries are: May 28, Bob and Collette Bolduc; May 29, Corine and Leon Miller; June 1, Candee and Rich Frost.
Best Wishes.

Loudon Young At Heart

Those members who have signed up for the bus trip to “The Fells” in Newbury should assemble at the Congregational Church on Church Street on Tuesday, June 23rd at 9:30 a.m. for a 9:45 a.m. departure.


Ashley Case Malcolm, daughter of John Case and Theresa Palmer of Pittsfield graduated with highest honors on May 16th highest honors on May 16th from Lakes Region Community College in Laconia with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. She was also recipient of an Award of Merit in Psychology. Ashley is the wife of Stephen and they reside in Northwood.

After graduation, a Case/Malcolm/Palmer family graduation party was held in her honor at the home of her grandparents, Wayne and Sue Case, on Baldwin Lane in Pittsfield. Congratulations, Ashley!



St. Stephen’s Gets A New Cross



Dan Place of Northeast Line Construction (left) looks on as George Booth secures the cross.

St. Stephen’s Church in Pittsfield had new roofing installed two years ago and, in the process, the crosses on the roof and the vestibule had to be removed,  The crosses were most likely the original crosses installed when the church was built in 1863 and basically fell apart when they were removed.

After some effort to find a craftsperson to make the new crosses, the parishioners took on the task of making and installing the main cross on the peak of the roof.  Parishioners Chris Noyes and George Booth built the cross and Chris’s wife Fayth painted it.  On May 16, 2009 the cross was installed by George Booth and Dan Place.  Many thanks to Dan and Northeast Line Construction Corp for his time and use of the bucket truck, which was necessary to reach the peak of the roof for the installation.

While there is no information available on the actual date that the old cross was made, the presence of square cut nails indicates it was most likely the original cross.  The new cross, which is 4½ feet tall and weighs about 40 pounds, is made of Spanish cedar and is held together with stainless steel screws.  A ¾” diameter pin was installed in the roof peak and goes up into the center of the cross.

A smaller scale version of the cross in under construction and will be mounted to the roof of the vestibule.  The small cross will be finished after the Summer and will be installed shortly thereafter.




There is a cure for all, or so they say. How about your looks, and weight, you ask. How you can look any better? Well, you can certainly try and do it for yourself, and not for any one else. TOPS, can help. All you need to do is pick up the phone, or    stop in at 6:30 p.m. at the St. Stephen’s Church Undercroft on Main Street in Pittsfield, and you do not have to live in Pittsfield to attend. Why not give us a try? Your Doctor may be glad at your next visit and so will you. Your blood pressure, or health in general might improve, and you will feel better for sure.

Please feel free to call Pat S. at 435-5333 or Sandy G. at 798-5658. Remember, TOPS is a non-profit organization.



School Lunch Menus
June 1-5, 2009


Monday - Pizza, corn, fruit, milk.
Tuesday - Chicken fajita, wraps, veggies, cheese, fruit.
Wednesday - Pasta, salad, bread, fruit, milk.
Thursday - Chicken, veggies, fruit, milk
Friday - Field Day

Monday - Variety pizza, veggies with Ranch dressing, oranges, milk.
Tuesday - Turkey and cheese sandwich, pasta salad, sliced peaches, milk.
Wednesday - Rotini with meatballs, green beans, brownie, milk.
Thursday - Mozzarella cheese sticks, marinara sauce, baked fries, corn, fruit, milk.
Friday - Cheeseburger with roll, pickles, veggie, pears, milk.



Reflection Fountain Dedication

Saturday, May 30, 2009   12:30 P.M.

Last year, the Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire joined forces with New Hampshire Veteran’s groups, as well as other organizations and donors, to build a Reflection Fountain along the Memorial Walkway at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen. This week marked the completion of the fountain. The formal dedication of the Reflection Fountain is scheduled for Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 12:30 P.M. following the traditional Memorial Day services at the cemetery.

