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July 11, 2018



Suncook Valley

Soccer Club

Registration is now open for the Fall 2018 Season!

Visit suncookvalleysoccerclub.com or our facebook page to sign up.

Registration ends 8/1.



Pittsfield’s Old Home Day

Annual Bike Parade

Pittsfield’s Old Home Day Bike Parade is scheduled for Saturday, July 14th at 12:15. This year's theme is "Once Upon A Time, Favorite Fairy Tales".  The parade is open to anyone.  Simply join us on Main street in front of Dustin's park. If you need some help decorating your bike, scooter or wagon stop by Dustin’s Park a little early and the Old Home Day Committee can help you out. 


We hope to see you there!!





Chris, the Governor,


Concerning an equal education and an equal tax rate. 


If you have rights that not everyone has, you are privileged.


Question: Can't you feel for the ones that aren't?


Dan the Stoneman



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

My more than two years serving on the Pittsfield Select Board convinces me that the Suncook Valley needs a new voice in the State House. To meet that need I am declaring my candidacy to represent the voters of Epsom and Pittsfield in House District 21. Our District is an area filled with potential and promise largely unfulfilled because our voice is not often heard in the halls of state government. I want to change that.


We need an advocate for school funding, infrastructure projects like what is happening now with roads and sidewalks in the downtown area of Pittsfield, and for economic development throughout the Route 4 and 28 corridors to benefit the entire region.


I am a New Hampshire native, now retired after thirty-seven years of Federal service. I was educated in New Hampshire and Massachusetts public schools and hold degrees from UNH, Boston University and Southern NH University. I have public service experience as a conservation commissioner, library trustee, community development committeeman and selectman—most of that as chairman here in Pittsfield.


I would appreciate your support in the Primary coming up in September and in November’s general election. Together we can change how the Suncook Valley is perceived in Concord. Together we can ensure that the residents of District 21 are heard in the State House of Representatives.



J. C. Allard



From The Farm: Water for Cattle

Submitted By Carole Soule

​Cooper with his feet in the small trough trying to beat the heat.


Cooper, his front feet planted squarely in the water trough, ignored my curses as he chewed his cud and swished his tail. The recent heat wave has been more challenging to my cattle and pigs than the most bitterly-cold winter weather. Most of the Highland cattle who did not shed their winter coats naturally were mechanically clipped, but even without extra hair, they still suffer in the heat. Cooper decided the trough was his personal foot bath.


The best remedy for heat is water, lots of water for all livestock. Because pigs don't sweat I worry about them the most. All of our pigs have access to shade and water, but Bucky-the-Boar and his pasture mates enjoy tipping over their trough and rolling in the mud. 


In sweltering weather, I'll take a hose and spray the hogs to cool them off. I would put a sprinkler in their pasture, but Bucky would grab it in his tusks and tear it to pieces trying to get cool. 


Contrary to cruel stereotypes, hogs like to be clean, but they prefer to be cool, and that's why they roll in the mud. They would love to swim in the farm pond – yes pigs can swim – but in a short time they would turn a quaint, tree-lined pond into a mud wallow. So the pond is fenced off; off-limits to hogs.


The pond is also off-limits to cattle. If they were allowed, my Highlanders would stand in the middle of the cooling pond water all through the heat of the day. But even cows as civilized as mine have not yet mastered the art of using a “restroom.” 


Manure and urine enrich soil and contribute to the growth of grass when added to a pasture they are the perfect fertilizer. On the other hand, this same nutrient-rich manure in a pond is a disaster. Ten or more cows defecating in a pond will turn the pond into muck, and then that contaminated water will work its way into the ground water. Farmers call that run-off “leachate,” and the U.S. Department of Agriculture takes leachate seriously with strict regulations to control it.


This is a good thing. It's crucial to keep leachate out of  water that humans will eventually drink. Even the N.H. Department of Agriculture has tackled leachate with a grant program that, among other things, gives farmers funds to protect waterways. Miles Smith Farm has been helped by this state program in keeping our animals from ponds and streams.


