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July 1, 2009



The Pittsfield Emergency Management Operations Center (EMOC) is looking for volunteers to fill positions in the support elements during times of emergencies or exercises. While experience is not a requirement, it would be beneficial for volunteers to fill these positions:  food preparation for large amount of people, child care, basic emergency first aid, security and building maintenance. Training sessions will be held on a continuing basis. 

Those citizens who want to volunteer should contact EMOC volunteer coordinator, Merrill Vaughan at 435-5207.

Pittsfield Old Home Day Scarecrow Contest

The Pittsfield Old Home Day committee will sponsor a scarecrow contest on Old Home Day, July 18. Just bring your scarecrow to Dustin  Park by 9:00 am.

For information or questions, please contact Linda Rafeal at 435-6366.

Celebrating Birthdays are: July 1, Jasmine Riel, Carole Richardson, Deborah Collins; July 3, Kellen Giuda, Patricia Freeman, Andrew Dunne; July 4, Linda Fife, Joyce Brewster;  July 5, Jim Adams, Paul Colby, Betty Sweet; July 7, Dave Sweet.

A Very Happy Birthday to one and all.


Best Wishes to Joe and Deb Collins who will celebrate their Wedding Anniversary on July 6th.

Shelby Paradise of Pittsfield graduated with a degree in biochemistry at the 116th Commencement Exercises at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, on Saturday, May 16, 2009.

Winners in the June Drawing at the Peterson-Cram Post, American Legion were: #172, Al Nutter, $50,  #379, Alan A. Enario, $25; #150, Chris Durkin, $10; #141, John Freese, $10; #221, Chris Stewart, $10.

Pittsfield High School Class of 1984
25th Reunion

The Pittsfield High School Class of 1984 - 25th Reunion will be held on Sat., Aug. 8, 2009, at the Dell-Lea Country Club in Chichester. It will be a luau theme, pig roast dinner and plenty of time for socializing. The cost is $50/person. Invitations have been mailed to all classmates and an RSVP and payment is requested by July 18.

We are still trying to locate a few of our classmates: Kim (Kaukola) Lewis, Tracy (Kinevich) Young, Nadine McMillian, JoAnn (Saunders) Murphy, Holly (Reed) Fowler and Jay Hubbard. Please contact Andi (Grainger) Riel at 435-6346 or amglmar@metrocast.net with any questions, comments or contact information.



Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who donated hair to the Locks Of Love event!

Gail and Kathlyn Mcginnis, Amy Joyce, Alison Wolfe, Cassie Heald, Tammy Perreauit, Michele Beauregard, Erin Liouzis, Gretchen Wolfe, Monica Bento, Ami Dean, Melody Kelley, Louise Vick, Hannah Gordon, Merissa Melvin, Jake Ramsey, Kayla Jum, Terry Gillette, Aason Lapage.

Also, a big thank you to Marsha Letendre for all of her help and hard work. She was the only stylist there cutting hair. We don’t know what we would have done without her!



I’ve Been Kicked While Down

My name is Steve Topham. I reside at 122 Clough Rd. Pittsfield NH.

I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last year.

I am not able to go back to work due to complications with the surgery which left me with a life time, (whatever I have left) of severe pain.

Thankfully, my wife was working and she carried me on her insurance.

A few weeks ago she was laid off. Now, NO insurance.

The pain medications that I am on are the only meds that stop my attacks.

With this kind of medicine, the dosage is metered out just for me; if someone else took them, they could die.

I’m in the process of trying to get full time assistance from the hospital.

Just a lot of paper work and time. I approached Pittsfield for some assistance for the time between now and then. I’m a proud, hard working man used to bringing home $1200 a week. So, for me to swallow my pride to ask for help was a big deal to me.

The person I spoke to replied, “Pittsfield isn’t in the practice of supplying addicts with drugs… My jaw hit the floor. WHAT! How DARE you. You’re profiling me as if I’m a common junky.

I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. Not even her.

Needless to say, I couldn’t believe what that woman just said to me. What’s next? Is she going to slam big people who need the food pantry?

She also had one of the girls at Dr. Barksdale’s office in tears.

My life has been turned upside down, and I’m trying to LIVE……I wanted to die after she said that ….Please….get someone in that chair who has a heart


Certainly, an apology is needed.

Stephen J. Topham



Pittsfield Area Senior Center

Submitted By
Lynne Joyce, Director
The Crafters at the Pittsfield Area Senior Center are offering a different craft each week for the next two months, so clip this column to keep track of what is going on.  Each class will begin at 10 a.m. You may stay to complete your project until 2 p.m.

