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November 28, 2018



Lost Bicycle at the Carpenter Library


Are you missing a bicycle?  If yes, call the library at 435-8406!  A lovely blue adult cruiser has been outside the library since about October 29th. The Pittsfield Police Department does not have any reports of a missing bike. If unclaimed, the library will work to find the bicycle a good home. 




Wanted By The Pittsfield Historical Society


A reasonably new computer. Our main computer has crashed and we are looking for one to replace it. If anyone can help, please call Larry  Berkson at 798-3984 or e-mail him at larryberkosn@comcast.net.




Pittsfield High School Class of 1979 Reunion


A motivated group from Pittsfield High School's Class of 1979 are creating plans for the 40th-year reunion.  The event is planned for the evening of August 3rd of next year in Concord, NH, and is planned to include a buffet dinner, live music, and a cash bar.


The reunion planners would like to ask members of the Class of 1979 to:

(1) save the date;


(2) contact Randy Severance through e-mail at ransev@comcast.net for details;


(3) request access to the "Pittsfield High School (NH) Class of 1979 40th Reunion" group page (if you have access to Facebook) where the most current updates will be posted;


(4) please help us locate class members for whom we currently do not have contact information (there are about 20 in the "missing" category).



The Merrimack County Stamp Collectors will hold its monthly meeting at the Bow Mills United Methodist Church, 505 South St., Bow, on December 18, beginning at 1 pm.   We invite all who are interested in stamp collecting to attend, share their interest, buy, sell and trade.  Meet other collectors and learn more about their hobby and enjoy the fellowship of others with varied interests in Philatelic resources and issues.  Gain new insight and knowledge, sharing news articles and stories about stamp collecting.   For more information call Dan Day at 603-228-1154.




Decorated Wreath Contest At The Pittsfield Christmas Tree Lighting


We will be having a DECORATED WREATH CONTEST again this year.  Everyone is invited to bring a decorated (anyway you'd like) wreath to Dustin Park.  The winner will be announced at 6pm after the Tree Lighting and will receive a $50 CASH PRIZE.


Please drop your wreath off by 3:45pm at Dustin Park (PYW) and please pick up your wreath by 6:15pm.  Any wreaths that are not picked up will be donated to local groups.


For more information, contact Andi Riel at 435-6346 or email at pittsfieldtowncrier@hotmail.com.





You are invited to participate in Pittsfield’s Farm to School Team Community Meeting! Wednesday November 28th from 6- 8 pm at Media Center/Library at the Pittsfield Middle High School.  Join to learn about the Pittsfield, NH Farm to School initiative, review a proposed action plan, and share your ideas to inform next steps so we can grow this work over the next year.  Please RSVP at pittsfieldlistens.org/events. Dinner and onsite childcare provided. Transportation available upon request.



Winter Grazing Buffalo-Style

Submitted By Carole Soule

Pittsfield MS Clemy2-adjusted.jpg

A snow covered cow is a warm cow.


Pittsfield MS Clyde2-1_InPixio.jpg

The Miles Smith Farm Highlander herd at St. Paul's pasture, next to Audubon Concord Headquarters.


Pittsfield MS eating4-12_InPixio.jpg

Mocha forages through the snow for morsels of green grass.


Pittsfield MS water4_InPixio.jpg

The pasture water system includes three tanks holding up to 6,000 gallons of water that gravity feed the drinking trough through a hose. The flow is controlled by a stopper and ball similar to that used in toilets.


The cattle watched as I trudged through 6 inches of snow into their pasture. Husband Bruce and I had driven the pickup truck into the field next to Audubon headquarters near Concord to check on the 40 head of cattle that have been there for three weeks. Yes, this is November when most traditionally-fed cows are eating hay. To a farmer like me, who doesn't raise hay, they might as well be eating money. That's why this herd is dining on affordable, wholesome and tasty “stockpiled forage.”


We lease these twenty acres from St.Paul’s School and this year let the grass grow tall and green all summer - the very definition of stockpiled forage. 


To maximize utilization of this forage, we practice "rotational grazing." We divide the pasture into six paddocks of about 3 acres each. The herd spends nearly a week grazing in each paddock before we open up a new paddock for them. This system mimics the grazing patterns of wild buffalo when they roamed the great plains. They would eat down the grass from one area, then move on to the next, returning weeks later after the grass grew back. Buffalo had no one to feed them hay, they had to find grass under the snow. They did, and they thrived.