While our cattle are not allowed to wade into ponds, we do make sure they have plenty of clean water. The rule is: Cattle water has to be hygienic enough for humans to drink.  This is an easy rule to follow on our home farm in Loudon. But we don't have enough grass to support our seventy head of cattle on the home farm, so we lease pastureland as far away as Barnstead and Alton. The cows love the lush grass, but occasionally there's a breakdown in the water-delivery system at a remote pasture.  


So every day either Bruce or I drive out to check the water supply at those pastures to find out when it needs fixing; which is critical in the heat of the summer.


After weeks of evicting Cooper, we finally installed a taller trough whose sides are too high for him to step over. He still has plenty of drinking water, and so does the rest of the herd.


But I think Cooper had the right idea about beating the heat. Never mind the trough though...a good soak in Lake Winnepesake might be in my future.


Carole Soule is co-owner of Miles Smith Farm, in Loudon, NH. She can be reached at cas@milessmithfarm.com.



Pittsfield Middle High School

2017-2018 Honor Roll 


High School: High Honors

Sydney Booth, Emily Dunagin, Matthew St. George, Tucker Wolfe


High School: Honors

Kaylee Brooks, Casey Clark, Dylan Connor, Aja Coulstring, Mackenzie Desilets, Lily Dunagin, Joeanna Emerson, Emma Farwell, Colton Gaudette, Julianna Hodson, David Howard, Amber Johnson, Alexa Kauppila, Gavin Knight, Cora LeMay, Weston LeMay, Benjamin Marcotte, Tyler Morcombe, Brian Morris, Richard Pantis, Paige Provencal, Brianna Randall, Kathleen Rollins, Emma Smith, Rebecca Smith, Savannah St. Martin, Benjamin Stephens, Caleb Stopyro, Kieran Tirado, Jack Tobin, Colby Wolfe


Grade 8: High Honors

Corey Holland


Grade 8: Honors

Joseph Cote, Damian Cunningham, Ashleigh Hodson, Amber Meader, Mckenzie Newell, Dalton Swenson, Matthew Swenson


Grade 7: Honors

Briar Bell, Parker Clark, Sydnee Fisher, Abraham Marcotte, Trevor Mills, Juliana Morse, Amber Peterson, Aadin Reinholz, Abigail Smith, Marissa Ware



“Dump” Etiquette


Helpful hints for a safer, smoother and more efficient drop-off at BCEP


Use of the facility is ONLY for residents and property owners of Barnstead, Chichester, Epsom and Pittsfield.


Vehicle permits are REQUIRED for all users and are FREE of charge. Obtain at your local town office or bring in your registration to the facility office and one will be issued to you.  When you change or sell your vehicle, please remove the permit from the windshield. Temporary permits or day passes are not issued. 


*This is a NO smoking facility. *Observe the 5 mile an hour speed limit. *Do not leave children and pets unattended. Pets should remain in your vehicle.


Pull all the way forward on the upper floor before unloading your vehicle. MANY people are utilizing the facility at the same time you are. 


Pull all the way up to the STOP sign when driving onto the scale. WAIT for the light to turn green before driving off.  ONLY ONE VEHICLE AT A TIME ON THE SCALE. Look for the yellow markings.


Please sort your recyclables prior to arriving at the station. When the upper floor is busy, you must be mindful of traffic behind you and pull your vehicle forward during your recycling process. Please be considerate or your fellow recyclers. 


Rinse out food waste from your containers. 


Shut off your engine when waiting in line inside the building.     




Infectious Waste Bags and Bio-hazard containers should not be brought to the transfer station.  Please contact the medical provider that issued them to you or the vendor you purchased them from for proper disposal avenues. 


Check with your local police department for disposal of prescription medications.    


You must be weighed in to dispose of construction materials. 


Alex Laverriere joins the Cindy's Hair Affair team from Hooksett, NH. Alex specializes in updos, color and styling. She says she just "loves making people feel good." Come say, hello, and let Alex show you what she can do!













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