July 1, Painting on Glass.

Bring an item you would like to paint.  Supplies will be provided for a minimal charge.

July 8, “Soft” Note Cards. Carol just returned from a workshop to learn this technique. It is delicate and beautiful. Use it with note cards or scrapbooking.

July 15, Crazy Quilting.  Bring in some scraps of material and Carolyn will show you how to piece them together to make a wonderful piece of art.

July 22, Painting with acrylics. We are in negotiations with the instructor but hope to offer this as an ongoing program. There will be a nominal fee.

July 29, BUS TRIP!  We are going to the Kimball Jenkins Estate for a tour of the gallery. There is photography and painting exhibit.  We could go out to eat or I may order bag lunches.  You let me know!

The Pittsfield Area Senior Center  sponsored Smart Steps again this sprint. Forty four people registered and 22 finished.  Congratulations to all participants and thank you for walking with us again this year. The following people took prizes for the most number of steps during the 8 week period. 1st Place,  Marjorie White, 697,169 steps; 2nd Place,  Roseanna Miservitch, 612,784 steps: and 3rd Place,  Rachel Kidder, 539,593 steps.



Surrounding Towns Senior Swim Time
Swimming at the Pool!

The Parks and Recreation Department has offered to open the pool for a Senior Swim Time again this summer. Watch or call for details.

The Pittsfield Senior Center is a Meals-on-Wheels distribution point for Barnstead, Chichester, Epsom, and Pittsfield. In just a few hours one morning a week you can make a difference in someone’s life! We are currently preparing 45 meals daily for delivery into the community. We are in need of 6 more dedicated volunteers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help set up, put up and clean up Meals-on-Wheels.  Volunteers at the Pittsfield Senior Center are genuinely appreciated and honored throughout the year. Ask one!  Call 435-8482 for more information.




Many have had the privilege of an education requiring the reading of quality literature and have continued with that habit far into their adult years. This year’s reading list for Advanced Placement (AP) Literature & Composition is lengthy and, therefore, costly for some families to purchase new. Would there be an interest in citizens donating some of their used books for Pittsfield Middle High School students’ use? They will need to be annotated and highlighted enabling students to understand the reading and to construct various essays later on in the 2009/2010 school year..

Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense, 9th Edition, Arp; Thomas R. Arp; and Greg Johnson (Eds.); Candide, Voltaire; Emma, Jane Austin; Frankenstein, Mary Shelly; Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad; The Cherry Orchard, Anton Chekov; The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde; The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, William Shakespeare (Hamlet).

Thank you in advance for your interest in our students’ education. My hope is as you search your bookshelves, that you make time to curl up with a good book this summer and possibly revisit some old “friends” over a glass of iced tea and sunshine.

The collection site will be at Pittsfield Middle High School and the Carpenter Library.

Lea Adams



St. Stephen’s Announces Winner

St. Stephen’s Church raffled off a $100 gas card during Pittsfield’s Town-wide Yard Sale on June 6. Denise Fischbach of Massachusetts was the winner of the raffle.

We hope Denise will use part of her winnings to return to Pittsfield for Old Home Day on July 18th and participate in the St. Stephen’s Silent Auction.

This year’s auction will feature a Celestron telescope complete with optics case for summer night sky viewing adventures. Other items to tempt bidders will include handmade pottery birdbaths and a hand-braided rug. The auction will end promptly at 2 PM on July 18th, so come by and bid early.

St. Stephen’s will again feature a raffle at Old Home Day, this time offering three great prizes:

• Barbeque Basket - filled with items for a summertime of grilled delicacies.
• Picnic Basket – perfect for an outing at the lake or in the park.
• $100 gas card.

Raffle winners will be notified in the afternoon of July 18th by 2 PM.

Members of the St. Stephen’s congregation will again create the favorites people have come to expect at our bake table. For breakfast, try a piece of Apple Slab Pie or choose from the array of scones, pies, cookies, breads, and quiche that will also be available.

Stop back for an Old Home Day Traditional lunch featuring Joe’s famous hot dogs, George’s pulled pork sandwiches and St. Stephen’s style chili. Enjoy your meal at one of the tables under the maple tree before finding a spot to view the Old Home Day parade.

Proceeds from the day’s events support the missions of St. Stephen’s Church including our neighborhood outreach program. Please contact St. Stephen’s Church at 603-435-7908 for more information.



Pittsfield High School Fourth Quarter Honor Roll

The following students earned honors for the fourth quarter at Pittsfield Middle-High School.