While my shaggy Highland cattle may look like buffalo, they aren't. They are spoiled cows who expect hay served to them twice a day. Was I asking too much for them to rely on their foraging instincts and dig down through the snow? 


Apparently not. As I watched, Mocha hoofed the snow aside like a pro and came up with bright green strands of deliciousness. Others followed her lead.


I don't know why, but a hard freeze sweetens grass, making it even tastier. At least that's what my cows tell me.


Of course, water supplies can also freeze. Fortunately, with all the recent rain, there are pools of water in the field. The cows have been drinking from these pools and haven't touched their water trough in days. The trough is fed by three tanks that should collectively hold 6,000 gallons of water. But the cattle opened the valve on one tank, emptying it. Another tank drained out when the float valve broke (it's always something!), so we are down to one 1,300-gallon tank. Given all the rain we've had, should last until we bring them home.


The cattle have food and water, but what about heat? Won't they freeze? Nope, the amazing cow has perfected natural insulation. Her winter coat insulates her, plus it contains nature's own “hair product”...oily lanolin, which makes it water-proof. When snow piles up, unmelted, on a cow's back, that's proof her insulation is working. Just like snow on the roof of a well-insulated house, it will accumulate and eventually slide off. A snow-covered cow is a warm cow. As long as they have protection from bitter wind, cows do just fine in the winter.


There are two more paddocks of stockpiled grass at the Audubon field, which should keep them fed until early December unless their water supply freezes. Then we'd have to bring them back to the farm to dine on costly hay. But for now, they are happy wandering and foraging...maybe dreaming of their thrifty humpbacked cousins out West.



Letter To The Editor


Dear Editor:

The fall and winter can be a busy time full of fun activities and travel, but the same activities that bring joy can also negatively impact patients in need of lifesaving transfusions.


In fact, right now, the American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage and has issued an urgent call for eligible donors of all blood types to give now and avoid delays in medical care for patients. Right now, blood donations are being distributed to hospitals faster than donations are coming in.


Volunteer blood drive sponsors are also critically needed to host drives in December, January and February to prevent the shortage from continuing throughout the winter. Fewer groups signing up to host blood drives in September and October coupled with the widespread cancellation of scheduled drives as a result of hurricanes Michael and Florence were key factors that contributed to the current shortage. Winter blood drive hosts can also play a key role in helping to end it.


There’s a chance you may know someone who has been helped by a blood transfusion. Blood and platelet donations are often used in the treatment of those being treated for cancer or sickle cell disease, heart surgery and organ transplant recipients, and accident and burn victims 


On behalf of the Red Cross, I’m inviting you to roll up a sleeve and give the perfect gift – the gift of life. Your gift could lead to a lifetime of holiday memories for patients in need. To make an appointment to donate and sign up to host a blood drive, I urge you to visit RedCrossBlood.org.



Maria Devlin

Chief Executive Officer

American Red Cross New Hampshire and Vermont



Josiah Carpenter Library Digital Library


Do you need an internet connection?  Do you have a device that can connect to a wireless network?  Come to the library and borrow a Sprint network wireless hot spot!  The hot spots have an unlimited data plan supported through the corporate donations of Mobile Beacon and Sprint.  In addition, remember you can browse and borrow eBooks, audio books, comics, movies and movies through the free aps Hoopla and Libby.  Pittsfield’s digital library is made possible through the generous support of Globe Manufacturing Company and the Sanderson Fund.



Pittsfield Youth Workshop Volunteer Of The Year 2018

Pittsfiled PYW.jpg

The staff, Board of Directors  and youth at PYW would like to give a big thanks to the 2018 Volunteer of the Year – Mark Thomas!


Mark has been volunteering at PYW since October 2017. Mark has retired after 39 years as a middle school teacher and coach but still wants to give back! He is full of energy, a get-up-and-go personality, and will try just about anything the youth try. He loves hiking, biking, running, disc golf and making movies –he has made a few for PYW ...you can watch them on our Face Book page! Mark spends about one day a week at PYW during drop-in hours. He is always willing to help out any other day of the week when he is available. He chaperones trips and is very supportive during any of our community events! The amount of time and energy he has given to PYW is amazing and we truly appreciate everything he has done for us and the youth in town.                                   


