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May 23, 2018



Citizen of the Year


It is time to make nominations for Pittsfield’s 2018 Citizen of the Year. Please let us know who you feel deserves this honor for their actions and activities benefiting our town. A panel of former Citizens of the Year will decide from the nominations submitted who will get this honor. Please send your nomination as to who and why your nominee should be honored to:                                                                                                                     


Citizen of the Year

PO Box 173

Pittsfield, NH  03263


Nominations must be received by June 13,  2018.  Thank you. 



The Suncook Valley Area Lions Club (serving Pittsfield and Barnstead) is collecting gently used items for the Town Wide Yard Sale.  Spots are available (for $10) for other groups or individuals to set up with the Lions Club at Northeast Earth Mechanics on Barnstead Rd.  If you have any items you’d like to donate or for more information, please contact Laurie Vien at 435-5052.



Congratulations to Cleon Kip Riel for being  accepted to attend the National Human Genome Research Institute’s at the National Institute of Health, located in Bethesda, Maryland.  Kip will spending much of the summer at NIH focusing on Genomics with special concentration in using CRISPER/CAS9 to knock in or out genes.  CRISPER allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function.  The protein Cas9 is an enzyme that acts like a pair of molecular scissors, capable of cutting strands of DNA.


For over a century, NIH scientists have paved the way for important discoveries that improve health and save lives. In fact, 153 Nobel Prize winners have received support from NIH. Their studies have led to the development of MRI, understanding of how viruses can cause cancer, insights into cholesterol control, and knowledge of how our brain processes visual information, among dozens of other advances.  


The National Institute of Health's mission is to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.



South Barnstead Cemetery Association annual meeting will be on June 10, 2018 10:00 AM at the South Barnstead Church, Route 126, Center Barnstead, NH.



BCEP Holiday Reminder


The facility will be closed on Monday AND Tuesday, May 28th and 29th in observance of Memorial Day.  When a holiday falls on a normal day of closure, the facility will observe the following day as its holiday. 


This is no different than the Federal guidelines when the holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is observed as the holiday.



2018 Yard Sale

Registration is open for the 21st Annual Yard Sale!


This multi-town event is open to any address in The Greater Pittsfield Chamber of Commerce member towns of Barnstead, Chichester, Epsom, Gilmanton (all), Loudon, Northwood, and Pittsfield. The event will take place Friday, June 1st through Sunday June 3rd, with advertised hours of 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Participants can register their address for a small fee that helps offset the costs of this event. Individual registration is just $5, and multifamily or group registration is $10. There is also a community Yard Sale site at Dustin Park in Pittsfield on June 2nd, registration required with a $5 fee. As always, the fee is waived for non-profits. 


Registration forms are available online at www.PittsfieldChamber.org  and will also be printed in the Suncook Valley Sun. Completed registration forms should be mailed with payment to GPCOC, PO Box 234, Pittsfield, NH 03263 by May 25th. 


Choose to participate Friday, Saturday, Sunday or all three for one registration fee. Multifamily and group locations are enhanced in the listings. Days of participation are noted on the map and address listing as they are marked on your registration form. Advertised hours for the Yard Sale are 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., but participants should remember this is YOUR Yard Sale. If you choose to open earlier or stay open later you are certainly welcome to do so. 


Participants are welcome to post signs, but check your town rules! Also, participants should check with their town office regarding town rules regarding yard sales. 


Questions: Contact events@PittsfieldChamber.org 



Merrimack County: One Of Four Counties Nation Wide Chosen By The National Association Of Counties To Participate In Leadership Lab 


The National Association Of Counties {Naco) partnering with the Kresge Foundation has just announced they have chosen four counties in the United States to participate in the Advancing Cross-System Partnerships Leadership Lab. Merrimack County along with Boone County MO, Missoula County MT, and Fairfax County, VA will participate in developing plans and strategies to enhance cross-sector efforts to improve outcomes for justice-involved populations. 