Grade 12, High Honors: Deena Hallock.
Grade 12, Honors:  Adam Reed, Angela Sherman, Adam Ward.
Grade 11, Highest Honors: Paige Corliss, Victoria Duquette, Kara Gingras, Allison Laflamme.
Grade 11, High Honors: Matthew Tuttle, Irene Vogt.
Grade 11, Honors: Michael Adams, Liam Etchells, Justin Hodgdon, Kacie Smith.
Grade 10, Highest Honors: Craig Paggi.
Grade 10,  High Honors: Allison Quigley, Brian Ward.
Grade 10, Honors:  Briana King, Emalie Koulouras, Meghan Mulcahy, Katelyn Piaseczny.
Grade 9, Highest Honors: Colleen Corliss, Taylor Gosse, Trevlyn Gosse, Emily Tyler, Kelsey Wrye.
Grade 9, High Honors: Paul Kennepohl, Robert LeBel, Sebastian Manteau, Kayleen Rojek, Adriaunna Towle.
Grade 9, Honors:  Jennifer Tyrell, Indigo Wearing, Garrett Young.
Grade 8, Highest Honors: Emily Buchanan, Ashley Pence
Grade 8, High Honors: Sage Anthony, Brittany Cassel, Macy Chagnon, Elizabeth Cyr, Travis Guest, Cassidy Kearns, Alyssa Moody, Justin Quigley, Jillian Towle.
Grade 8, Honors: Ashleigh Garland.
Grade 7, Highest Honors: Katrina Haynes, Tiffany Summerford.
Grade 7, High Honors, Victoria Averill, Gabrielle Bachelder, Jacey Darrah, Stefani Gauthier, Alexander Pelletier, Alexis Samaluk, Katie Small, Maxwell Tuttle.
Grade 12, Honorable Mention: Desiree Adams, Jared Austin, Monica Bento, Whiley Clattenburg, Desiree Dumond, Kelsey Flinkstrom, Kenneth Piaseczny, Kristine Scott, Juanita Smith, Michael Tuttle, Kelli Webber.
Grade 11, Honorable Mention: Stephanie Baburins, Emily Davidson, Kelley Hussey, Shannon Racicot, Joseph Suchomski.
Grade 10, Honorable Mention: Brian Eastman, Delina Lawrence, Bryce Paradise, Aisha Pereira, Angela Perlupo.
Grade 9, Honorable Mention: Joshua Bisson, Dominic Brooks, Eric Chapman, Ashley Jury, Taylor Kiss, Ryan Perras.
Grade 8, Honorable Mention: Jennifer Cantara, Denise Grattage, Timothy Laflamme, Aaron Manteau, Katelyn McLennan, Janice Negron, Aaron Vien, Thomas Williams.
Grade 7, Honorable Mention: Danielle Bourgeois, Katlyn Gonzalez, Philip Gordon, Nathaniel Jackson.




Last week, I wrote that the Pittsfield Board of Selectmen will call a special town meeting to expand the planning board to seven members even though the planning board had recommended against any action before the annual town meeting next March. The selectmen are responding to the fact that the planning board has five lawful seats but seven people sitting. In recommending against the special town meeting, the planning board considered the following factors: no person now sitting can say that he was lawfully elected; filling seats requires an election; only the annual town meeting can elect planning board members; the annual town meeting is cheaper and easier for the voter/taxpayer; no planning board decision older than 30 days can be appealed; and an appeal of a new decision would simply prompt a judge to solve the membership problem.

Nevertheless, the planning board has not distinguished itself in its membership problem. Some members did not thoroughly research town meeting warrants. I was the only elected planning board member who attended the selectmen’s meeting that decided to hold the special town meeting. And, incredibly, I must now fight to include in the planning board minutes the board’s reasons for recommending waiting until March! Without those reasons, voters cannot evaluate the planning board’s recommendation. Furthermore, deliberately excluding substantive information about the planning board’s discussions would violate Right-to-Know.

The planning board membership problem has exposed credibility problems on both the board of selectmen and the planning board that deserve the town’s full attention at the ANNUAL town meeting. Please attend the special town meeting on Saturday, July 25, and vote NO to ALL of the selectmen’s proposals. The March 2010 town meeting ballot will have a proper solution to the planning board membership problem.

Thank you,
Jim Pritchard



Note From The Pittsfield Board Of Selectmen

Dear Pittsfield Resident,
The Board of Selectmen (BOS) was recently approached by Mr. Jim Prichard questioning the legitimacy of our seven (7) member Planning Board. Upon research into the matter the BOS determined according to the Minutes that, although it was discussed by the voters at Town Meeting in 1972 to change the Planning Board from five members to seven, there is no evidence that it was in fact ever actually voted upon.