To date, the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery has become the final resting place for over 3700 Veterans and their spouses.  The cemetery is a place of peace through its natural beauty, and is a source of pride to all the Veterans and their families. It is also the site of many ceremonies held throughout the year designed to acknowledge all Veterans, even those not interred here. These veterans, by virtue of their service, gave the title “Blue Star Family” to their loved ones.  Those who died in service to their country bestowed the title of “Gold Star Family” on those they left behind.  The title “POW/MIA Family” goes to those families who are still awaiting the return of their loved ones. It is fitting therefore, that the bonds created by their military service will be reflected in this fountain.

The Reflection Fountain has been designed to provide a place for all families, Blue, Gold and POW/MIA, to sit and reflect on the great sacrifice that has been made by all Veterans, past, present and future. You may ask, “Am I part of this family?” ~ The answer is a resounding “YES!”  If you have someone in your family who has served, or is currently serving in any branch of our military, you are a Blue Star Family.

The Reflection Fountain belongs to all of us, to the spouse who spends long deployments waiting to hear from his or her loved one, to the mother and father who spends sleepless nights worrying about a child, to the grandchild who is just learning that a grandparent served at Normandy, to the family that is still grieving after the loss of their loved one, to the dad who served his country in Vietnam, yet hides it from those around him, and to the POW/MIA family who waits patiently for answers to their questions.  It belongs to all of them.  The Reflection Fountain is designed to be a place where fellow veterans can find comfort and peace.

Please accept this invitation to join us on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 12:30 P.M., as we dedicate the Reflection Fountain.



Letter To The Editor
What is a dirt road? It is a way of life.

It represents a slower pace, an escape from the rat race we call life; to me, it represents home.

I live on Daroska Road, have for 25 years, and we just found out that they’re planning on paving my wonderful dirt road.

I never thought I’d see this era come to an end.

Change is good they say. I guess that depends on what it is that’s changing.

Pam Weinhold
Pittsfield, NH




Dear Citizens,
The warmer weather is here and there will be more people out riding their horses. Motorists, including OHRVs, have certain responsibilities they need to follow when passing a horse and rider in a vehicle. RSA 265:104 states “Every person having control or charge of a vehicle shall, whenever upon any way and approaching any horse, drive, manage, and control such vehicle in such a manner as to exercise every reasonable precaution to prevent the frightening of such horse, and to insure the safety and protection of any person riding or driving the same.”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Anne Taylor
Animal Control Officer
Pittsfield, NH
435-7535 Ext. 17



St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church at 50 Main Street conducts Sunday Service at 9:30 AM. All are welcome.

We commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Our Pentecost service on May 31st will be enhanced by Pittsfield resident Beverly Drolet performing sacred dance accompanied by the St. Stephen’s Choir. Beverly Drolet is a 25 year member of the St. Matthew’s Sacred Dance Choir, an interdenominational dance group.

Sacred dance is prayer. Liturgical dance, a type of sacred dance, includes 20 body movements, attitude and shaping that may involve an individual dancer, a group of dancers or the entire assembly. As a ritual activity, liturgy employs different qualities of movement in its ceremonies, such as processing, bowing, kneeling and standing. Liturgical dance is not mere performance, but connects with the prayer of the assembly. Liturgical dance does not interrupt or stop community prayer it enriches it, a fitting addition to our Pentecost celebration. A Parish Family coffee hour will follow the service.

Submitted by Steve Ekerberg – 617-470-4277
P.O. Box 435, Pittsfield, NH 03263



Saturday, June 6th is the Pittsfield Town-Wide Yard Sale. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church will have restrooms available to everyone throughout the day and will also be selling Yard Sale Maps, breakfast and lunch. In the morning coffee, breakfast sandwiches and assorted pastries will be for sale. For lunch Joe’s famous hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, chips, sodas and baked goods from the bake table will be available for purchase. Lots of quality yard sale items, plants and homemade baked goods will be for sale. Raffle tickets for a $100 gas card will also be sold. We look forward to seeing you around Pittsfield on June 6th.