Without help from volunteers like Mark, PYW would not be able to offer such a wide variety of   experiences to the youth of Pittsfield. We are proud to have Mark as a volunteer at PYW and we hope to provide the youth of Pittsfield with more positive role models like this year’s Volunteer of the Year!


Congratulations and Thanks Mark!



Free Christmas Concert


The First Congregational Church, 24 Main St., Pittsfield, is pleased to present a Christmas concert Friday, December 7, 7 p.m. This special concert entitled, “How Great Our Joy,” will feature the church’s Chancel Choir and the JuBellation Handbell Choir.


Be sure to include this free delightful concert with many of your favorite Christmas carols in your holiday plans. Parking and wheelchair accessible entry located at rear of church on Chestnut Street. For more information, call the church office at 435-7471.



PES PTO Celebrates Selection As Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program Beneficiary


Pittsfield Elementary School (PES) PTO, has been selected as a beneficiary of the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program for the month of December. PES PTO, a non-profit committed to fostering a close relationship between parents, staff and students by promoting communication, encouraging involvement, and collaborating with members and organizations within our community.  It is our commitment to hold events, provide services and educational opportunities and provide funds to better enrich our children’s school environment and experience all while having fun.  PTO has raised nearly $100 in direct donations through past sales of the Hannaford Community Bag.


The Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program launched in October 2015 and is designed to support local non-profits through the sale of the reusable Community Bag. 


For every reusable Community Bag purchased at the Hannaford store located at 174 First NH Turnpike, Northwood NH during the month of December, PES PTO will receive a $1 donation.


PES PTO is proud to be a beneficiary recipient of the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program and has a goal of raising $50 by the end of December, which is equivalent to 50 bags purchased.


Learn more about PES PTO by following their Facebook Page.


For more information on the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program, visit hannaford.bags4mycause.com



The Royal FAMILY Dance At Pittsfield Elementary School

Pittsfield PES 1.jpeg


Pittsfield PES 2.jpeg

On Saturday, November 16th, about 30 Pittsfield Elementary students and their families attended The Family Dance at the Royal Palace (aka- the PES Gymnasium).  There were tables set up with royal blue table cloths and gold balloons floating above each one.  Castle turrets even set the tone of royalty at the snack table. Guests were dressed in all types of attire—from a Carhartt jacket to the full queen of hearts get-up, and everything in between.  


There was lots of dancing to the music provided by two high school students, Paige and Kianna. The kids especially loved dance lessons from Kianna. Plenty of snacks were provided by PESPTO and replenished throughout the afternoon by volunteer Heidi Darrah.  Professional Photos were taken by Erin Flanders of PortraiteFX in Concord.  Kids (and their family members) also had the opportunity to visit three craft stations: build your own castle paper craft (thanks to Minni Plante for her hand in preparation), decorate your own plastic goblets with glitter foam shapes and colorful gems, and decorate your own family crest sugar cookie with tons of frosting and colorful sprinkles. Thank you, Sabrina Smith, for making ALL of the cookie dough - they were delicious!


The event was free to attend, but we encouraged guests to bring a food donation. A whole box of snacks was collected for the PES Food4Kids Program.


We would like to thank everyone who came out to have fun, but especially the MANY people who gave an extra hand to clean up—there were so many people who cleared tables, packed up crafts, packed up snacks and even swept the floor.  Clean up went so quickly, we didn’t even see all of the magic helpers who helped but we want to thank them all!  We appreciate all of the work and dedication of the committee members and those who signed up to help out—Liz Erickson, Jillian and Adam Gauthier, and Kelly Page.


Over the past year or so, many people had requested a ‘Daddy/Daughter Dance’ and/or a ‘Mother/Son Dance.’  After discussing such events during a PTO meeting, it was decided to have a “Family Dance” and this proved to be a wonderful event!  A special THANK YOU to Katie Nikas for putting the dream into reality and planning such a perfect event for our PES families.


These school-wide and community events are a lot of work but with the help of so many hands, they have proven to be successful and lots of fun for those who attend.  We look forward to our next event coming soon and are always looking for more hands to help out.  Our next PTO Meeting/Holiday Open House is December 12th from 4-6 in the PES Learning Commons—we look forward to meeting you!













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