Commissioner Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh along with Merrimack County Jail Superintendent Ross Cunningham, NAMI President Kenneth Norton and Riverbend Director Peter Evers will travel to Nashville, TN July 13-16 to participate in the program to advance cross-system partnerships with other counties. Through their participation in the leadership lab, Merrimack County will assist the National Association Of Counties and the Kresge Foundation in creating communities where people thrive. 


For more information please contact Ross Cunningham, Superintendent of the Merrimack County Department of Corrections at (603) 796-3600



American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75 News

Submitted By Merrill Vaughan, Adjutant


To the good citizens that read this article, it comes with a heavy heart that this coming Memorial Day observance, May 27, 2018, may be the last public observance, as we may close effective July 2, 2018.


That meeting will be a special meeting that will see if we can gather at least two members (must be current) to hold the offices of Commander, Finance Officer, and, if I am asked to step down then, we need a third body for my position of Adjutant.  There will be more coming out on this as the time moves towards July, so I will not add anything else here about it until then.


On Memorial Day Sunday, May 27, 2018 we will hold our Memorial Service with the First Congregational Church, 24 Main Street, Pittsfield at 10:00 AM.  The Reverend David will be hosting us, as in the past, his congregation has always welcomed us with open arms.  I personally cannot think of a better way to hold this, possibly our final, Memorial Day observance.  


Post 75 is conducting a 50/50 drawing that will be held on July 2, 2018 at the Post Home at the end of our special meeting.  How can you, the public, play with us? Send whatever amount you want to donate (we are a 501c non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible).  Once we receive your donation, we will send you a letter, advising you of when your check was received, the amount of your donation and when it was deposited in our account. If we are allowed to stay open, it is hoped that we can, re-energize our Post 75 Robert O. Moulton Scholarship award beginning with the class of 2019.


If anyone has any questions on the Legion, the Post, or criteria, feel free to contact Post Adjutant Vaughan at his cell phone 603-340-1375.



Letter To The Editor


To my Pittsfield neighbors,

I moved to within 500 yards of Pittsfield 36 years ago, and have followed the fortunes – and misfortunes - of the town since then. While admiring the flower-basket lined streets, the Pittsfield Players, and the Balloon Rally, education funding has thrown a shadow over the town.


As Pittsfield struggles to afford to educate its children, its voters should pay special attention to what's been going on in the Legislature. Senate Bill 193 sought to divert money from public schools for the use by a few to send their kids to charter, private or parochial schools. It finally failed - but not without a last-minute effort to sneak it through.


I quote the letter in the Concord Monitor (5/12/18) by Susan Seidner of Pembroke:


"I read all of the letters opposing Senate Bill 193 (the Voucher Bill). I agreed, but all of the writers left out one important detail. The senator who added the (original) bill on to House Bill 1636 at the last minute was John Reagan. It was a sneaky move that showed profound disrespect for the people and the process. Let's respond to his action by voting him out in November.... He is not friend to New Hampshire citizens" - or Pittsfield.


And, I would note, that this effort to divert money from public schools - under the banner of "school choice" - has been the top priority of Governor Sununu's second year. And Pittsfield voters may not want to reward him with another term either.


I look forward to attending the school-funding workshop June 13, led by lead attorney in the Claremont lawsuit, Andru Volinsky, announced by Superintendent John Freeman in the 5/9 Sun.


Tom Chase, neighbor




Letter To The Editor


The Pittsfield Beautification Committee will once again be participating in the Town Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, June 2nd, and Sunday, June 3rd (8 am to 2 pm). We will be set up at Nancy and John Barto’s house at 515 Dowboro Rd., Pittsfield, just 3.5 miles from the center of Town.  Donated items are welcome (no clothes or heavy furniture please).


If you can’t make it to the Yard Sale but would like to make a monetary donation to the Beautification Committee, please send a check payable to: The Pittsfield Beautification Committee, c/o Tine Fife 1394 Upper City Rd, Pittsfield NH 03263. Collection boxes can also be found at Bell Brothers, Jack’s Pizza, Mike’s Meats and Danis Market.