In seeking viable options of legitimizing the Planning Board, the BOS has been strongly advised by Town Counsel that the best way to remedy the situation is to call a Special Town Meeting. While waiting to address this formality until the March 2010 Town Meeting may be an option, the BOS does not believe it is the best option. The Board concurs that it is in the best interest of the Town to protect the integrity of decisions made by the Planning Board between now and March by assembling a Special Town Meeting and asking the voters to reaffirm the seven (7) member Planning Board.

The Board respectfully requests your attendance at the meeting, which will be held at the Elementary School on Saturday, July 25th, at 10 am, and your support of the proposed warrant article. If you have any questions please call the Town Administrator, Paul Skowron, at 435-6773, ext. 7.

Truly Yours,
Linda Small, Chairman
Pittsfield Board Of Selectmen



Letter To The Editor

Dear Friends And Neighbors,
The Pittsfield-Barnstead Lions Club will be meeting at the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Undercroft.

We will meet from 7 to 8 p.m. on Monday, July 13th.

I would like to welcome all interested to stop in and visit.

I am planning to follow  an agenda. I would like to present some Lions Club History.

I also would like to share some information about the Lions program that assists people with glasses. They also assist with more extensive eye care.

We are in desperate need of eye care in Pittsfield.

Finally, my goal for our club is to make it fun no matter what we are doing. We all need that more than ever.

Consider stopping by. I hope to have at least five new members in July.

Please, friends and neighbors, help the P/B Lions Club by being part of it.

Denise Patterson
Pittsfield, NH



Pittsfield Players’ Encore Stages Personals At Steel Hill Resort

The Pittsfield Players’ Encore dinner theater troupe opens their 18th season at Steele Hill Resort on Tuesday, June 30, with a great little musical called Personals.

Are you lonely? Trying to find that special someone to share your life with? How should you act on a blind date? Come see the Pittsfield Players’ production of Personals and you might just learn the answers to these questions.

Personals is a hilarious musical revue about finding that perfect person who will make your life complete, through the personal ads. This show is loaded with funny songs and skits that will have you laughing through the night, and also just might bring new meaning to your own relationship and your life.

Come and hear the wish list of the perfect man for Hanna, Ricki, and Tina, as they try to find their soul mates. Come see what happens to two women that are the best of friends, always there for each other, but can’t ever seem to find the right guy. And Sam wants to move in with the women he believes to be the one, but what’s really in those bags the movers are hauling into the apartment? Does Sam really have that much baggage? Don’t know? Ask Elaine, Marilou, and Rene. Come hear about those mothers who are constantly choosing the right person for their children, and how that all turns out. You’ll be entertained and amused at all the ways you can learn how to meet that Mr. or Mrs. Right, and you’ll probably learn all the wrong ways, too.

The cast of Personals includes four of your favorite performers at Steel Hill Resort, Gerri Casey, Lena Luongo, Ernie Bass, and Jeff Gregoire. Chris Mega will be at the piano.
The show runs every Tuesday night from June 30th through August 25th. For just $27 per person, you can enjoy a great four course dinner and this laugh-a-minute show. It’s a great summer night out! Call Steele Hill Resort for reservations today at (603) 524-0500.




Andrea T. Brock

Pittsfield - Andrea T. Brock, 60, a lifelong Pittsfield resident, died Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at the Concord Hospital after a lengthy illness.

Born in Burlington, VT, on January 21, 1949,  Andrea was the daughter of Burley and Teresa (Perrino) Brock. She graduated from Pittsfield High School and earned her business degree from NHTI in Laconia.

Continuing a family business and labor of love, Andrea was the owner and operator of the Brock Home in Pittsfield, a home for physically and mentally handicapped children, originally established and run by Andrea’s parents.

She loved to travel and especially enjoyed cruises. She was a member of the Church of God in Pittsfield.

Members of her family include her husband, Edward Nash, of Pittsfield; 3 daughters, Laurie King and her husband Kevin of Webster, Katie McCauley and her husband Michael of Milton, and Teresa Nash of Pittsfield; 9 grandchildren; a brother, Burley Brock, Jr. of Pittsfield; a sister, Carole Ross of Texas; and nieces and nephews.

Services, hours, and burial are private and will be held at the convenience of the family

Memorial donations may be made to the Andrea T. Brock Fund, c/o TD Banknorth.

The Still Oaks Funeral & Memorial Home in Epsom is assisting with arrangements.

Please visit stilloaks.com to sign an on-line guestbook.













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