Dorcas Guild

Submitted By Joan Riel
The Dorcas Guild of the First Congregational Church in Pittsfield held its last evening meeting until fall on May 12th in the Church Vestry. Peggy Jacobs, President opened the meeting which began with devotions by Mary Jo Powelson who read from her Women’s Devotional Bible, “For Tears and Laughter,” followed by all joining in the Lord’s Prayer.

The Secretary gave her report of the April meeting, read thank you notes and passed out many cards to circulate for signing. The Treasurer gave her financial report.

Elsie Morse reported on the Quilt Tea held recently. She presented each member a rose, offering accolades for their particular part in making this undertaking a huge success. Actually, Elsie should have received dozens of roses for this was her dream and what a dream! It far surpassed any expectations of the group, which proves what a dedicated group of people can do when working together. (Nella Hobson should also be mentioned for the hours she spent on publicity and the “Guide To The Quilt Exhibit.)
Corine Miller has the food basket and Gailann Newton the apron. Both these traveling items will be put to bed until evening meetings resume in the fall. The Mystery Package, brought by Nella Hobson, was won by Shirley Bleckmann. No firm plans have been made thus far, but there will be a Church Fair and Craft Fair. Members were reminded of the two service projects running until October., the SPCA and new or gently used sweaters and sweatshirts for the homeless.

Plans were made for the Annual Banquet to be held on June 9th at the Red Blazer in Concord at 6 p.m. Cars will leave the church parking lot at 5:30 p.m.

Plans were made for the luncheon at noon on Saturday, May 30th to be served to the Vincinage Council. Corine Miller offered to chair this event. Plans were also made for the Ordination Reception to be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 14th.

Twenty-five dollars was voted to the Church Building Fund in memory of longtime Dorcas member, Donna Savage.

At the close of the meeting, delicious refreshments were served by Kathy Bergeron and Mary Jo Powelson. The meeting closed with an auction of many delightful May Baskets, with Mary  Jo, auctioneer AND runner!

There will be no more evening meetings until fall but the Wednesday Work Meetings will continue every week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Anyone who has talents to contribute or would like to work on projects for the Christmas Fair or if you just prefer to come, relax and enjoy Christian Fellowship - feel free to join us.



Smart Steps Finale
Every senior is welcome.  No restriction.

What fun it has been having Smart Steps participants stopping in every few weeks to drop off and pick up paperwork.

You are a dedicated group of people and you are to be congratulated on your efforts.
Please write about your funniest walking experience, the most thought provoking experience and your greatest accomplishment during this session to share at our finale.

What have you noticed about yourself other than the physical benefits?

Have you thought about our kick off presentation about the holistic effects of walking?

Have you thought about the improvement of your self-care?

Have you slowed your thought process, taken deeper breaths, improved your hydration and nutritional intake?

Do you sleep better? Have you started a journal? Begun a new technique for self-expression?

These will be fun topics for discussion before lunch of Veggie Lasagna and Salad Bar.  Reservation required by May 26, 2009.

Also! Samantha, owner of the Epsom Circle Curves, will be speaking about foods that are long lasting for exercise while we cook some yummy recipes.




William “Bill” T. Bouchard

William “Bill” T. Bouchard, 72, died at his home on Monday, May 18, 2009.

Bill was born February 13, 1937, in Pittsfield, N.H., the son of Dozilva and Vera (Maxner) Bouchard. He was a lifetime resident of the Lakes Region and was owner of Bill’s Auto Body Shop.  He enjoyed hunting and fishing.

Bill is survived by his wife, Linda L. (Greenwood) Bouchard, of Belmont; two daughters, Linda Berthiaume of Florida and Denise Hubbard of Laconia; four grandchildren; a brother, Robert Bouchard, of Arizona; one nephew and three nieces.

A private graveside service was be held at the family lot in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Pittsfield, N.H.

Memorial donations may be made to Community Health & Hospice, Inc., 780 North Main Street, Laconia, N. H. 03246.

Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home & Cremation Services, 164 Pleasant Street, Laconia, N. H. was in charge of the arrangements.

 For more information and to view an on line memorial go to www.wilkinsonbeane.com.













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