For 2018, in partnership with the Rotary Club, we have been asked to design and install 3 gardens at the BCEP Solid Waste Facility.  So please come to our yard sale and help support our wonderful gardens in Pittsfield!


See you at the Yard Sale!!

Carol Lambert


Pittsfield Beautification Committee



​Our TOPS chapter recently celebrated Royalty for the month of March.  The top weight loss winners received a certificate, and those receiving honorable mention had blue flowers. These ladies all shared the things they did to achieve this award. They inspire the whole  chapter.  In recent weeks several members have shared informational articles regarding healthy eating. These articles have fostered discussions about what has been difficult and what has been helpful to members.  We would love to have you join us.  We meet Tues. 6:30 at The Joy Church, 55 Barnstead Rd. Pittsfield.  If you have questions, call Pat 435-5333 or Beth 435-7397



From The Farm - A Piglet Dies

Submitted By Carole Soule

I held her close. Her heartbeat was strong but fast. Her rasping breath was sucking air in then pushing out as she fought for life. She was dying because of a mistake I made; one I could not reverse. She might have died anyway… but my decision ensured it. 


Two days earlier, I fed this little piggy a new formula which was too rich for her fragile system. The other five piglets dealt well with the new feed, but this piglet went into shock with extreme diarrhea. As she shivered in my arms, I finally called the vet who suggested feeding her Pedialyte, a hydration liquid for human babies. After just a few syringes she recovered, falling asleep in my arms. I put her in a sling and walked around like a pregnant lady with the baby pig slung on my belly. 


To keep her calm and encourage her to rest, I held her close at night, sleeping with her curled in my arms.  Always restless and struggling to breathe, she tilted her head and rested it in my hand.  In this position, her breathing eased, and she stayed calm.  Holding her close, I breathed slowly to help her relax and sleep. Twenty-four hours later she was much-improved and well on the way to a full recovery when I made my biggest mistake. I needed to do farm chores, so I put her in the bathtub with a towel and bathmat to give her solid footing. Two hours later Bruce found her flopping around in the tub. The towel had slipped away and in her efforts to stand, she must have had many seizures. Before she ran around the floor, but now she could not stand. She had no balance. 


Sleep is a wonder-cure for piglets. Although it helped her in the beginning, this time it didn't work. I carried her in the baby sling, and she slept for a while but when she woke the seizures started. As I sat with her on that second day, tears streamed down my face; I knew I had to do what was right for her. She was fighting for each breath and having regular seizures. She was only a piglet, but what a fighter. Close to death at least three times, each time she fought back; but this time I knew it was time I let her go. The last forty-eight hours had been more than any piglet should have endured. 


As she sat in my lap, her raspy breath and spasming legs told me she would not make it. I kept giving her liquids and made her comfortable but saying good-bye to this little fighter was hard, and I'll never forget her heroic fight. 


Carole Soule is co-owner of Miles Smith Farm, in Loudon, NH, where she raises and sells beef, pork, lamb, eggs and other local products. She can be reached at cas@milessmithfarm.com.



Graylag Hosts Native Plant Walk June 2


Pittsfield — Join botanist George Newman at 10 AM on Saturday, June 2, for a tour of the wildflowers and other native plants at Graylag, a peaceful woodland preserve on the shore of Wild Goose Pond. Graylag is located at 320 Clough Road, Pittsfield, NH.


George Newman is a horticulturist, botanist, and naturalist who has been cultivating and propagating native North American plants for over 60 years. Participants in the two-hour walk should wear sturdy walking shoes and be prepared for a variety of different terrains. If interested, please register by emailing info@graylagcabins.com or calling 603-435-5209. Space is limited, so RSVP is strongly advised.


Graylag is a 300-acre property that also includes seasonal guest cabins, hiking trails, and frontage on pristine Wild Goose Pond. For more information about Graylag, visit www.graylagcabins.com.













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